Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge release dates confirmed for April 10th


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In case you didn’t catch it during the live stream or our post chock full of info, Samsung has already spilled the beans on the exact release date for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. April 10th is the big day, and Samsung says to expect a rollout of global magnitude on that very day.

It’s hard to imagine Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Verizon in the US would deny offering either of these devices so there shouldn’t be any need to do any carrier hopping to get this phone. We imagine that will also be the case for the major carriers in other countries and markets.

Pricing will likely vary from region to region and carrier to carrier so Samsung has yet to release any details about that. We do know you’ll be able to get it in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB options, though, so pricing will definitely depend on how much space you need. We’ll look to provide more detailed availability information once it comes to light.

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  1. Guess I’m keeping my note 3…Well bring on the g4,z4 and note 5..

    1. Agreed. I am waiting to see what the Note 5 offers because I love the larger display and the Note 4 just didn’t do much in the way of upgrades for me. I barely use the stylus so the 2048 compared to 1024 res of that is not something I need. On top of that the screen in the Note 3 is perfectly fine for me. I also need to need my 16gb card since I have about 30 or so audio books I take when I go bike riding and the like. So an SD card is essential for me basically. I would rather they be on the SD card instead of the phone itself so I can just take the sd card out and move things around easily.

      1. Me as well.. SD is still viable to many.. Same with removable battery.. I’m a bit of a design geek as well and well, These just aren’t doing it.. Same ol same ol albeit the premium upgrades.. The g3 design is still one of the finest I’ve seen for a phone that’s almost a year old.. Unfortunately I think the note 5 will follow suit with the s6..The SD and removable battery will be a thing of the past.. That is until next year when all the crying of 2015 causes Samsung to cave and bring it all back.. Haha

  2. S6/S6 Edge >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>M9
    And S6/S6edge is available first!

  3. I don’t think I can just kick my 64gb card to the curb, but the S6 edge is very nice looking…

    1. That S6 edge screen is just asking to be smashed. Just wait for “Egdegate” a few days after it goes on sale. Note edge users are already finding this out and the S6 has a double edge. Disaster waiting to happen.

  4. In the past I would complain about lack of removable batter and SD card slot. These days not so much. I have an S3 with 64GB SD card. I’ve never had the need to remove the card or the battery. Actually the SD cards have provided some grief for me. They seem to get corrupt often and no I don’t go cheap on SD cards. Then you factor in 2 years on OneDrive storage. So for me the fast charge permanent battery and large availability of stock memory will be fair enough.

  5. I really don’t mind the absence of the micro sd slot. Do we ever use 32GB of memory on phones. Not hardly. Not sure why people are frustrated over this anyways.

    1. Speak for yourself please.

    2. I have a 128gb micro sd in my S5 and its nearly always full. It keeps the phone running quicker to because the main storage with the OS isnt cluttered with so many other files. Will samsung have a defrag utility for 128gb of phone memory to tidy up that much storage?

  6. So Sammy always wants to take down Apple right, they are accused of copying all the time YET they don’t copy a important aspect of a iPhone launch, announce it and ready it for a week to 10 days later, this thing is 5 weeks out, another year, another 5 plus weeks for users to go elsewhere, another release, another epic fail IMO

  7. The reason most people choose the Galaxy line of phones is due to the removable battery and external storage. Without these it loses its selling point for me and its just another Android phone. I couldnt care less about premium feel and appearance as its in a case anyway. Ill stick with my S5 until they fix their mistakes with next years S7.

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