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Samsung Galaxy S6

From one big announcement to the next — Samsung has officially unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, their 2015 flagship smartphones. The devices are just as we’d imagined them (or just as we saw them in countless leaks, anyway).

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge specs

They’re quite similar under the hood with the following quick list of specs:

  • 14nm 64-bit Exynos 7 Octa chipset
  • 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM
  • 32GB, 64GB or 128GB UFS 2.0 storage options
  • 16 megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization, 5 megapixel front camera with real-time HDR
  • 5.1-inch Quad-HD Super AMOLED display (577 ppi)
  • Dual-mode wireless charging with support for both WPC and PMA charging pads
  • 10 minutes charging for 4 hours of use, 0% to 100% battery in half the time it takes an iPhone to charge
  • NFC, heart-rate sensor and improved fingerprint scanner
  • Depth: 6.8mm/7.0mm edge
  • Weight: 138g/132g edge

The difference will obviously come with the Edge display of the latter. Through software, it’ll enable unique experiences that only an Edge display can provide.


Both devices look stunning, to boot. They’re built with a metal chassis that’s 50% stronger than the metal used in competing smartphones, and is slathered in the latest Gorilla Glass on both the front and rear. It looks and feels like Samsung, but it’s hard to say their devices have ever looked quite this good.

TouchWiz on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

One new feature is the ability to set up your “fave 5” contacts with their own designated color, and the S6 Edge’s display will glow in that color whenever they call or send you a message. You can drag that contact’s color from the Edge of the display to act on that message or missed call.


If it’s laying face down on a surface? You’ll be able to see the glow of that contact’s color, and a touch of the heart-rate sensor on the back and send off a quick message to dismiss the call or message in case you can’t respond right away.

The two share everything else in terms of features. TouchWiz is still TouchWiz — no Nexus-like debloat job here — but they’ve refined it to be less confusing and cluttered. They’ve done away with cryptic icons for text-based interface options to make it clear what you’re able to do. They make good use of white space just as Google has asked folks to for Android 5.0 and higher.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge camera

Megapixels alone aren’t impressive, and Samsung knows that. That’s why they weren’t insecure about not being able to match HTC’s 20.7 megapixel sensor or some other ridiculous spec.

What does matter is picture quality, and thanks to both the front and rear camera’s f/1.9 aperture the device is able to capture 60% more light. It should make for much better low light performance for both still shots and video, as well as an overall more versatile sensor for everyday use. Real-time HDR — an industry first — is also present for both the front and rear sensor, as well.

The camera software hasn’t gotten a million new selfie modes and other nonsense, but it has been cleaned up to make it easier to get to the options you need. That seems to be the theme here — nothing crazy, just much improved.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge availability

Samsung has already announced a release date for this thing — April 10th, worldwide. You can expect all major carriers in whichever country you live to offer the thing so you won’t have to worry about jumping from your network of choice. There will be 32GB, 64GB and 128GB options available, though pricing for each model has yet to be confirmed.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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We’re live from the Samsung Galaxy S6 (and Edge) event, here’s where to watch live!

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  1. That Gold though…. Extremely sexy

    1. Agreed!

    2. Absolutely – wonder what they’re calling it – looks like a champagne yeah?

  2. They gave us what we asked for. And took away what we took for granted. #Great Phone

    1. 100% agree

    2. Thanks for the great memories Samsung!


  3. If the edge is affordable enough… The forest green is nice

    1. 32GB 849€ 64GB 949€ 128GB 1049€ that will be the prices in the Netherlands. Source: http://androidworld.nl/nieuws/samsung-galaxy-s6-s6edge-officiele-prijzen-nederland/

      1. Man give me us dollar amounts… That’s what matters to me

  4. The S6 Edge is so beautiful. I imagine it’s not waterproof thought :(. There was no mention of it.

  5. Hmm, disappointing the Edge still has visible bezel.

  6. Not really impressed. Not a Samsung hater by any means, just not impressed.

    1. Me neither man.. An entire year of “Ya, we’re coming from the ground up”. That’s it! I think Sammy needs to hire some of these photoshop rendering artists we see online.. No, I’m not a hater myself. I own the note 3..Just let down is all.. Still lots of border and bezel.. The g3 has a cooler design and that’s a year in already.. Let’s pick it up guys com on! Complete and utter laziness in the aesthetics department no doubt!

  7. I love how their battery benchmark is half the charge time of an iPhone xD

    1. I thought I was the only one that notice

    1. Get used to that.. Or get the compact versions if made

  8. I use my phone a lot and tend to kill my battery within one year so this makes me nervous that it is not replaceable.

    1. You can’t possibly use your phone that much? I play mobile games, so I’m charging my phone a lot and when I’m at home, I have it on the charger while playing. My battery is usually around ~100 degrees unless it’s cold out. After a year I barely notice and battery change.

  9. Always someone will dislike

    1. To many idiots here these days.. Best Sammy in a few years.

      1. and if you would go away there would be one less.

        1. Sorry…the brain dead are with us as well..

          1. Yes u are indeed..

          2. The short bus

          3. And the handy bus is awaiting your entrance..

          4. Sure beats the short bus.

          5. What ever it takes to make you feel better I guess..

      2. So these folks who are dissapointed about two missing very practical features are “idiots” and not say, consumers with valid criticisms?

  10. That gold one is such an eyesore.

  11. The whole reason I started using Samsung phones is sd card slot and removable battery. I hope the note range doesn’t go down the same path.

  12. No removable battery, no micro SD, no front facing speakers, glass back, equals no buy from me. Goodbye Samsung.

  13. No removable battery or SD card slot? I’m still using the S3.. it looks like I’ll be getting the S5 if I choose to replace it.

  14. “Gorilla Glass on both the front and rear” used for making your back a unique one of a kind spiderweb design! (and maybe front at the same time)

  15. It’s a galaxy xperia! I’ll wait for the z4…

    1. Honestly the gorilla glass on the xperia sucked, it got tiny little scratches the first day I had it on the back and the front. When I had my s4, it took everything in my power to scratch that bad boy, lol damn it is miss my galaxy s 4. It never scratched so easily even after having it for a while and with no case… I was disappointed at the xperia z3 though because it scratches too easily.

      1. Thanks for telling me! That doesn’t sound good at all, especially since my phones are naked. I know Sony randomly alternates between the dragontrail and gorilla glass on the z3 compact as when asked they answered ‘dragontrail AND gorilla glass’ while not providing details as to what region etc gas which.. Guess the dragontrail is a lesser glass then…. forum.xda-developers.com/z3-compact/general/gorilla-glass-3-dragontrail-x-z3cs-t2892208

  16. the only possible thing that could have made me concider this phone would be an sd card slot. Bye bye samsung.

    1. Oh my goodness, if this happens with the Note 5 I’m going to… try and hold back my rage…


  17. Is it me or does the S6 look even more like an iPhone than ever? Believe me, I’m no Apple fan boy, but the shots of the bottom with the speaker and charging port look a great deal like my wife’s iPhone 6 IMO. That and I am quite shocked that they removed micro SD expandability, which to me, has been one of their strengths and defining characteristics for supporting the Android community. I wish I could take their screen and make it with HTC’s front facing speakers LOL. Looks like I’m sticking with my M8 for now…

    1. Yep, after the note 3 I’m done with Sammy.. Still on my note but going to see what Sony and lg do.. I was expecting to be blown away to be honest.. Be interesting to see sales figures 4 months in..Htc is going to have another crap year to I’m banking.. We shall see..

      1. Indeed time will tell. I find it an alarming trend that more and more OEMs are removing microSD expadability. That was one feature that made me an Android convert years ago. I currently have the M8 and was really hoping HTC would release a larger screened variant this year.

    2. Samsung have been making poor man’s Iphones for 5 years now.

      1. U mean apple has been making a over priced LG and HTC copies.

        1. LOL!

        2. I owned a HTC device before even the first ever iPhone came out and it looked nothing like an iPhone.
          I will never pay money for LG’s cheap plastics so don’t care about their phones.
          iphones are overpriced there’s no doubt about it and I don’t consider them a smart phone at all. Samsung are clones of overpriced apple phones running android with a kiddy UI and built with tackier material.

      2. But the “poor man’s iphone” has always been superior to its higher priced overrated counterpart

    3. It definitely does look just like the iPhone 6 on even more than just the bottom but all in all its still beautiful

      1. I think the edge model is especially beautiful but since they did not include expandable storage it is not an option for me unfortunately.

        1. lol i understand everyone is different but my good what do you people do with you PHONE that requires all that damn storage lol. I use 16 GB phones, the cloud for files, pictures and music and I am always good. Seriously tho, what do you guys need all that storage for, games……

          1. LOL – well, my use of Android is pretty unconventional in certain aspects. I like to store as much as I can on an external SD – I root my devices, so Titanium backup comes in really handy for doing a mass restore from it whenever I switch phones. I also like to store: photos, music, videos, roms (for game system emulators), eBooks, etc etc on an external SD. I am at about 75% capacity on my 128gb microSD. While I love the concept of the cloud I guess I don’t want to rely on always using my data connection just to work with some files.

            Truth be told, I treat my Android device more like a mini computer. OS and Apps run on the primary drive (internal memory) and my documents / files / backups are on the external drive. I know not everyone has the same needs as I do, but expandable storage was a major factor which converted me to Android years ago. I guess i just feel like taking a feature away (even if not everybody uses it) is taking a step backwards. On top of that I really like the Galaxy S6 hardware, but now I can’t even consider it due to that limitation.

  18. Either just get an iPhone if you like that kind of design or the Moto Maker makes better looking stuff.

  19. Oh, I still have my I9505.. perhaps I will get an iphone 6 and keep my S4 as an entertainment device.

  20. No removable battery and the removal of expandable media for the sake of profitably on higher capacity storage devices? Samsung, the company I once loved while they stood against the evil known as Apple, has sadly become them. Goodbye Samsung, and please sodomize yourself.

    1. Lmao… really…… you should hate a lot of OEMs then because most of the are going this route if they havent already, including google

  21. I’m disappointed they removed the micro SD card slot and the waterproofing. I couldn’t care less if it was still plastic or not since I’ll be using a cover. Still looks like a great phone. I’ll have to do a hands-on test on the Edge to see if it’s worth getting over the standard S6

  22. Beautiful, yeah yeah yeah the design isnt cutting edge or something new but it looks damn good. Reminds me of the iPhone 6 which in my opinion is still the best looking phone out

  23. I wonder if the Korean market might be getting a version with at least a Micro SD slot.

  24. Too bad, no SD card, no removable battery. I could live with built-in battery, but not expandable storage. Goodbye Samsung. HTC, or Motorola, or Xiaomi or Huawei here I come.

  25. Ah, just like everyone else says, SD card slot should have been included. Not sure why they went for Quad HD display with such a puny battery and no waterproofing. The phone looks amazing though, however, never was a fan of touchwiz.

    1. Seriously? Wireless charging is built in…

      1. Seems you are right, I just didn’t see that on their official website. Sucks no waterproofing though.

        1. If you need waterproofing ot might be a deal breaker
          I have Z3 now and must admit that not worrying about rain or any other water in close proximity is quite nice. On the other hand, S6 os the first S series since S2 I’m considering. I will decide after I play with it. It’s either this or Note 4 Edge.

          1. I have the Z2 and it’s pretty sweet, I am getting saygus v^2 though.

          2. I really want the edge, I was waiting for the S6 to come out and I’m not disappointed

          3. It is cool to be on your phone in the shower else and not worry about water splashes

  26. The phone looks nice, no matter what. And the Edge would be my choice. However, I will stick with my Nexus 6 for now. What I do not understand is why expandable memory storage options cannot be continued by having a Micro SD slot similar to the Sim card slots on the sides or top of the phone. It would sit flush and not hinder any usage of buttons. It isn’t like the SD card is taken out on a regular basis.

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