Check out a Syrian war zone in the latest 360-degree video to hit YouTube


360-degree videos can be fun, crazy, and — in the case of the latest one — educational. The latest comes from the Smart News Agency, who takes us to the sites of The Battle for Northern Syria.

syrian warzone

It isn’t pretty, and we’d advise those who are traumatized by war experiences to stay away. But if you can muster it, what you’ll find is a 360-degree perspective of an area ravaged by the many tools of war. Buildings remain toppled and destroyed, and the area remains a shell of its former self. The narrator takes care to explain the importance and significance of the area, and how big of a part it was for Syrian citizens.

The best way to take the video in is on a VR headset, such as the Samsung Gear VR. You can also simply play the video in the YouTube app  on your Android phone and get breathtaking views of the battlefield by simply moving your phone around. Those only able to watch on PC can still get in on the full experience using their mouse. Check it out using the embed above!

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