Fleksy now permanently free on Google Play, anyone who bought the paid version gets $8 credit


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Fleksy has long been one of our personal favorite Android keyboards when it comes to jabbing away blindly on our keyboards. A few weeks back, Fleksy was giving away paid versions of their app — normally $2 — to anyone rocking the free version. Apparently, this was a hint of things to come as today, they announced that they’ve just gone ahead and made the app permanently free for everyone. Forever. End of story. They wrote on their blog:

“By making the move to free we’ll be able to serve a much larger and more diverse set of users. With this increased user base, we’ll be focused on delivering new and exciting product improvements across all languages.”

Okay, so maybe that’s not the whole story. Fleksy is also giving anyone who purchased the paid version in past 8 bucks to spend in their store, useful for unlocking additional themes and/or extension slots. But that’s not all. With the latest update, the app now intelligently suggests GIFs and stickers based on what you type, making it easier to quickly pull up that perfect GIF for the moment.

If you haven’t given Fleksy a shot, you can do so now by jumping onto the Google Play Store and giving it a download. Link provided below.

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