Fleksy keyboard giving away free unlock to full version, but only for a limited time


Fleksy tablet

We know, it’s going to be tough for anyone already invested in their favorite keyboard app to try something new, but we implore you to give Fleksy a shot. After recently adding a handful of amazing new features, it’s been fighting for the top spot in our favorite keyboard apps ever. Yeah, it’s that good.

Right now, Fleksy is allowing anyone with the free (trial) version of their app to unlock the full version for free. All you have to do is download the free version of the app (uninstall and re-download if you already have it installed) and when you sign into their cloud service, you’ll unlock the full version for free.

Fleksy free unlock app

Normally the paid version runs about $2, which isn’t much, but this will encourage new users to give them a shot. Especially if all you’ve used is the official Google Keyboard or SwiftKey. Fleksy really does offer something different with aggressive auto-correct that allows you to sloppily type whatever you like and the ability to use a combination of gestures to undo corrections, delete words, or add words to the dictionary. Once you get in the swing of things it quickly becomes 2nd nature, so try sticking with it for a few days.

You can find the free version of Fleksy down below.

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  1. Christ, it took me about a year to ween myself off of Swype for SwiftKey and frankly I’m not too sure why I did that, but it was hard. This is definitely intriguing it reads like it may eliminate the few things that irritate me with SwiftKey. Screw it, it’s free. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

    1. Exactly. Gotta give it a good try though. It was weird at first, but once I got adjusted to the gestures, I was typing faster than anything.

      It’s also my favorite looking keyboard app too.

  2. Just tried it out, I hate the way punctuation works in this keyboard. In Swiftkey you could just hold down on the period key and it will give you all the options. If only we could have a keyboard with the functionality of Swiftkey and the looks of Fleksy.

    1. That was my favorite part about the google keyboard. The ability to just swipe from the period key and slect the punctuation.. I will give this a week.. Then we shall see….

    2. That’s what irritated me about fleksy last night. I’m back on SwiftKey

    3. I used to use Thumb Keyboard. Most customizable keyboard I’ve ever used. Down to the point where you can put what’s on each key, themes, everything.

      At the time, it was mediocre at best. It got the job done, but yea… I ultimately left it. I may go back. It’s been some years.

  3. Weird, it isn’t offering this to me o_O

    Not that I would have used this keyboard anyways.

  4. Never liked swift keyboard, used google keyboard but liking fleksy and will give it a try for a week.

    1. I barely gave it 24hrs….just not good

  5. Even though I already paid $3.99 for it, not using it at all. it has got uglier with every upgrade. There is always a freaking catch…it aint free, sign into their cloud service…huh!!!

  6. its just ugly….i’ve gone back a few times but just cant seem to find a solid reason to bail on the google keyboard at the end of the day.

    1. I like the Google keyboard, but love Swype much more

  7. I love the gestures, but I hate the tap to type, that was the big reason I went back to the Google keyboard.

  8. Swiftkey forever

  9. Installed > Activated Pro > Uninstalled

    1. Doing the dsme

  10. The themes are terrible, no secondary keys visible. Utterly failed prediction and spelling. Catastrophic in bilingual context. Type ImRunning, would Fleksy know you wanted “I’m Running” like Swiftkey does? It’s not surprising they give free license against a big catch that now your typings are send to their cloud. The Fleksy folks now just begin to understand that it’s hard to make word prediction. Their speed advantage will reverse as soon as they try to catch up Swiftkey’s feature.

  11. The Google Keyboard is just the right height for me. HTC stock keyboard be extra tall. Some keyboards be extra low. Ugh!! I’m so picky it’s just dumb. >.>

    I’m afraid this will be another one of those extra tall keyboards. And do they have something for my sideways typing? I type with the side of my thumbs, so I’m 99% guaranteed to hit ‘b’ or ‘v’ instead of space.

    Google Keyboard has helped to try and remedy that for me.

    1. You can select between three sizes. You can even hide the space bar. The smallest size is about half the size of Google’s keyboard.

      1. This is my favorite feature., But the auto cortex. And punctuation kills it…

        Edit: cortex?? See wheat. Mean?

        Edit2: wheat? Really????

  12. Trying my hardest to stick with Fleksy but it’s frustrating coming from SwiftKey

    1. It’s even harder coming from Google keyboard..Google should buy fleksy

  13. FWIW, Fleksy was a Galaxy Gift on my Note 4.

  14. Tried it for two days. I’ve had enough.

  15. SWYPE

  16. Is there anyway to get fleksy to stop with the push notifications constantly? They happen even when I switched back to my LG keyboard. I might need to uninstall before I ever get enough time to try it, free upgrade isn’t worth daily annoyance

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