This is what the OnePlus 2’s USB Type-C cable will look like


oneplus 2 usb 4

It was only a couple of days ago that OnePlus confirmed their latest smartphone would look to use USB Type-C, a new USB standard that features identical-sided cables, two-way transfer + charging (your smartphone could charge your wireless headset!) and more.

oneplus 2 usb 5

So how does it look? For OnePlus 2, pretty damn sexy. You can see a photo of it above, courtesy of MyDrivers. It features OnePlus’s signature red, the logo on each end, and a flat tangle-free design to protect the innards of the cable.

oneplus 2 usb 2

It looks pretty neat, and we’re sure it’ll do well to get folks excited for the OnePlus 2 and the possibilities enabled thanks to the advent of USB Type-C.

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  1. BRING IT!!! Before 2nd qtr 2016 please :-)

    1. where did you come up with Q2 of ’16? Latest report I’ve seen from actual OnePlus employees is the release is scheduled between July-Sept of ’15.

      1. I’m just factoring in delays and the limited invites when it first drops. This phone is a contender to be my next.

        1. When the invite system opens, I’m assuming their website will get overloaded. Probably will be a challenge to get on the invite list at all.

          1. Agreed, but server issues are commonplace even for large companies (Nexus releases). Invites are annoying, but if you don’t mind putting in a little effort they’re not too hard to pick up. I think I went through 5 in the first month or so that I either used or gave away. I’m sure they’ll ramp up production much quicker this time after the success they saw with round 1. I expect the invite period to progress much quicker this time.

          2. I think it will too but people will still complain like it’s the worst thing that has ever happened to them.

  2. I can’t wait to not get my invite.

    1. HAHAHAHAHA I have never heard that joke. What a comedian

      1. …and I’ve never heard such an obnoxious use of sarcasm. What a nice person. See I can use sarcasm too.

        1. Did you even attempt to get an invite? it was actually quite easy and if you really wanted the phone that bad you could have got one or are you just trolling the oneplus articles because other people do it? The invite jokes are getting old.

          1. Are you one of the butthurt OnePlus employees that said that “we’re mad”?

            I feel like you are. It sucks to want something but not be able to get it.

          2. Are you one of those butthurt Crybabies who didn’t get an invite and instead of spending time being productive trying to receive one you would rather spend your time going onto articles about them and cry about how there is an invite system.

          3. So aggressive. Why so mad?

            See, now I’m trolling.

          4. You were clearly trolling from the start

          5. Another assumption. I was making a joke…people do that from time to time. Get over yourself and move on to the next person you plan on attacking.

          6. By the way not mad, Just tired of reading the same comment over and over and over again every time I want to read a oneplus article

          7. How could begging for an invite to be allowed to buy something ever be called “productive”? What exactly is someone producing whilst begging? I’d say the exact opposite, going around the forums begging all day is decidedly not productive.

          8. Oh and the only butt that’s hurting is OnePlus’. They lost a lot of sales do to the invite system. I would have bought one if I could have, but by the time you didn’t have to beg anyone, the phone was obsolete.

          9. Ha, you’re clearly angry about something. Direct it where it belongs, not me. Also, stop making assumptions and generalizations about a joke I made, which I only made because one of these ALWAYS appears in these threads. As far as I’m concerned, you’re trolling me.

            Not that you should care, but I was one of the first 15K people to get an invite and I’ve had the phone for over a year now. Go be attack someone who deserves it.

        2. Wait, so you weren’t being sarcastic before in your original post?

    2. That’s the case, you might as stated waiting now

  3. Annnnd, both ends are 100% reversible.. the main USB type-b connector is actually reversible as well as the new type-c. I which more companies would think outside the box like this. Hopefully the 810 doesn’t ruin this phone, but I’ll hold out hope until proven otherwise.

    1. Not saying you’re wrong but I am not seeing where you see that the type-b side is also reversible…from the pictures I am only seeing one side of the type-b end of the cable.

      1. Well take a look at this and you’ll see the plug is symmetrical on both sides. There isn’t a picture of the other side’s contacts, but Carl and David have both suggested it in the forum post about the new cable.

        1. If the usb type b side was reversible wouldn’t that mean it lacked data cables?

          1. I’m not sure what you mean by that, but no, it would support data transmission. I’m guessing it has to do with the reversible nature of the type-c side as to why it is possible to have dual contacts on the type-b side.

    2. Hoping the same about the 810. The company has a history of misdirection (ie: the initial size of the phone), and denial (yellow screen and touch screen issues), so let’s hope they’re not just trying to brush potential issues under the rug.

  4. USB-C – the one thing missing my from Galaxy S6

    1. Yeah :(

      1. Wait, what about replaceable battery and SD card slot?

        1. To be honnest, I thought these would be problems, but I don’t miss them that much. The incredibly fast charging (from compatible chargers) allows me to get enough juice in 10 minutes when I need more, and 128GB storage is more than enough for me.

          1. About fast charging, I suggest not to use it too much. As I’ve read, it shortens battery life and/or battery capacity.

        2. Neither of those bother me in the least

          1. I guess it can’t bother a lot of people, but I think it’s a nice-to-have.

          2. The battery yeah, the SD card maybe once M comes out I will change my mind but in its current implementation on Android I hate it. It is useless for storing apps or games and they are also a weak spot for storing photos and videos, the only storage I have ever had go out or corrupt on my was an SD card, never lost anything on the internet. So I am happy because of that to just have a larger faster internal and not have to worry about the SD at all.

          3. Seems you’ve had a bad time with SD card then.
            I actually had accidentally (maybe even more than once) wiped the internal storage when flashing a new rom, so now I put some of the files on the SD card instead.
            But, like you, I also backup via the Internet, at least the photos and videos.
            It is true that external storage is quite weak in privacy/security though. And now with the new permission mechanism it’s even worse: apps will be granted this permission without you knowing about it (except for the SD-card, which will need a confirmation like on Lollipop).
            That’s why I wrote this post: https://code.google.com/p/android-developer-preview/issues/detail?id=2355 , asking Google to consider ways to protect the external storage files (using encryption), and treat them like the SD-card.

  5. why aren’t both sides featuring USB-C?
    will it be always like this or is this just an adoption phase?

    1. I would guess it is an adoption phase thing. Type-C connectors on laptops is pretty much limited to the MacBooks and the Chromebooks at this point. I’m sure there are adapters that would suffice, but that is likely why they went old school on the laptop end.

      1. Yeah, I mean what about all the desktops out there… gotta have backwards compatibility.

    2. My question too. I would prefer to have an adapter when needed to plug into USB-A and have both sides of my new cable be USB-C (and the wall charger take USB-C of course). Then both ends and the cable itself is reversible. Though it does look like a better USB-A design – wonder why we haven’t seen these before.

    3. That would be quite annoying If both sides were usb-c considering none of us have chargers or computers with type C. Yeah you could include an adapter I guess, but by the time all my chargers and computers are type C this cable will of seen better days. The type A side likely will have far fewer insertions then the C side, so type A will work just fine for that end.

  6. That is one sexy cable.

  7. I wonder if Type-C cables will be too thick to allow for retractable versions. Maybe lower power ones with lower speed not intended for video?

  8. Wow, I hope that the Note 5 has this in addition to a massive battery and, while unlikely, is the debut device for QuickCharge Qi !!!!

    All my charging, connectivity and battery worries would be solved then!

    1. The larger the battery, the larger the larger the screen resolution. Don’t get happy. HTC did it right with the M9. Keeping the resolution low, but they didn’t really amp up the battery too much.

      Hopefully the screen resolution doesn’t get larger.

      1. If all the most recent reports are correct and it’s 4100 mah while keeping to 2k resolution, I’ll be a happy camper. I have no need for 4k on a sub-6 inch screen.

        1. 3000 mAh batteries need to start becoming a norm. The Moto Razr Maxx was not that thick of a phone. Tech’s advanced since then. I’m not seeing a reason it can’t be a norm.

          1. Huawei managed to shoehorn a 4000 mAh battery into the Ascend Mate 7, along with expandable storage while keeping the whole thing 7.9mm thick. If the Note 5 featured similar specs, I’d have nothing to complain about. Removable battery would be nice, of course, but if they kept with the S6 design language I don’t think it’ll be a deal breaker.

        2. On a sub 6″ screen that you sit 10 feet away no, but a screen that you hold a a foot from your nose is quite a different story.

  9. And NSAs plan comes to fruition, there is a chip in there that will infect your phone and computer with their crapware.

    1. Stop letting yourself be vulnerable by letting random people plug your port.

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