Sprint’s Nexus 6 is getting Android 5.1 today


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T-Mobile’s Nexus devices were the only ones known to be getting Android 5.1 the day Google announced it, but Sprint is now throwing its hat into the ring. The company has announced that their Nexus 6 will be getting the upgrade today.

As we’ve seen in Google’s official changelog, there isn’t much new here. We have improved toggles for WiFi and Bluetooth, more security for devices that have been lost or stolen, support for dual-SIM devices and support for VoLTE / HD Voice calling.

Beyond that this should greatly improve the overall performance and user experience with a ton of under-the-hood stuff at work. Sprint also noted a couple of important fixes of their own:

  • Enhancements to sending MMS messages in the UK
  • Fixed duplicate SMS messages being sent

And that’s about it. You’re looking for version LMY47D, so be sure to charge up and get on WiFi to check for it. Note that the update is going out in stages so if you don’t see it right away then you’ll simply have to wait.

[via Sprint]


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  1. Boo ATT, but no surprise, either!

    1. I am on the same page as you

  2. I know we can sideload the image once its uploaded…..but come on AT&T. Give me some OTA love so I dont have to do all of that work. Gotta replace a water heater tonight so I’m feeling lazy.

  3. When do the unlocked Moto X’s get it?

    1. in 2018 if you count for the speed Google has been working on this update

  4. there’s that word “today” again, you used in your article’s title. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  5. I love my Nexus phones, but Lollipop has left a bad taste in my mouth, and that taste is Green Apple.

    I hate Green Apple.

    1. Damn you, Skittles!

      1. Damn straight. Mofo’s replacing Lime with that weak-@$$ Green Apple. If you want a chuckle, check out the Skittles Facebook page. There’s so many people that constantly post about how much they hate Green Apple, it’s hilarious.

  6. Is this still just going by where you bought the device..? Bought mine from Sprint, currently on T-Mobile prepaid. Anyways I’m mashing this button like there’s no tomorrow, my nexus 6 is so buggy I have to constantly restrain myself from throwing it at the wall. Here’s hoping this fixes my device and I can once again look at it without wanting to scream. :)

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