OnePlus 2 confirmed to use a version of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 that doesn’t overheat


oneplus 2 cpu

OnePlus has confirmed that the OnePlus 2 will be using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chipset for computing power. The company revealed as much in the latest post on their forums.

Curiously enough, OnePlus is pegging the version they’re using as “v2.1”, a moniker that seems to indicate they’ll be stuffing a refined unit inside the phone. They say they’ve worked closely with Qualcomm to reduce the heat output of the Snapdragon 810, and so there should be no worries for anyone who might have seen those early stories about companies having overheating issues.

OnePlus went into a bit of detail about the thermal gel used to make sure things never get out of hand:

Inside the 2, the 810 consists of several CPU processors. Layered on top of these processors is both thermal gel and graphite placed across different areas of the phone. This graphite ensures that heat generated from the processors will dissipate evenly, as opposed to being concentrated and leading to performance issues. After rigorous testing, the 2 meets the industry standard for phone temperature, even with hours of use.

They also baked in some software-based optimization to ensure the CPU is never being overworked. Sounds all fine and dandy to us. Heat issues aside, the Snapdragon 810 deserves attention as a top performing chipset for 2015 and we’re glad the two sides came together to make the improvements to make sure no one has any issues using it.

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  1. Yeah we will see….Every time a new phone comes out with the 810 the manufacturer says there is no problems ….but we know better.

    1. And the people who buy it when it first comes out are going to complain that it’s malfunctioning even though there has yet to be a product/service that has had a perfect release in history. To my knowledge… I feel like that may be going overboard, but I feel that it’s very accurate to say that.

    2. Sweet!

      1. Definitely not sweet people need to wake up.

        1. Of course the Samsung fanboy would say some utter nonsense about a phone that hasn’t even been unveiled yet.

        2. Wow. What? Are you 12 years old?

  2. Here we go…

  3. All this fancy talk and they’re just down clocking to keep it from overheating.

    1. Except that’s not what they’re doing… read the article.

      1. Marketing jargon… Keep in mind that Qualcomm has denied heat problems for a long time and everyone who has used the chip say they have optimized it to not overheat or denied overheating

    2. But… But… Graphite

    3. “software-based optimization” …. sounds a little suspicious, doesn’t it.

  4. Hahaha !!!

  5. The mi note pro 2 is running well with the same 810 2.10 version

    1. Mi note pro 2 overheats and Xiaomi promised to release update to fix it.

      1. That one on 1 defective unit and they replaced. Show me proof to more accounts please

          1. The first link is the one I told you about and the second link doesn’t work. I’m #winning this discussion lol.

          2. LOL, well, I wish you will buy one of these 810 powered handsets and keep yourself warm. Try not to burn your house down ok? or die from a fire. :D

          3. Google it’s name and then xda and not on thread on it over heating. It Is version 2.1 just like what the one plus 2 will be using. It doesn’t even get hot if you run intensive bench mark a five times in a row

          4. Lol, I dont really know what youre talking about but, even Sony and a Japanese carrier, Docomo acknowledged the overheating issue of Xperia z3+ which uses the version of 810.


            the Japanese carrier even posted a poster saying the phone overheats:


            read them before you even think of replying to me. even with your broken English. lol

        1. Dude the S810 overheats big time, that’s the end of it

  6. how long before someone gets smart and adds active cooling?

    1. “Smart”? On a phone? Are you out of your mind?

      1. i don’t think a tiny fan for when it gets hot (if you don’t think smartphones get hot you haven’t used a recent flagship, two of mine with 8xx series easily get hot to the touch) would be a bad idea. I’m a bit amazed we can have processors at speeds that are the same as or faster then desktops and laptops, without any kind of real cooling. By overheating even being a topic of discussion clearly whatever is being done to keep then cool hasn’t worked, and a proper heat sink and fan could help considerably.

    2. Might as well add water cooling while you are at it.

  7. Why has the 810 been dealing with so much heat issues?

  8. Im not rdy to believe it until the phone comes out and tested. Why cant one plus wait a bit longer and put snapdragon 820!! It comes with Qualcomm custom cores Kyro and is manufactured using Sams 14nm fabrication and is supposed to be a lot faster than 810!!
    A new report came today which said LG G4 Pro is coming in Sept/Oct with 820.. I would rather wait for 820 and see how it does and then make a decision!!

  9. there is no such thing as cooler SD810.. just check the report on the Asia release of Sony Z3+.

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