OnePlus 2 reveal date announced, launch event will be streamed in VR


OnePlus 2 VR event

We were expecting OnePlus to unveil another hardware component of the upcoming OnePlus 2 today but instead, the company revealed something else. Broadcasted onto (where else) but their forum and usual social media channels, OnePlus announced the reveal date for the OnePlus 2. The phone will officially be unveiled on Monday, July 27th at 7PM PT.

Unlike your normal product launch — which typically only live streams an event in regular ‘ol 2D — OnePlus will actually broadcast the show in 360-degree virtual reality. Because OnePlus knows not everyone owns a VR headset (I recently received my unit from Adult Swim’s free giveaway), they decided to build their own Google Cardboard unit only with a few improvements. It’s not available quite yet, but OnePlus tells us to check back where you’ll soon be able to order one (apparently free of charge?). You can find it here.

We’re sure to hear a lot more from OnePlus as the days progress, so stay tuned.


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  1. Free you say?

    1. My attention has been caught as well.

  2. It’s not ‘free’, shows they’ll charge shipping.

    1. I’d gladly pay for the box plus shipping if they include a 64GB phone. No really, I would. :)

  3. Another phone descends upon us: regardless of what people have to say about oneplus, this will still be a phone with paying attention to as the months go on, let’s hope invites are plentiful for past customers period.

    1. Yeah this is the only phone I’ve truly been interested in since the Nexus 5.

  4. Do I need an invite to the event? Zing! Just kidding OnePlus, I love you.

  5. shipping is probably $15 to $20?

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