Funnily enough, T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S6 teaser gives us our clearest look at the phone yet


six appeal galaxy s6 t-mobile teaser

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is sure to be on the carriers’ big hype list for promoting new smartphones in 2015, and T-Mobile’s already getting the fun started. The company’s sign up page for Samsung’s “next big thing” has gone live, and on it we see a nice little teaser that actually reveals a bit of its design.

This would be our first real look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 without it being draped in cases, barely visible in a blurry cam photo or being a mere mockup of someone else’s fantasy. This is the real deal, and it’s going to be revealed March 1st.

This particular teaser seems to flaunt the device’s metal build we’ve been hearing about. The weird curvature on the device also might hint that this could be the Edge variant of the Samsung Galaxy S6, but it could just be the workings of over-applied reflection techniques in photoshop.

That small taste is all we get, though, and we likely won’t be treated to the full course meal until March 1st arrives.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Did everyone miss the commercial during the Grammys that clearly showed the entire phone (while spinning around showing all angles) and how thin it was?

    1. i caught it and just watched it again. reminds me of that stupid apple commercial back in the 80s. it does show a lot of the outline of the phone but not much more than that. i’m excited (even tho i hate samsung)

      1. There was a commercial around 9:55 that started out showing a tablet but then it also showed the S6 and spun the phone around to show the sides and back, which is still dimpled btw :/

        1. still dimpled? lol

      2. Where’d you see it again?

        1. think it was on the verve site….if you google tmobile s6 commercial, it should be in the news portion of the hits

  2. kind of excited to see what they come out with. Not liking the battery I heard but i heard its more efficient. so I think the only thing thats holding me back is that god awful home button.

    1. If the battery is non removable, that’s sadly a deal breaker for me. I’m a heavy use, I often go through 2 battery swaps a day. I have minimum 6 hours OST a day, plus my work has zero bars which kills standby. I may be able to offset that with QQC2.0, but it certainly isn’t practical to do so with just a 2 AMP charger.

      1. well I have the turbo charger for my Nexus 6…got to tell you, its VERY convenient. 15 minutes on the charger with the phone turned off gives me about 45-50% battery life. Sucks carrying the charger around some times but a non removable battery is not the end of the world for me. I see how it can be for others. I think most phones are going to the non-removable side of things tho =

    2. If a home button is holding you back then you really need to get out more!!

      1. did i miss the punchline?? you must be one of those guys who doesnt like when someone has personal taste in something….I said I was excited about the phone and what they come out with. They might win me over with how optimistic I’m being about when I’m really not a Samsung fan. I apologize that I’m not a “home button” kind of guy. I’ll make sure to get out more and see the world more? Maybe go visit a museum with phones full of home buttons and classes that might teach me why its aesthetically pleasing and its functionality is better than a phone without a home button.

  3. “Funny enough”

    What’s funny about it? T-Mobile is better than shitty AT&T and overpriced Verizon.

    1. this is an old argument. I live in the Tampa Bay area. Verizon and AT&T are awesome here. I have no issues with my AT&T service at all. My mother barely gets 1 bar inside ANY building with TMobile. She cannot walk into any where and rely on her G3 surviving after losing connection. So if I used “Rorison Meadows” logic, I could switch your comment around to AT&T is better than shitty T-Mobile and overpriced Verizon. To be honest, Metro PCS and Sprint are both better than T-Mobile here. So yeah.

      1. MetroPCS is T-Mobile, just by a different name… (Unless you have an old CDMA phone.)

        1. true! why does Metro seem to be better in this area then? haha

          1. Because you’re mother has an old and/or crappy phone that has weak radios and/or insufficient bands.

          2. well my response above says what she has. and i would not call the g3 a crappy phone. appreciate the try at a knock tho =)

          3. What sound does the Fox make?!?!?

          4. ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

          5. How ’bout them yankees…

          6. wtf haha

          7. A little cold outside today. EndOfRandomness.

          8. tad nipply

          9. Another possibility is cases. My mother bought herself an aluminum bumper for her VZW S3, which DESTROYED her signal strength, but we can’t get her to care >_<

            Also, I've dropped my Note 2 so many times I can only imagine it has internal damage, because it has weaker reception than most other Verizon phones.

            Then again, even when it worked right, my friends who have AT&T and T-Mobile get better reception and faster speeds EVERYWHERE. Building penetration, for one, is not a problem for them anywhere on campus, even at the bottom floor of a 3+ story building (that's basically pure concrete).

            Most technical issues tend to be between the display and the chair, just saying.

          10. ok ok good points =) my mom has a normal cheap rubber case for her phone now. her house is wood frame and she gets barely ONE bar in it. I get pretty close to full bars. you are right on the case issue tho. I had an aluminum one for a long time and never realized that was why my G2 was having crappy signals with AT&T haha. I get why you mentioned it now and sorry for being a butthead in my response.

      2. Metro pcs is t mobile lol….so i’ll take what you say with a grain of salt

        1. ….yeah you’re right. I think I was leaning towards sarcasm. Just stating that in my area, T-Mobile is garbage. Just jabbing at his “point”. every city has a carrier that has better coverage than others. Its a stupid response to state one is better than the other.

          1. No, you’ve been pretty spot on with your comments. Having been around a large portion of the USA as T-Mobile customer for 8 years and now a Verizon customer for 2 years, I can say with certainty that T-Mobile really is in fact the inferior service, overall. Once you step out of any metro or suburban area, their service instantly drops to an unusable state. If you are in a metro area with a large event going on with thousands of people, T-Mobile’s network is unusable (even voice calls). I literally haven’t found an area of the country where I can’t get internet and voice, while on Verizon. Now I’ve definitely have had spotty service in areas, but those were mountainous areas.

            Fact remains, you get what you pay for. If what you pay for is all that you want, then cool. Otherwise, you’re going to have to pay up.

          2. used to travel for work and had T-Mobile, I had so many problems with them that our job “upgraded” us to Sprint haha. Was not much better but it was at the end of the day, better. Glad I’m not the only one who has used T-Mobile in quite a few different markets in real world use

    2. Don’t forget Sprint too.

      1. No we want to forget them lol

      2. Don’t get me started on sprint inlet them rob me for 18 yrs before I switched to T_Mobile One of the best decisions I ever made……

  4. Don’t it seems like 2 home button ?

  5. Renders always look great. I expect this to look like the Edge but just with another edge and some more metal. Expect less and hopefully surprised.

  6. I sold my gnote 4 to buy a 6 Plus. I’m tired of the cheap build quality of android devices and the terrible bugs in Lollipop.

    1. gotta say, that 6 plus is a nice phone. If the bezels were smaller, I would seriously take a hard look.

      1. I understand people complaining about the bezels. But I think they are needed for:

        1) Shock absorption. If a phone drops to the floor, the phone of course will absorb the shock. If the phone didn’t have bezels or really thin ones, the display would have to absorb a much bigger chunk of the shock, making it more prone to breaking.

        2) The antenna signals need to pass through something… It can’t pass through the metal back, the lines on the back are really thin they obviously can’t out them behind the display.

        1. I understand that fully. Makes perfect sense =)

        2. bigger bezel won’t help shock absorption when it is covered in glass. The iphone is edge to edge glass. Sure it has a bezel but that in under the glass. In fact it is curved at the edges for better feel swiping (similar to Motox 2nd gen). It breaks very easy when you drop it and very difficult to get a tempered glass screen protector to fit.sure the screen itself does not break as easy…but still have a cracked phone you have to repair. Also, no matter if it feels cheap or not, the Note 4 will survive a much bigger fall than 6 plus and wont bend so easily.

    2. those bugs are getting fixed in the imminent release of android 5.1 I think you should have stuck around.

    3. LMAO. You must be joking with all the bugs in iOS 8.

    4. It’s ok, we all make poor life decisions from time to time.

    5. You should try another manufacturer other than Samsung if you want a device that doesn’t feel cheap. I swear people only know apple or Samsung…Neither make the best device imo.

    6. What operating system do you think will come with the S6 ? And as far as build quality I put a case on every phone I own so you wouldn’t see build quality anyway, I own a Note Edge and I love it I keep finding useful ways and apps every week for the side panel.

    7. Ya? How’s the bugs in IOS 8? ;)

    8. and the build quality. hahahahahahaha. just do a youtube search of note 4 vs iphone 6 bend test… great build quality. Camera is far superior in Note 4 as well. plus the Note is smaller with a larger screen

    9. I see lot of people with broken screen on their iPhones.
      Android devices are more tough built.

  7. From that angle it looks quite a bit like the original Galaxy S1 (Captivate design on AT&T).

    1. pretty close actually. cant believe I didnt catch that!

      1. I can, you are too busy making Sammy vs. iPhone slams ;)

        j/k bud

        1. Haha so true. I’m such a d*ck.

    2. Samsung should’ve used the Captivate as the blueprint on how to keep a removable back while incorporating metal and plastic. It had a solid feel to it, only if they had evolved it.

  8. Obviously the edge version.

  9. I’m still in and pumped.

    1. i’m pretty excited too….if its something awesome, I think I can forgive the home button.

  10. News from elsewhere on the internets…

    “The Galaxy S6 models will not come with iPhone 4-like “Antennagate” features, a cellular signal loss issue that affected the 2011 iPhone model. The reason is that Samsung has devised a special antenna for the metal-and-glass Galaxy S6 handset which ensures that the phone’s metal chassis does not hinder voice communications or data transmissions.”

    1. Notice how the volume buttons are different on the two models.

      1. Power button on one side, volume buttons on the other.

        They aren’t different.

  11. The volume buttons on the S6 are individual up down while the S6 Edge has a rocker button.

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