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Using an Android device comes with a number of quirks and feelings that only Android users can understand. iPhone users lead a boring existence where everything is sliver and has perfectly rounded corners. Our world is full of color and unique shapes and sizes, but it’s not without #AndroidProblems. That’s exactly what makes Android users different, and why we can safely say no one else understands what it’s like.

10. Being able to charge your phone with any cable

Lollipop charging

If you’ve been using Android devices for a while you probably have an unlimited supply of mico-USB charging cables. The vast majority of smartphones today use micro-USB cables for charging. This comes in handy when you’re stranded at a friend’s house and they most likely have a compatible cable, or when you can let a friend borrow your cable.

iPhone users don’t have this convenience. Since the iPhone uses a proprietary charging cable it’s not so easy to borrow a charge. They have to always carry an extra charging cable with them, or rely on someone else owning an iPhone. I have witnessed first hand how annoying this can be for iPhone users. Standards like micro-USB make life easier. Be thankful you don’t use a device that tries to make its own standards.

P.S. Always use a charging cable from the maker of your phone if you can.

9. Finding the perfect case… but they don’t make it for your phone model

phone cases

Have you ever walked into a store and found a gigantic wall of iPhone cases, but just a tiny corner of cases for Android phones? It sucks. If you have the latest Samsung Galaxy device or a HTC One you might be able to find something, but if you have a more obscure phone you won’t. Try finding a case for the Nexus 6 at a mall kiosk.

Android dominates market share, but the iPhone is far and away the most popular phone. Samsung has done a great job at making the Galaxy S line consistent and popular enough that you will see cases in stores, but devices like the LG G3 or Xperia line aren’t so lucky. The good news is there are plenty of cases to choose from if you do your shopping online. Go ahead and let your friends waste their money on bedazzled kiosk cases.

8. “That phone is huge!”


Before the iPhone 6 Plus came around there was nothing that compared to huge Android phones. Even a simple Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8 looked gigantic compared to the iPhone. Every time you pull out your phone there is someone who will say “that phone is huge!” God forbid you let someone use your phone: “Holy cow I can barely hold this thing! How can you use a phone this big?!”

Thankfully Apple finally got with the times and made a bigger phone. Unfortunately that has led to a new problem, but more on that later.

7. Becoming a group message outcast

Android phone

If you have a lot of friends or family members that use iPhones you’re more than familiar with iMessage problems. Apple’s proprietary system of bypassing SMS works great among iPhone users, but when non-iOS devices get involved things get messy. Your friends might start referring to you as a “green person” because your name is not iMessage-blue in the Messaging app.

You’re iPhone friends can all group message each other and have a continuous group conversation, but since you’re an Android “green person” it sends the messages separately to you. What’s even worse is when you’re included in a group conversation it turns everyone into a “green person,” and that really annoys the iPeople. This problem is 100% on Apple, but it can make your friends hate that you use Android.

6. Getting a flagship phone on launch day without standing in line


Apple fans have one choice when it comes to phones: the iPhone. It comes in two sizes now, but it’s still just an iPhone. That means when the iPhone launches it’s a huge deal. Just imagine if the Samsung Galaxy S6 would be the only option for Android fans. There would be monstrous lines at every store. Thankfully Android fans have many options, and therefore we don’t have to wait in lines.

Buying a popular flagship Android device on launch day is so much easier than buying an iPhone on launch day. Rarely will an Android phone draw lines at stores. That’s not because the phone isn’t popular. It’s because we have more choices. You might think the Galaxy S6 is the best phone ever, but someone else thinks the HTC One M9 is the best. Choice = no lines.

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