DisplayMate says the Samsung Galaxy S6 has the best smartphone display ever


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge DSC08452

OLED displays haven’t always been the bee’s knees — any owner of a Galaxy Nexus from a bad batch will tell you that — but the technology has come a long way over the years. Samsung’s displays are always considered the best in the business, and that doesn’t change with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Curvy gimmicks aside, DisplayMate performed deep analysis on the displays chucked inside Samsung’s latest handsets and came away impressed — so much so that they’re calling it the best smartphone display ever made.

The display experts put it through an overwhelming gauntlet of tests to come to that conclusion, and if you know their credibility you’ll know it’s hard not to take them at face value. Seeing the device in our various hands-on looks doesn’t do it justice — you’ll have to see it in person, and when you do you’ll most likely be blown away. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge launch April 10th so it shan’t be long for you to get that chance. Head to the source link if you’re interested in a very lengthy pixel-by-pixel analysis.

[via DisplayMate]

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  1. not surprised….not a Sammy fan but they really do have some of the best displays out there. Its hard to take that from them.

  2. They said the same thing of the S5, and the display was one of the few things I was really happy with.

  3. I read somewhere it ties with Note 4

    1. that phone has the best display I’ve seen for sure. I have to think they put a better display on this….but I guess its a win-win either way!

    2. I’m pretty sure that article said that they’re the same display but the screen size is different hence greater ppi. Samobile?

  4. I prefer big phones but this phone is gorgeous. I am torn between getting the S6 Edge or Nexus 6 on Verizon. Beautiful hardware paired with not so great Touchwiz or beautiful stock Lollipop paired with not so great hardware….

    1. take it from a Nexus owner….go elsewhere haha. This phone is GREAT. But that edge looks better. U are going to get better specs, better battery, and a better camera.

      1. Yeah thanks for the tip. If i can get my hands on that dark green Edge i may just go that route. The battery life of the Nexus and the lackluster camera are big downsides. Samsung outdid themselves on this one.

        1. The note 4 is the fastest phone I’ve ever used and with the lollipop update it’s so much better but that s6 is really scream.

          1. yeah i’m with you….I think the Note 4 is just better in just about any category. again, I am not a sammy fan haha.

          2. If you got one you would not be disappointed. Lol.

          3. I had the Note 2 and have the Note 3 now I just needed a change of pace from Touchwiz. The Note 4 is a great phone too I was just hoping to go with stock Lollipop. Then Sammy had to drop this bombshell on us…they are sucking me back in.

          4. well they said they are going to go more the Nexus route and try to dummy down touchwiz….if you trust them, then I would wait for the Note 5 while crossing your fingers.

          5. That’s exactly where I’m at. Besides after having a note 2 and now 4 I don’t think I could change course.

          6. Lol i cant wait till September..maybe November with how long Verizon takes to certify devices. I already have the upgrade itch.

          7. Don’t know if I can wait half a year for the Note 5 Edge so will probably get the S6 Edge in the meantime. Wanted to like the Nexus 6 but wasn’t impressed playing with store demo.

          8. Hearing your testimony about the Note 4 makes me even more excited about the S6!

        2. well actually my nexus has a better camera than my G2….in no way is it a slouch in that department. It could be faster but in terms of actual quality?? its great and wins blind tests for a reason. But as in battery?? yeah, anything I do, just knocks 1% off at a time too quickly. I’m really anxious to see what sammy can do with their processor.

        3. Good luck with the green Edge. US carriers are horrible at offering color choices! I was hoping to get the standard S6 in Topaz Blue on T-Mobile, but their only offering black, white, or gold, so I’m leaning towards getting the gold one. Now I am debating between 64 or 128GB, I intend on holding on to my S6 for at least 3yrs, that’s part of the reason I want the higher capacity.

    2. I’m pretty sure that article said that they’re the same display but the screen size is different hence greater ppi. Samobile?

    3. Sorry. Didn’t mean to quote you.

  5. These displays are getting ridiculous now. QHD on phones 5″-6″ and even more and more density. Getting or has got to the point where most average users are not going to notice or the increasing extra pixel rate is overkill. And of course these screen just keep sacking the life out of the battery that much quicker.
    They are amazing and do look sharp but where does it end?

    1. This is pushing battery innovation, or assisting with making sure your hardware isn’t that much strenuous on the battery.

      Since the actual battery isn’t changing, we need to find a way for our hardware to not be so demanding. Screens, while useless, are forcing hardware OEM’s to make their hardware less taxing on the battery. The same applies for the screen itself.

      They need some type of motivation.

      1. You are incorrect. Phone arena did extensive testing. They found the 1440 p display of the Note 4 to be more efficient than the 1080 p of the Note 3…

        1. I worded myself wrong. I did say that screen technology is also getting better in being less taxing on the battery. My last sentence in my second paragraph was implying that. Whoops.

  6. I’ve never been a Samsung fan, much less a TouchWiz fan, and I’ve used nothing but Nexus phones as my daily for the last three years, but after having to pass on the Nexus 6 for a few reasons, I’ve been in phone limbo. Been using my trusty Nexus 5, and I would have liked going back to HTC with the M9, but they goofed on that too. Looking at the S6/Edge. Man, I feel like I need this phone. They really packed in the goods, and that camera has some amazing features. I don’t know why I’m telling my smartphone life story, but it’s the first time in a while that I’ve been excited for a new phone. Does anyone know if the default camera on the S6 uses the new Lollipop camera API?

    1. Cool story bro : )

      1. So I take it you don’t know then?

        1. No, not sure on that. I’m hoping that the good reviewers touch on that. But, just wanted to appropriately use the “cool story bro”.

    2. I don’t think anyone will know that until release because you have to dig into the device to find out. Hell I don’t even know if it’s possible to know.

  7. all the fancy displays do is kill the battery, unnecessarily at that.

    1. Until you use the GearVR

      1. Said no one ever.

        1. Really Have you used the Gear VR I have and everyone I hsowed it to has been wowwed as well. Even at the higher resolution one comment people usually make is they wish the resolution was higher since hteir is still a screen door efffect. If it were a 1080P screen the Screen door effect would be even more noticable most displayto be around 8k for this effect o be gone and the VR is a great way to kill time watching movies on a plane. Teh S6 will have Gear VR as well its suppsoed to be a little sharper than my Note 4 but because they narrowed the field of view a tad.

    2. You are incorrect. Phone arena did extensive testing. They found the 1440 p display of the Note 4 to be more efficient than the 1080 p of the Note 3.

      1. How? Did they have a control of the same chip, graphics processor, advancing of screen tech, radios, software, etc.?

        As extensive as it may have been, I doubt screen resolution was the only factor.

        1. Go check it out.

  8. Oh hey, it has the best screen ever yay!
    I think im gonna bu……… Oh wait its….. Exynos!!!
    But it’s gorgeous…… still It’s FREAKING EXYNOS!!
    I’ll pass or rather wont get any Samsung with Exynos

    1. Exynos is far superior, especially in battery life. My Verizon Note 2 with Exynos had much better battery life than the 3 and 4.

      1. I may be wrong, but I’m thinking he doesn’t want to get it because of Samsung’s history with the mod community and exynos. They don’t play well together… At all…
        So at this point the S6 could easily be the least root and ROM friendly device released this year, which is a pretty big reason not to get it if you are into that stuff.

        1. None of the US versions of the Note 4 are able to he rooted, after this many months. I don’t think that’s a processor thing

          1. What are you drunk? Head on over to the sprint Note 4 section on xda and try posting that comment. Even the new Lollipop roms are rooted. No root. Lol.

          2. The Sprint version just got root. The rest MAY get root after Lollipop. My Verizon Note 2 with Exyns had root much sooner. My point still stands…root is not processor dependant.

          3. 10/7 does not sound like just got it to me man. Don’t mean to be so rude but do a little research. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2898343

          4. I was thinking it was like the rest, having to wait on Lollipop for even a chance. It’s odd that the Sprint version got it so quickly, but the others were deemed nonrootable until Lollipop, and then no guarantee.

          5. Not sure about the others but yes this had it for a while. I do see where you’re going with this though. The s6 may be a tough nut to crack. Guess we’ll see.

        2. yeah! that’s the point.

      2. invalid, they have different processor power & screen, of course battery will last in note 2.
        i have S4 Exynos, S4 Snapdragon and S5 i can compare them all.
        Yes i can tell the power is different, its superior.. when its about stability and maintaining the ROM, sorry not for me

        1. Invalid.

      3. i’m talking about MOD, not the power or battery life

  9. Samsung’s Super AMOLED screens are the biggest reason I remain a customer of theirs. I love the bright, sharp, vivid quality of Super AMOLED!

  10. Best display, best camera, fastest memory……. This will defo be mine :-)

    1. Puny speakers, small battery, no SD card slot, and Touchwiz. No thanks.

  11. Still waiting for the hate it’s due because of the glass back. Jk Samsung gets a pass on bad design as usual.

  12. How much did Samsung pay them! Jk

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