Jun 26th, 2015

Adult Swim VR cardboard viewer DSC09793

It was at the beginning of this month that we told you about a special promotion Adult Swim put together to show off their new VR experience on Google Play. All you had to was fax in — yes, fax — a quick order form and they’d mail you their own VR Cardboard Viewer free of charge. Of course, this was a “while supplies last” kinda thing and it didn’t take long before supply was exhausted and the phone number was out of order. A few of our readers had their doubts that this was ever a real thing, pointing to a tweet Adult Swim made about “trolling” this or that.

In any case, our VR headset arrived and after quickly putting it together, found that it was actually quite nice. Velcro actually lines the top to keep the top flap in place and there’s a nifty magnetic sliding “button” (metal washer) that you can use to select items in Adult Swim’s Virtual Brainlord. This wasn’t our first VR rodeo, but to call Virtual Brainlord a trip would be an understatement. You’ll have to give it spin for yourself to see what we mean and if you haven’t yet, take a moment to sign up for Conan O’Brien’s free cardboard viewer (they’re giving one away too).

Anyone else manage to grab an Adult Swim viewer before they ran out?

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