LG planning to launch a second flagship smartphone in 2015


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Samsung won’t be the only South Korean company to launch two flagship smartphones this year. Focus Taiwan reports that LG is looking to introduce another flagship device in the second half of 2015.

This follows the launch of two very nice smartphones in the LG G Flex 2 and LG G4, as well as an assortment of mid-range and entry-level options to fill out the market. It isn’t all that strange to hear that the company isn’t satisfied with the size of their current 2015 roster.

Much of their motivation comes from the success of the strategy last year, when the LG G3 and LG G Pro 2 combined to drive some of LG’s best smartphone sales in the company’s history. With the LG G4 being a sizable upgrade over yesteryear’s option (read our LG G4 review to find out how) there’s no reason to suggest they can’t follow-up with an encore performance.

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  1. Premium device to compete with Note 5?

    1. Hopefully, after the dismal spec release for the Stylo/G4 Stylus yesterday.

      1. Yep, they said in past they will have a beefy device besides the G4. That G styloe surely cant be it. Note 5 competitor foresure, pry with some fancy OLED tech to battle the s6 edge / note5 edge rumors. Higher end specs than g4 i bet.

        1. They probably don’t need to beef up the H/W from it much if any though. Little bigger screen, wacom-based digitizer (Or what MS did with the Surface3). Biggest issue is how to get a stylus in and keep the thin edge they’ve been loved for – bigger screen would leave some room to put it 1/4″ in from the side bezel though. Use the rest of the space for a larger battery. Don’t think OLED would be used, all the recent displays from them have been IPS-LCD.

          1. This trend towards thin phones drives me bonkers. Thin bezels yes, less thickness to give up battery, structural strength, and a decent size pen? – no thanks. I have a Note 2 and the pen is a bit too small as it is, 20% longer and thicker would be about right. Another thickness advantage is getting a better camera. 12-14 mm is just fine with me, but I want no bezel (or just enough to capture a case) on all 4 edges.

        2. LG needs to not screw it up and try to play in Samsung’s stupid “curved screen” arena. Its a pointless gimmick with little to no practical value.

          What counts is: Screen size (with at least 1080 P resolution) and battery size, the bigger the better. Thus far Huawei Mediapad X2 with 7” screen and 5,0000 mAh battery is the best I’ve ever seen, but only available if you import it and then it might not get LTE, depending on your carrier.

          Then again, given that you can download tv shows via wi-fi that might not matter.

          LG and Samsung better step up their game because the Chinese are hungry for our Cheddar and they bringing the heat.

  2. I swear by the Amazon Fire phone, it is great… http://amzn.to/1dkaaXy

    1. they see me trollin, they hatin

  3. I’m sticking with the G4…. tick tock tick tock

    1. We need a release date!

      1. Tmobile June 2
        Verizon June 4

        so says the rumor mill

        1. Have you seen anything in Sprint?

  4. G4 Slim? Ie. smaller g4 ?

  5. A phablet then?

  6. G4 with stylus capabilities and fingerprint reader. I’d buy it tomorrow. However, not the low spec version rumored recently.

  7. G Pro 2 was decent but just bring the G Pro 3 to the US with a 6.1” screen and a decent stylus and you’ll have a real winner on your hands.

    I’m so jealous of the Chinese phone makers that are coming out with 6-7” mega-phablets and Tablones while us Americans are stuck with out puny 6” Nexus 6, that will never see an upgrade.

    Literally Nexus 6 owners will be stranded for years before the likes of Samsung have the guts to go bigger than 6”.

  8. No no.. what they meant was they are announcing it in 2015, but it comes out in 2017.

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