Tim Cook apologizes for Apple Maps on company website, suggests alternatives like Google Maps


The temporary death knell for Apple Maps has finally taken place. Following Google chairman Eric Schmidt’s thoughts that Apple should have never left Google Maps, it looks like CEO Tim Cook might be feeling the same way for now. Cook wrote an apology for the blunder that is Apple Maps to all of Apple’s customers on the company’s own website.

It’s rare to see Apple admit a mistake so bluntly and in such a public manner, but let’s not forget that Tim Cook isn’t Steve Jobs. While we’re not sure the late mastermind would have taken the same approach, we know Tim Cook is a lot more easygoing than Jobs and we’re not too surprised he has no problems living up to the mistake.

Apple Maps debuted in iOS6 and effectively phased out the app which used Google’s mapping data. While that app didn’t have the navigation features, or other features, as Apple’s Maps have, it did have, at the very least, more accurate maps.

It is believed that Apple wanted to cut all ties with Google in terms of pre-installed software. Aside from searching, Google’s presence on iOS going forward will be limited to the App Store.

As much fun as we’ve had making fun of Apple for this mistake, seeing this apology makes it all feel so… dirty. To see Apple in an apologetic and vulnerable state is new to us so we’re still wondering how to process all of this.

But make no mistake about it: Apple knows it screwed up, and while they can’t do much about it at this very moment except offer alternative maps services like Waze, Bing, or Google Maps Web, we’re sure they won’t be off their mapping feet long. (I know more than a few of you remember how Google Maps started out.) [Apple]

To our customers,

At Apple, we strive to make world-class products that deliver the best experience possible to our customers. With the launch of our new Maps last week, we fell short on this commitment. We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers and we are doing everything we can to make Maps better.

We launched Maps initially with the first version of iOS. As time progressed, we wanted to provide our customers with even better Maps including features such as turn-by-turn directions, voice integration, Flyover and vector-based maps. In order to do this, we had to create a new version of Maps from the ground up.

There are already more than 100 million iOS devices using the new Apple Maps, with more and more joining us every day. In just over a week, iOS users with the new Maps have already searched for nearly half a billion locations. The more our customers use our Maps the better it will get and we greatly appreciate all of the feedback we have received from you.

While we’re improving Maps, you can try alternatives by downloading map apps from the App Store like Bing, MapQuest and Waze, or use Google or Nokia maps by going to their websites and creating an icon on your home screen to their web app.

Everything we do at Apple is aimed at making our products the best in the world. We know that you expect that from us, and we will keep working non-stop until Maps lives up to the same incredibly high standard.

Tim Cook
Apple’s CEO

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Mixed feelings…. caaaan…..noottt compute!

    1. I can. Hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha gasp……. hahahahahahahahaha and people still think Apple Maps is better. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha wait….. hahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. Yeah right…..As dirty as they(Apple) have been, I see no reason to feel dirty for the laughs I got from their obtuse actions. It could have been a great selling point to continue with Google maps and tell everyone that “Hey, Google maps are the best…..That’s why we are sticking with it”

    Instead, they tried to play it their way and lost.

    Still laughing.

  3. Wow… Jobs would have just successfully convinced his disciples that less features is actually better.

    1. Some of them actually believe that. Had a discussion with a husband/wife iPhans last weekend. Talk about brainwashed. Me and my Android buddies were laughing about the maps issue and these two claimed it was blown out of proportion. If that’s the caes, would Tim Cook be apologizing?

    2. Agreed. Here’s hoping that this is the first sign of a less jerky Apple.

    3. Actually, even though I’m no apple fan, I would have to say that Jobs wouldn’t have let Maps go out in that state in the first place…

      1. I’m not that sure, he did presented a beta product, Siri, which until then was unheard-of at apple

  4. “While we’re improving our crappy iPhone 5, you can try alternatives like an Android phone”


    1. Wow… that wasn’t said… AT ALL. And Apple fans are the ones called “sheep?” If Apple fans are sheep, then you are a “goat”… eating all the sh*t Google puts into your lap. Anyone remember Google Wave?

      1. Lighten up Francis…..Wesley was making a joke.

        1. Uncle Hulka?

      2. And for Google Wave…..I don’t recall thousands and thousands of people waiting in line for it.

        1. ha ha scott thats a clever 1…..thats sets us apart for isheeps…..INTELLECT

      3. Lmfao, well said, of course theirs goats, blind goats

        1. Are you lost? I’ll help you with some directions:

          And I didn’t even need to refer you to Google Maps for that.

          1. Lost? Haha no thanks, my apple maps works like a charm

          2. “my apple maps works like a charm” – someone’s delusional.

      4. We like google because we have the brains to know they’re the best. You fap to Apple b/c you guys don’t use your brains and feel that having an Apple product makes you trendy and worth something. NEWSFLASH: Apple thinks you’re morons too and that’s how they’re profiting off of you idiots.

      5. Yes but unlike apple, google didn’t say “ok y’all are using wave and we’re taking away all your email apps and social networking apps so just sit there and be a good boy”. Which is what happened with apple maps.

        It doesn’t surprise me though. I’ve always said the difference between apple and all other company is that apple tells their customers “here is what I want you to do and you’re going to do it without question”. While with every other OS its “tell me what you want to do and I’ll do it”.

      6. As most sport fans know, GOAT is a terrific term, and I take it as quite the compliment. You sir are correct, us phandroids, as well as Google itself, are the Greatest Of All Time. and i do believe that goats also eat apples…Again, on behalf of Google and its following I accept your praise.


      iSheep don’t care what they are getting. Apple phone 5! FTW

  5. They failed

  6. WAH WAH WAH!!!!! game over crapple. hahahahahahahahahahaha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  7. Just lols.

  8. What Tim was trying to say is, “iMaps is garbage, this is ALL you’re going to get iSheeps! Thanks for waiting weeks for this phone, and everyone that thought it would be as good or better than Google maps is an iDiot!”

  9. My feeling is that the whole thing is being overblown. I have the iPhone 5 and I’ve used the maps to navigate Philadelphia with no problem whatsoever. While I can’t substantiate this, I feel as if most of the problems are based in New York City, where you have many users. All of the pictures of errors I see involve NYC. Just a hunch. I do think it was a mistake for Apple to drop Google maps, I would have preferred that they integrate Google Navigator, but, whatever, I have no doubt they will have this smoothed out within a few months. Otherwise the phone works really well and I’m glad I got it. Before you crucify me, I’m no iPhone fanboy, I’m a smartphone fanboy. I have owned the Hero, Evo, Evo 3D, Motorola Photon, iPhone 4s, Galaxy S3, HTC Jetsream, and the Galaxy Note 10.1. So when I give my opinion on a phone or tablet, it’s not because I’m in one cult or the other.


    1. Really? Four down votes? For what?

      1. Because you are a victim of stockholm syndrome if you actually defend Apple Maps and think it’s going to be “fixed in a few months.” Tim Cook himself acknowledged the problem and apologized for it.

        1. Actually, what I said was, it seems to be working fine outside of NYC. I’ve used it to get around Philadelphia and the surrounding area and seen zero problems. So, I’m not really sweating this anyway. If I’m in New York, I’ll just use the iPhone as a hotspot and navigate via my Galaxy Note Tab. Big deal? Nope.

          1. If it wasn’t a big deal, Tim Cook wouldn’t be apologizing. Have you even SEEN what users in Europe and Asia have been saying? It’s great that in your highly limited experience, you haven’t found any difficulty using it.

            Have a cookie.

            It has been tested over and over again and nearly every professional reviewer has given it a thumbs down. Even CNET’s editors got lost using it. Personally, It’s one of the few things that stop me from buying one. I refuse to buy ANY defective product, regardless of shiny and cute it is.

          2. Hmmm, you’re a bit abrasive. But, you did offer me food, so I think we can still be friends.

          3. No. You have to get your own cookie.

          4. That is not what you actually said. I can prove it! Scroll up a little bit and look for your original post. Once you do that read it. Go to the spot that says “fixed in a few months”

    2. A few months! You’re joking right? Take a look at this to see how much effort google puts into building its maps:

      Apple are years behind and don’t forget this is a moving target. Google aren’t standing still with mapping waiting for them to catch-up! Having said that the impact on iOS from Apple Maps is probably not as significant as we might imagine in the Android world because the implementation of Google Maps on iOS was already significantly behind the Android version.

    3. Well, in your defense, at least there was still enough oxygen flowing to your brain for you to buy the Note 10.1 instead of an iPad.

      You like playing for both teams. Interesting. That’s kinda like being bisexual…but different.


    4. So what your saying is that when you used android, you never used it to its full potential? Because if you have, you wouldnt have never been able to settle for an iphone.

  10. Beautifully designed from the ground up (and the sky down), Maps changes the way you see the world. Map elements are vector based, so graphics and text are incredibly detailed — even when you zoom all the way in — and panning is smooth. Tilt and rotate to view an area, and Maps keeps the names of streets and places where they belong. Get visual and spoken turn-by-turn navigation and real-time traffic updates. Even soar over cityscapes to see the sights from the air in amazing, high-resolution quality.

  11. Good Guy Tim Cook

    1. He said 1 thing one time that was “good” and it is Apple we are talking about. I think we should wait for a trend before we go calling Tim cook a “good guy.”

  12. OK, now my wife is eagerly awaiting the announcement for iOS 6.1. In the meantime we just use my RAZR to navigate. LOL

    1. You should probably tell your wife that they’re not going to be able to fix this in a few months. It will get better over years, but will no doubt always be behind Google Maps.

      Keep that RAZR handy.

    2. She should use an android phone for navigation and then if she wants to, use the iPhone for everything else.

  13. Whomp whomp

  14. This is what you get for being an enormous crybaby. Apple deserves all the crap they get for this.

  15. / Are you angry? Are you hurt? Are you sad?
    It will be all over soon lady.
    It will be ok.

  16. It’s a joke, lady.

    Relax. Have a cookie.

  17. Every time I think Apple is becoming more vulnerable and human I remind myself that they are suing every Android hardware partner for multiple billions of dollars.

    Then I hate them again.

    1. No need to hate them.
      #1 All of their patents are being worked around.
      #2 1.3 million a day can’t be stopped.
      #3 Open always wins.

  18. Awww… she IS mad.
    It will be ok. Just breathe.
    You can hug Siri if it will make you feel better.

    1. Alas, I remember a day when Ironhorse01 attempted to troll with some enthusiasm… however it appears having the new head of Apple finally admit they screwed the pooch on something has caused his/her arguments to degrade to grade school drivel.

      You used to be entertaining IronHorse01, but now it’s just sad. I recommend moving on to greener pastures.

  19. The iphone is a great piece of hardware and there’s no denying this… My sister has the 5 and I’ve messed around with it for a couple of minutes and the maps app seemed to work pretty well in the Atlanta area, but the total blandness of ios is whats turns me away from anything Apple related. It’s just so boring to work with and the customization just isn’t there with no new features to really be excited about. It’s basically just a regular phone to talk, text and use the apps and thats all, While Android gives every possibility to customize the phone exactly how you want it and has pretty much all the best app available as the Iphone. It’s really a matter of taste, so if your happy with the simplicity of Apple products just be happy, but if you want new innovation, choice between mid to high-end hardware and endless custombility, Android is a no doubt the better choice now.

    1. That’s my problem with the iphone, the thing is just too boring. I could never give up my sensation for it. My phone thrills me… iphone? Not so much.

  20. Lol, I think I pooped my pants a little I was laughing so hard.

  21. Pawns in a sick game of chess

  22. Funny enough, I remember when Google Maps came out and I don’t recall it being this bad, (even though we were using it as an app on Blackberry as well, which was bad to begin with). We were able to navigate around Europe really easily, and were never lost. It wasn’t as accurate sure, and we didn’t have the cool rendering that goes on or streetview (obviously) but it didn’t have problems ever finding us.

  23. This just in: Apple suing Google for implementing better navigation in Beta with Android OS 1.6 than in iOS 6. Patents are being retroactively filed for Apple to have invented asphalt, concrete, rebar and road signs. Unnamed officials are saying Apple will be granted the patents for having invented glass, plastic, rectangles and Jelly Beans. Licensing will follow suit.

  24. Looks like Apple admits to releasing Apple maps being half baked. Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave already. Looks like my decision on which OS to go with just become a lot easier. One important deciding factor for me is Navigation and POI data.

  25. This is so clownish. I mean, this is Apple, so it is hard to see this as some mistake. I wonder what scenarios they played out behind the scenes before release, knowing that the new Maps suck. Was this amount of backlash not a scenario they anticipated? Or were they just like “F it…They will all upgrade their software, buy our new phone, probably cry about it for a bit..but they will be fine.” Seems like they were ok with blatantly allowing the loyal iproduct fans who will buy/upgrade without waiting or much research.

    I mean, the beauty of smartphones is that if we don’t like something, we can download an alternative app to meet our needs..but it is still hilarious to see Apple release a memo suggest an alternative.

  26. “the new iphone, F$%@ the sh$#%y maps you’ll buy it anyway”.

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