OnePlus: We need to practice the art of underselling


After OnePlus identified a growing problem within the company to promise more than they can handle, it seems they’re doing a complete about face. Carl Pei — company figurehead and leader — went to Twitter to suggest that the company needs to start practicing the art of “underselling.” That’s a bit ironic considering their motto:

OnePlus 2 wallpaper never_settle

This is after the company has gone on record to say that they screwed up the launch of the OnePlus 2. The company let shipping timelines slip multiple times, and also promised a large influx of invites to go out at the start only for them to completely whiff on that expectation.

To be fair to Carl Pei, it does appear the remark was made in a joking manner, so we won’t be too hasty in slinging mud over it. It’s also probably not a bad remark to make even if they truly do believe it’s best to undersell. Would you rather be told something absolutely is happening only for that to not be true? Or would you rather have more radio silence about certain issues and be surprised when the company over-delivers?

I suppose that’s up to each individual consumer and the style of communication they prefer. One thing is apparent, though: OnePlus isn’t ready to make any more lofty claims and promises any time soon unless they’re absolutely sure they can fulfill it.

[via Twitter]

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