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If you’re reading this you probably consider yourself a pretty big Android fan. You use a lot of Android devices, keep up with all the latest news, download the latest apps, and scoff at the idea of using an iPhone. But how far does your devotion go? Are you simply an Android fan or much more? If these 12 signs sound familiar you might be addicted to Android and Google.

You buy every new Nexus device

nexus 6 nexus 5 3

Every Android fan wants to be on the most recent version of Android. One of the most common questions we get is “when will my phone be updated to Android X.X!” Most of us simply wait until we get the OTA update, but an Android addict can’t wait that long.

Big Android releases often come with a new Nexus device. That means the fastest way to get the latest version of Android is to buy a Nexus every year. Is this the most affordable way to get the latest version of Android? No, but if you’re addicted to Android it’s totally worth it.

You think Android apps that look like iOS are the devil


Android apps come in a wide variety of designs. Some adopt Google’s recommended design language while others choose to use their own unique design. These are all fine, but if you’re a true Android addict there is one type of app you hate: iOS clones.

Some developers design their app for iOS and then port it over to Android. Other developers just simply use a design that is reminiscent of iOS. Whatever the reason may be, if you’re addicted to Android you don’t like anything that resembles iOS. You will actually refuse to use a great app because it doesn’t use Google’s design language.

You harshly critique the apps your friends use


“Why are you using that app? Have you heard of [blank]? It’s way better!”

Sound familiar? Not everyone knows (or cares) about the latest trendy new app, but Android addicts do, and they will tell you all about it. If you find yourself constantly disgusted by the apps your friends choose to use you are probably addicted to Android.

You smile every time “Okay Google” beats Siri to the punch


People with iPhones love to show off Siri. They’ll ask her to tell a joke and…that’s pretty much it. That’s where you come in. An Android phone with Google Now can wipe the floor with Siri. Nothing feels better than showing off how silly Siri is compared to the power of your Android device. Just look at all these voice commands you can do!

If you’re an Android addict you feel it is your civic duty to show how much better Android is than an iPhone. It doesn’t matter if they asked for your opinion or not.

It’s been 4 years and you’re still defending Google+


A real Android addict is also addicted to everything from Google. The only way to truly show that you love Android is to be all in with Google as well. That includes Chrome, Gmail, Google+, Google Drive, etc. So when a great app or service from someone not named Google comes around you might feel a little guilty.

Sunrise is a truly amazing calendar app, but it’s owned by Microsoft now. Dropbox is a really nice cloud storage service, but it’s not Google Drive. All your friends use Facebook Messenger, but it’s not Google Hangouts. Twitter is really fun, but your Android buddies use Google+. If any of this is making you feel a little uneasy you are definitely an Android addict.

Your Google Play device list is out of control

google play devices

Every time you activate a new Android device and access the Google Play Store it is recorded in your account. Google knows how many Android devices you’ve used. This information can be found in the settings of Google Play on the web. Most of the Android devices you’ve owned should show up in this list (at least to 2012).

If you’re addicted to Android you should have quite the lengthy list of devices on this page. Consider this page your badge of Android honor. A time capsule of how long you’ve been an Android user. A real Android addict would have this page framed, but we’ll leave that up to you.

You’re constantly tweaking your icons, launcher, keyboard, and more

Neonex icon pack

One of the best things about Android is the endless customization options at your disposal. Not every Android user takes advantage of these options, but you can guarantee an Android Addict does. First you’ll start with changing the wallpaper and downloading a 3rd-party keyboard. Next you dabble with 3rd-party launchers and icon packs. Before you know it you’re using Xposed and flashing custom ROMs.

Android is beautiful because all the devices and software don’t look the same. What one person likes is drastically different from what another person likes. An Android addict is constantly showcasing this with different icon packs, wallpapers, launchers, and ROMs. If you change your Android skin more than your socks you are addicted to Android.

Your favorite time of year is Google I/O

Android Auto title featured

Everyone has a favorite time of the year. Some of us really like Christmas, others prefer Halloween, or perhaps their own birthday. An Android addict has a very different favorite time of year: Google I/O.

Google I/O is a huge developer conference where a lot of big announcements are usually made. At Google I/O 2014 we got a close look at Android 5.0 Lollipop, Android TV, Android Auto, and much more. If you’re addicted to Android you’re either in attendance or glued to your computer screen during the entire conference.

You own an Android phone, tablet, watch, TV, and plan to own an Android car

Moto 360 DSC06955

Owning an Android phone is nice, but if you’re addicted to Android you own much more than that. Android is on a wide variety of devices and form factors these days. You can get Android phones, tablets, watches, TVs, glasses, and even cars.

The more of these devices you own the more addicted you are to Android. A normal person has a phone and maybe a tablet. If you have Android on your wrist, TV, and in front of your eyeball you’re on another level.

You have an infinite supply of chargers from your vast history of Android device ownership

Lollipop charging

If you’ve been using Android devices for a while you probably have an unlimited supply of mico-USB charging cables. The vast majority of Android devices for the last several years use micro-USB cables for charging. They can pile up quickly.

I literally have a bucket full of charging cables. If you’re addicted to Android you most likely have a similar situation on your hands. The good news is these cables come in handy. You can keep them in travel bags, in your car, and make sure to have one in every room. A charge is never far away if you’re addicted to Android.

There is an Android figurine or poster in your house


If you’re really addicted to Android you can’t stop at just owning Android devices. You need to own as many Android products as possible. That means t-shirts, mugs, posters, plush toys, figurines, and even dog bowls. I mean, does anything say “I’m a huge Android fan” more than an Android-branded dog bowl? The more Android items you own the more addicted you are.

You use “developer previews” and you’re not a developer

Android L Developer Preview DSC06020

With Android “L” (later known as 5.0 Lollipop) Google released an early look at the software for developers. The idea behind this was so devs could get a feel for the OS and build support into their apps. Of course, a lot of non-developers used this as an opportunity to get a sneak peek at the next version of Android.

The software was buggy, and it wiped your device completely to use it. Still, many dedicated Android fans went through the process just to get a taste of Material Design. You have to be really addicted to Android to go through this process just be one of the first to use the next Android version.

You read Phandroid and follow us on every social network

Top Phan

The fact that you are reading this very list on this very site may be proof enough that you are addicted to Android. Phandroid exists because of passionate fans of all things Android and Google. If you read Phandroid every day you’re already a big Android fan, but many of you take it to the next level.

Not only do you read articles here on the site, but you’re following us on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Tumblr. You have the Phandroid Android app and Chrome extension. On top of that you’re a member of Android Forums, and you have the app to go along with it. Even then you can’t get enough, so you listen to the Mobile Roar Podcast every week. Not only are you addicted to Android, but you’re addicted to Phandroid.

Are you addicted to Android? How do you know?

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