Google Messenger 1.4 update brings stickers, location sharing, and more [DOWNLOAD]


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Unlike Hangouts — which is in bad need of an overhaul — Google has been making some pretty big strides with Messenger, their replacement SMS application for Android devices. While we don’t use SMS nearly as much as we did in our youth, Messenger is gaining new features that breathe new life into what are normally dull messaging apps. In fact, it now feels more like an instant messaging client than anything.

Google Messenger 1.4 stickers

New in version 1.4.044 which is hitting the Play Store today, Messenger is gaining the ability to send stickers. We know — not everyone is going to get hyped over this, but sometimes sending a cute little picture is easier than typing out words while on-the-go. Google added a nice variety too, and they aren’t the normal stock stickers you get in other messaging apps.

Google Messenger 1.4 update location

Another big new addition is the ability to send your location now under the attachments tabs. Sending a location will not only send a picture message of a map, but a link to the business if selected in the location menu, along with a handy Google Maps link. Smaller additions include a quick scroll bar to quickly jump to older messages in the conversation, along with a quick reply option for heads up notifications (apparently not all devices had this before).

The update is rolling out right now in the Google Play Store, but for those of you still waiting for it to arrive can sideload the APK down below to get it early.

Download: Google Messenger 1.4.044

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