Is this a render of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6?



Looking for an early peek at the Samsung Galaxy S6? It’s become rather difficult to get a full look at a high profile phone ahead of its launch, so we were skeptical when the images you see above were doled out as supposed actual renders of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6.

But the source claims these are the real deal, displaying a phone with a metal build and Samsung’s tried and true design language. That particular note is odd considering Samsung has been rumored to be starting from scratch with the Samsung Galaxy S6 in terms of vision and design.

The return of Samsung’s familiar style could just be a bad case of it being too hard to drop old habits, though we’re not sure anyone ever thought Samsung’s designs were downright horrible — just not as good as they could have been with more imaginative construction and premium materials. That said, you shouldn’t be surprised if those early rumors were false and Samsung decides to go with more tried and true design philosophies.

Alleged-Samsung-Galaxy-S6-leaked-images 2

The truth is that this leak only reinforces something we already knew: no one really knows what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S6, and we’ll have to wait for more credible word or for official information to eek out before this picture gets any clearer.

[via PhoneArena]

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    1. Not really sure what the point of this screenshot is.

      1. …seriously? look at the device. It’s the same screenshot….

  1. Those are three different devices…

    1. Yes!
      Galaxy S4
      Galaxy S5
      Galaxy S6*


      1. U right bro..lol

    2. Like the PS2, PS3, and PS4 right?

      1. Oh now I see..lol it is the older devices with the GS6..my bad..lol

  2. If they take a step back and remove waterproofing I will go punch a 5 year old.

    1. My 5-year-old will punch you back harder in the nuts

      1. That’s not ur daughter… It’s mine

  3. I would hope not. Looks nothing like a “from the ground up” design. Same retread look from before.

  4. Really?? This is their answer to “save” themselves? People quit buying your phones as much as you want, and you push out the same exact looking phone while just making it look bigger? Better have a hand that comes out of the side to scratch my junk when needed….maybe we will talk

  5. I just finished my contract with T-Mobile..got my GS3 unlocked.. It was stuck at 4.3.1, but then I slapped CM11 4.4.4 and bought brand new battery, brand new case, brand new back cover, and brand new OEM charger..now I’m paying $60 per month with tmobile … So why buy a GS6?? Lol….

    1. Because it’s not a nearly 3 year old phone.

      1. o_O

    2. Just bought a new case and battery for my off-contract T-Mobile Note 3 as well. Almost feels like having a new phone with longer battery life and a different case texture.

      My last phone was the S3, and I almost regretted selling it (still have my S1). Can never go back to screen smaller than 5.5″ though.

  6. Bye Bye Samsung if you Release another phone like this as instead of Getting Better you are getting Worse at Creating phones,this might be someone Trying to turn people away from Samsung phones,but we saw the Metal Body for the Future phone and it looks nothing like this

  7. No way. It looks just like the S5, S4, S3, and S2.

    Oh wait.

  8. If they want to improve they rather eliminate the laggy touchwiz or get a totally new design like (htc). If not, they will continue going down as they deserve :)

    1. I have to agree like most people on here I’m kind of a phone addict ,I recently purchased a N6 and a Note Edge both excellent phones, but I wanted something smaller for work ,iusedtp use N5 ,still
      One of the best phones I’ve ever purchased, but I wanted something different so I bought an HTC M8, and I have to say out of the three I own I like the M8 the best ,I’m looking forward to the next HTC phone ,ithinl I’ll probably purchase it , my first smart phone was am HTC hero then the evo then evo 3d , actually it was that phone that brought me to the S3 ,now it seems as things have come full circle, by the way Happy New Years Everyone….

  9. eliminate s series, and just stick with the note, the best android phone out there period.

    1. No it’s not

      1. Arguably, it is. I don’t think anyone can say it’s not one of the very top phones at the moment.

  10. It looks like a s2

  11. “though we’re not sure anyone ever thought Samsung’s designs were downright horrible”

    Umm, me.

    I hate when someone hands me a Galaxy to help them with something, I actually prefer handling an iPhone. Granted it may be me post GS1 self avoiding Samsung like the plague, or the fact that I’ve been spoiled by HTC, Moto, LG, and Cyanogen since then.

    1. Samsung gets a bad rap because of touchwiz and because they’re Samsung but they make decent hardware and have been critical in Android’s success. Nexus S is still probably my favorite Nexus phone, first experience with amoled display, sleek, all black design, Wolfson DAC. Sold my Nexus One but still use the S as a protable music player.

  12. It looks like the back might be completely flat.

  13. Looks like any Galaxy S going back to the SS3, boring.

  14. how come we dnt see any news of the note edge and its sales #’s? I’m curious to see and still waiting on verizon to release.

  15. That things got more chrome than a 48 Cadillac

  16. It look tining

  17. Nice bezel

  18. They’re really taking a lot of risk with this bold new design that looks exactly like every other Galaxy ever

  19. Fake and flamboyant

  20. Still has those god awful physical buttons. -_-. Hopefully they get rid of those.

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