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We’ve seen a lot of the Samsung Galaxy S6 as of late, but through all the leaks and rumors we haven’t really gotten a good look at the supposed “Edge” variant said to be on the way. That changes today, though, thanks to the gift that keeps on giving — Verus and their careless render leaks.

The case manufacturer let slip another one of their promo images for Samsung’s latest phones, and on the far right side you’ll notice the curved display of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It should serve a purpose identical to which a similar feature served on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. That is, you’ll be able to get notifications, information about weather, appointments and time, and mini apps that you can use if you’d rather free up the main display for more complicated tasks.

Like the Galaxy Note 4, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge won’t be produced at nearly the same scale as Samsung’s tried and true straight-edged model. There should be enough supply for everyone who wants one to get one, though, and we imagine most carriers will look to offer both options once they’re available.

CNet Korea also mentions that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will be “dual-edged” and symmetrical on both sides, though from what we can tell the leaked render doesn’t seem to depict such a design. Perhaps it’s just a bad angle, but either way we will know for sure on March 1st.

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  1. Look at both of the phones to the right and you’ll see on The Galaxy Edge both sides of the phone have the curved edge. However at the bottom of the 2 curves there’s. A slight lip where it helps prevent you from touching the screen. Take a close look at the pictures. I may be going with the Galaxy Edge. .

    1. i’m with you 100%, if this phone turns out to be amazing, i’ll only look at the Edge. Pretty awesome looking.

    2. Doing some nice Android sleuthing!

      1. Of course. ;) Apparently the author of the article didn’t do their homework.

  2. Only the Edge one….the renders for the S6 dont really interest me so much….but the Edge up there, that is a slick looking phone to be honest. And I am not a Samsung fan at all.

  3. Yea. Look at the one laying down. Its curved on the left side. Where the note 4 edge is curved on the right. If it’s dual edged, I might think about it

    1. I’m with you….all the sudden I’m interested if that is it

      1. But I’m getting tired of touchwiz though. So if they don’t change it up software wise then probably won’t get it

        1. Everything I have read has stated that Samsung is dummying down TouchWiz to compete with the likes of the Nexus line….if that is the case, maybe I’ll love Samsung again like I did when I had my S2 years ago. Before they killed me with the S3 UI.

    2. I think the ones standing show both the edge and just the s6.

      1. This⬆⬆⬆⬆

        If you notice, it says Galaxy S6 AND Galaxy Edge… If they were the same phone …they would of just said Galaxy S6 Edge

        1. Hahaha didn’t even realize that haha

  4. No sd card
    No removable battery
    No front speakers
    Too bad so sad NOT buying

    1. No microSDXC slot hasn’t been confirmed. I’d be shocked if it was gone.

      1. No chance Micro SD is gone. No chance. The leaked photos show it and even if they are fakes, they will just stack it with the SIM card slot they have to have.

        Sammy get’s it on Micro SD cards.

        I will say myself, no Micro SD card is a reason I would not buy a phone. The others, not a big deal to me.

        1. Jesus if they ever touch THAT feature folks will really start to gather the pitch forks then! Samsung can’t be suicidal.

    2. You forgot, only 16gig variant upon release, with no mention of when the 32 gig option is coming

      1. 32gb is base model then 64 &128

        1. Oh so you telling me Samsung did away with 16gb completely…. I know base model should be 32, but you watch… Samsung go make u second guess what is right

  5. I wonder how much Samsung fans will freak out if this thing doesn’t come with a removable battery?

    1. * points to comment below *

    2. A lot.

      I’ve owned an S1 and S3 but the S6 is shaping up to be the worst in the series for more reasons than just a non-removable battery, though that’s the biggest (until batteries no longer degrade)

    3. Not me.

      I get it, things are changing. As I said in the last thread on this “S6 leak” topic more in depth, it just seems the way they are going to try to fit so much in a thin chassis. It’s a give and take. Don’t get me wrong, I WANT removable batteries. But honestly, now, there are like 8 other things I want more and some of those contribute to needing to go to locked in batteries.

    4. I wonder how many Wil pay the extra 100 for edge version that only come equipped with 16gig internal… I’m sure Samsung will find a way to skimp out and over charge

    5. I will lol. Not freak out, but I won’t appreciate it too much. Of course, I was one of those people who didn’t care that it was made out of plastic. Removable battery was more important to me.

    6. Folks will get over the removable battery thing just like some have gotten over the no Micro sd card slot in some phones. Things change and people adapt.

      1. It’s never cool when consumers are forced to adapt like that after a key feature of a device is removed for no practical reason. This is a case of fixing something that wasn’t broken. Samsung won over a fair share of customers because of the option of a removable battery.

        1. I understand that. But do you think the mass consumers will care if the battery is removable or not? Most OEM’s are going this route and it’s just a matter of time before Samsung and whoever else follows. Most people just want a battery that lasts and fits their needs of all day. Most tech geeks want removable batteries. In all honesty, I don’t think it will affect Samsung one bit, folks will still buy no matter what.

          1. Nobody is arguing whether or not Samsung will do fine and move millions of units, they will. It’s a moot point. Me and many others that aren’t necessarily tech geeks genuinely do depend on the ability to swap batteries at will.

            Until battery life becomes much, much better than what it is today removable batteries will continue to be a massively practical and valuable feature for the average person and “techie” alike.

          2. That’s the thing battery life is great on some Samsung devices like the Note 4, S5. So swapping them for most won’t be needed. Of course they are practical/valuable but it won’t be a deal breaker is all I’m saying. As tech advances in battery, which is could be better depending on the OEM, I would imagine removable batteries will cease to exist very soon. I haven’t had a phone with a removable battery in years.

          3. Sooner rather than later would be brilliant. These screens are getting more detailed and power hungry. It may well be a deal breaker for many but at least we still have Micro SD. As long as they don’t touch expandable storage we wont have any riots on our hands, haha!

            Just to reiterate how great it feels to have the OPTION, it’s great. I’m no shill for these guys but hell it’s awesome to go from a dying battery to 100% in an instant. I’ve carried a couple extra batteries during long trips overseas and they were a life saver.

            Effective promotion on a practical feature I have to admit.


          4. I hear you. My One Plus One & Lg G2 last long for me. I haven’t used an sd card in yearsss. But I do agree, it is good to have options.

          5. Stupid disqus posted the vid twice, ugh. You ever try out the LG G3?

          6. I love the G3. It looks amazing and how they fit that size screen in that footprint of a phone was a +. I just can’t find a good deal on one yet enough for me to buy. I found the G2 for $207 and couldn’t pass it up. I can’t pay over $400 for a phone outright. I guess One Plus One and Nexus phones spoiled me.

          7. It feels pretty amazing in the hand with that screen size. And, it’s got that removable battery ;) hehe… Best Buy had a pretty cool 1 cent deal for the G3 over the holiday. I took advantage of it for my sister’s upgrade. Happy hunting!

          8. Sweet

    7. Loss of useful functionality is a bad thing. I couldn’t care less about the design of the back or sides because I use a case; not being able to replace the battery because people whined about the build materials/design is very annoying. I’m not sending my device to a service centre when the battery inevitably degrades, so I won’t be buying this.

      Unibody phones are worthless to me.

    8. It’s such a practical feature and nobody should be surprised if the absence a removable battery upsets those that depended on one. Real life situations where such a thing would be vital to have, you have more flexibility.

    9. As long as the battery lasts long and has quick charge I doubt many would mind. I hope this is water / dust proof.

  6. I can dig it. And I can dig the Edge concept. I would need to check 1 out at a store first and I wonder on additional battery drain on that piece, but I am 100% sure the S6 or M9 are in my immediate future. I have watched many Edge videos and it has slick potential IF devs and Sammy start to expand on options for it.

    I am still 100% into this phone and have been at every “leak”. S6… M9…. going to be a good battle.

    1. Don’t forget the g4. It comes out later though

      1. To late for me. I need a new phone ASAP and MWC announcements will be my deciding factor.

  7. Has there ever been a phone with a metal removable back with a removable battery? That would be awesome for this. Have to unscrew it or something. The camera comes out a bunch. It better be amazing. And amazing means better then current iPhone and next one also

    1. The HTC Amaze (HTC Ruby), and the HTC Sensation (HTC Pyramid) are two phones with removable aluminum back covers and removable batteries. I miss my Amaze.

      1. Ironic that people praise the openness of Android but want sealed devices with limited hardware functionality (but also like the concept of Project Ara, strangely). Now my preferred manufacturer is out of the question. Good job.

        1. Hell, that’s a fantastic observation! Some consumers just can’t make up their mind.

    2. the Moto Droid

  8. Couldn’t care less about removable battery never had the need to do so. Liking the design, looking forward to seeing the specs

  9. These photos are all wrong and only prove what the cases look like. When viewed out of the case the edges are double with a concaved dip in the middle. From the pics of the mid frame it is again designed to work like a I-beam for greater rigidity. It also gives a much better grip than simply rounded edges on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus! …..not to mention the simple fact that Samsung is using superior grade aluminum too. Want to know why iPhone BendGate so easily? It’s inferior lower grade aluminum. Which Samsung has Samsung C&T Engineers, that formulated the new hardened lightweight steel in their building of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai!

    This phone comes with the first high density lithium Polymer battery in a smartphone. It could theoretically double the battery life in a battery roughly the same size as that in iPhones. It’s the Ultra High Density that does that along with the materials being used. Expensive….. but you’ll get better…. longer use with it on a Galaxy S6!

    This is the first phone with Touch Sensor in the screen (not slide scan in home button). Validity demoed this type of in screen fingerprint sensor before Synaptic bought them, at CES two years ago!!! ……when is Apple going to get that promise from CEO of Authentic? Which Samsung was using their Touch Sensors when they launched them in 2004 in Secure Access Door Locks. Fact is those were the exact same technology Apple is now touting, as if they invented it! lol….. What a bunch of iClowns they have as users and those iDiots on Wall Street that buy into it. More like sick Gypsy Circus Barkers selling Snake Oil they stole to their genuine iSheep iDiots!

    Sorry CrApple you’ll lose again this year! mwahahaha……. Samsung 319 Million Record Smartphone Sales in 2014 contrary to Apple only getting half way to beating them Globally last year. Apple? oooohhhh wow… they sold 170 Million iPhones (including 70% of those being old antiquated small screen iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5S models)! :D lol….

  10. Is that a iPhone 6? It’s what you guys thinks nowadays that’s anything metal and rounded in anyways.

  11. Gotta admit the dual edge looks awesome in leaks so far.. Hope its got killer top specs to give this flagship a “must have” status!

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