LG announces four new mid-range phones ahead of Mobile World Congress


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LG has never had an issue announcing their goods ahead of the trade show they’ll be showing them off at, and they’ve done just that with today’s release. The company has announced four new mid-range smartphones to kick off the first half of 2015.

They’re nothing special on paper alone, but it’s a very solid lineup of devices that should be priced well enough for anyone not willing to spend their entire wallet on top-end phones. Here’s the full list with their respective specs:

LG Magna

  • 5-inch 720P display (294 ppi)
  • 1.2 GHz or 1.3GHz quad-core chipset
  • 8 megapixel rear, 5 megapixel front camera
  • 8GB of internal storage and 1GB of RAM
  • 2540mAh battery
  • 139.7 x 69.9 x 10.2mm
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop

LG Spirit

  • 4.7-inch 720P display (312 ppi)
  • 1.2GHz or 1.3GHz quad-core chipset
  • 8 megapixel or 5 megapixel rear, 1 megapixel front camera
  • 8GB of internal storage and 1GB of RAM
  • 2100mAh battery
  • 133.3 x 66.1 x 9.9mm
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop

LG Leon

  • 4.5-inch FWVGA display (220 ppi)
  • 1.2GHz or 1.3GHz quad-core chipset
  • 8 megapixel or 5 megapixel rear, VGA front camera
  • 8GB or 4GB of internal storage and 1GB or 512MB of RAM
  • 1900mAh battery
  • 122.7 x 64.0 x 10.9mm
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop

LG Joy

  • 4-inch WVGA display (233 ppi)
  • 1.2GHz dual-core chipset
  • 5 megapixel rear, VGA front camera
  • 4GB of internal storage and 512MB of RAM
  • 1900mAh battery
  • 122.7 x 64.0 x 11.9mm
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop or Android 4.4 KitKat

Kind of confusing, eh? The exact specifications for each device is dependent on market, though LG hasn’t gone into specifics about who will get what. Note that they all come in both 3G and LTE flavors so you should be able to use them with whichever networks you fancy.

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The design language of the smartphones follows the company’s best smartphones by placing volume and power control on the rear. It seems LG has come to prefer this setup as it helps give them a different look up against all the other typical cookie cutter devices we see.

And that’s about all for now. We’ll know more once we hit the show floor at Mobile World Congress to get a good look at these for ourselves. You can find the full press release at the jump.

[via LG]

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  1. sounds like they are going after the burner phones for drug dealers. those battery sizes are far from mid-range specs in my opinion.

    1. majority of those specs are low budget. the magna is the only one that sounds mid range

      1. yeah I can definitely agree with that!

      2. Not to mention lots mid-range device will be coming with 1080p, 2GB ram, 16GB… these LGs are actually closer to low-end.

    2. Why would these be burner phones? You gotta pay more than a tracphone. To a dealer that doesn’t want to be traced, this would cut into profits, unnecessarily, and putting it on a “paid” service, where you’d have to pay every month, would be a bad idea. If I was a dealer, I’d want something untraceable, that I could throw away. It’s better to throw away a $5 tracphone, than maybe a $40, to $70 LG, profits ya know.

      1. haha so true! so true. I take that part back.

  2. 512m to 1g ram? Not mid range anymore. Appealing to Asia maybe but those are give away free with contract or very cheap phones imo

    1. I think carrier needs to pay its customers instead to sign up for the LG Joy, lol

      1. There’s no joy in 4GB storage and 512MB of RAM.

    2. Many, many consumers out there require only the basic features from a smartphone. I praise LG and other for continuing to sell these kinds of very affordable devices.

  3. Someone help me out and just tell me which one is the closest to the Nexus 5 size? :)

    1. Magna… the 5″ one.

  4. Oh lg 500mb of ram is a no no.

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