Google’s first ever retail location is a playground for tech lovers


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We’ve heard murmurings that Google has wanted to explore physical retail stores for years, but there hasn’t been a solid reason to do so to this point. But with a large army of Android phones and tablets, the advent of Android Wear and virtual reality headsets, and the #1 gadget of recent years Chromecast, the company has good reason to start testing the waters.

CNBC reports Google has done just that with their first ever retail presence. It’s not a full-blown store, mind you, but a mere corner inside of Curry’s PC World, one of the UK’s biggest electronics retailer. The exact location is on Tottenham Court Road in case you’re eager to take a visit.

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It’ll have everything you’d imagine a tech store would have — demo areas for phones, tablets, computers and smart watches. There’s more to it than just tables filled with tech, though (we’re looking at you, Apple store). Google apparently has Chromecast “pods” to check out video, and even a huge video board where you can do some digital spray painting. Or perhaps going on a virtual trip through Google Maps using the “Portal” is more your thing.

It sounds extremely cool, and we hope Google can expand this experience to more regions over time. We imagine Google will add a lot more to this experience in the future should the store prove successful, such as being a one-stop shop for getting some Project Ara modules, or a place to get fitted for Google Glass whenever the consumer version arrives.

Still, all of that depends on Google’s success. It won’t be easy — Samsung will tell you that much — but if Google can establish a strong retail presence then it could be the single most exciting place to check out all the latest innovations in tech. Fingers crossed!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. BRB flying to London. Who’s coming?

    1. I think I can squeeze in your suitecase

      1. That’s the spirit.

    2. I’ll join ya, only if we can stop by Stamford Bridge and pay respect to the greatest club on earth!

      1. Who Bradford City? ;)

        1. I want them to get to Wembley just so I can say we were beaten by the finalist!

          1. If we win at Reading in the replay, it’ll be a big ask to beat Arsenal at Wembley to get to the final!

          2. You guys are giant killers. You’ve done it before!

    3. It’s not such a far trip for me from Belgium. I’ll join you. ☺

  2. “Hello, welcome to the Google store!”
    …”I don’t see much on the shelves, what are you selling?”
    “Well, we don’t actually make any hardware ourselves so we pay others to manufacturer stuff for us, load our software on it and then get money back from the very same companies. Cool huh?”
    …”Um, I guess so.”
    Have you heard about our Nexus 9?”
    …”Yes, but isn’t that made by HTC?”
    “Sure, but without our branding it would just be another tablet!”
    …”What’s that phone over there that looks like an oversized Moto-X?”
    “Oh, that’s our new Nexus 6.”
    …”Let me guess…manufactured by Motorola?”
    “How’d you know?”
    …”So, can’t I just buy all this stuff online for less? Why a brick and mortar store?”
    “Well after we heard that Apple was going to charge $10,000 for a limited edition watch, we decided we would do one better and sell 18k gold Pixel Chromebooks and diamond studded Nexus phones… So, how will you be paying today, cash or credit?”

    1. The Nexus 9 is made by HTC

    2. hmm sounds like u are just an all around hater….and HTC makes the N9 by the way.

    3. “So, can’t I just buy all this stuff online for less? Why a brick and mortar store?”

      “ah so that’s what a Nexus (5/6/9) looks like! Now I actually get to use one so I can compare it to the Samsung/HTC/Sony that I was thinking of buying”
      “Oh I can buy it here? For the same price and without the £35 delivery fee?”

  3. I need to go to London again now!!!!!

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