Alleged OnePlus 2 leak shows phone could have wooden back with fingerprint scanner


oneplus 2 leak 2

The OnePlus 2 is on its way, and the OnePlus team has started their unapologetic hype train leading up to the big July 27th reveal. Sad news for them, though, as PhoneArena seems to have procured shots of the thing ahead of launch.

There are 4 initial takeaways just by taking a quick glimpse at the photos:

  1. It does resemble the OnePlus One ever-so-slightly.
  2. It seems to have a metal frame, though this could just as easily be a plastic border made to look like metal.
  3. The back appears to sport wood, which would be a very nice touch (but could also be a premium wooden cover that won’t come stock with the device).
  4. There’s some sort of dimple on the back cover. The OnePlus logo is clearly visible beneath it, so one could surmise that the dimple is the fingerprint scanner rumored to be part of the kit.

And that’s just what we know from this supposed leak (it’s not known how reputable the source of the leak is). OnePlus has already spilled the beans on a couple of device details, such as the fact that it’ll use USB Type-C, as well as confirming the use of a modified Snapdragon 810 chipset that goes easy on the heat.

oneplus 2 leak 1

Other rumors suggest we’ll be getting another large screen in the 5.5-inch to 5.7-inch range which has a strong chance of boasting 2560 x 1440 resolution. The phone will also obviously launch with Lollipop-based OxygenOS. One last tidbit confirmed by the company is that the device will cost more than $322, which doesn’t exactly give us a solid price tag but at least tells us to expect the base storage model to cost higher than its predecessor.

[Updated to note that there’s a chance this could be a fake render.]

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  1. That looks surprising like the leaked Moto X/Moto G back

  2. That back unit next to the camera looks similar to the laser auto-focus on the G-series phones. Could be RF-blaster, or IR maybe!?

  3. Guess that big June 27th reveal came & went under the radar

    1. its a error. the reveal date is july 27

    2. I’ll be on July 27th.

  4. is that the new moto x?? looks as horrible as that phone did in the leak IMO

    1. I don’t like that back at all

      1. me either, looks very cheap and outdated. it looks horrible.

  5. So damn fake.

    Look at the lengths on the board.

    1. Yep, that proves it. It cant grow from 15 to 18 cm just by flipping it over. What incredible journalism.

  6. Laser focus like the LG-G series? Whats that next to the camera?

  7. Hoping it doesn’t get any bigger than 5.5 inches.

    1. Said no female ever!

  8. Why does the back of that thing look almost identical to the Moto X 3rd gen leaks…?

  9. FAKE!!!!…unless it magically shrunk/grew between the two pictures in the article…

    1. Wha? O_o….count the grid squares, the pictures are just from different distances…..

      1. exactly, count the grid spaces…. the vertical doesn’t match up in the top picture its over 3 main blocks and in the second its just past 2 main blocks…

        PhotoShop! – Good catch Azmon Rougier

      2. I counted the grid squares. Did you? I count 18 when it’s face down, and 15 when it’s face up.

      3. learn to count.

  10. I was all on the OnePlus hype train after about December. Bought one and loved it for a whole month I even recommended it to a few ppl. Luckily they didn’t buy it because this device is more for people who root and rom. The issues began to pop up (touchscreen and rebooting) and changing rooms became the regular for me until I found one that calm those issues down. The CS and RMA was a hassle and never got completed. I sold it and got a N6. forewarning to anyone interested, know what your getting yourself into

    1. Definitely for the root and rom type of person. I picked one up last week. Went through a hand full of roms and tinkered with settings n what not. Once you find what you’re looking for it’s a pretty solid phone. Took me a week. Lol.

      1. Definitely a solid phone. The battery life blows my N6 outta the water. It’s just a hassle changing roms constantly when you don’t really want to. My N6 I rooted it day one kept stock rom and used exposed. Chances are I won’t ever change the rom. 1+ I had to change every other week which is why I would not tell ANYONE who is just a regular ol person to buy this

    1. Placeholder. Don’t even look at that price, Oppomart jacks the prices of all the phones there to make money

  11. Just add a bigger battery 5.5 2k display and external storage and a cheap price tag

    1. Yes, hell no, maybe, yes.

  12. Looks pretty much like photoshopped lol.. the front is like a copy from Nexus 6.

  13. Considering it’s not fake or two different devices they should drop or redesign the ugly bar on the back otherwise it looks nice.

    1. If it’s not some bar on the front (HTC), then it’s some bar on the back. Just can’t please everybody.

      LoL!! J/K
      I’m just giving you a hard time.

  14. I wonder if the touchscreen will work properly on this one

    OnePlus #neveragain

    1. prob to hot to touch.

  15. The body could be “Barney Purple” for all I care.
    If it’s worth it, I’m gonna cover it up.

    1. I love you, you love me, everyone loves everyone, idc.

  16. With all the heat this baby is going to put out you can be damn sure that glue is gonna dry properly this time. #teamyellowscreen

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