T-Mobile extends availability of their 4 lines for $100 promo until July 14th



T-Mobile has quietly extended the availability of their 4 lines for $100 promo until July 14th. The program was originally scheduled to end at the closing days of this month, but it’s nice to know there’s an extra 2 weeks for folks to take advantage.

T-Mobile’s 4 lines for $100 plan offered up unlimited talk and text + 2.5GB of data per line (pay an extra $10 for another 2GB) for a flat rate, and a recent announcement made it so that the base 2.5GB (which was originally just a temporary uptick in data allowance) would remain permanent for as long as you keep the plan. T-Mobile has a similar offer for 2-line setups offering unlimited talk, text and data for that same $100, and that plan’s availability has also been extended to July 14th.

Be sure to explore your options for ditching your current carrier and switching to T-Mobile if you want to take advantage, but don’t take too long because this particular offer will be long gone in just a couple of short weeks.

[via TmoNews]

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  1. Looked into doing this, but it still says “Up to 2.5GB of 4G LTE data per
    line included instead of 1GB through 2015 at no additional charge.
    (Reverts to up to 1 GB LTE data per line after 2015.)”


      “This means that awesome 4 lines for $100 plan that gave each line 2.5GB of data won’t be downgraded to 1GB of data after a couple of years — you’ll always have 2.5GB per line, and it’ll always be $100 as long as you don’t switch plans.”

      it would be permanent.

      1. So what to trust? That announcement or what is says in the terms when you try to switch? Guess I’ll have to visit a store.

        1. Call 611 and talk to the customer service. That would be faster right?

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