10 things only Android users will understand


Using an Android device comes with a number of quirks and feelings that only Android users can understand. iPhone users lead a boring existence where everything is sliver and has perfectly rounded corners. Our world is full of color and unique shapes and sizes, but it’s not without #AndroidProblems. That’s exactly what makes Android users different, and why we can safely say no one else understands what it’s like.

10. Being able to charge your phone with any cable

Lollipop charging

If you’ve been using Android devices for a while you probably have an unlimited supply of mico-USB charging cables. The vast majority of smartphones today use micro-USB cables for charging. This comes in handy when you’re stranded at a friend’s house and they most likely have a compatible cable, or when you can let a friend borrow your cable.

iPhone users don’t have this convenience. Since the iPhone uses a proprietary charging cable it’s not so easy to borrow a charge. They have to always carry an extra charging cable with them, or rely on someone else owning an iPhone. I have witnessed first hand how annoying this can be for iPhone users. Standards like micro-USB make life easier. Be thankful you don’t use a device that tries to make its own standards.

P.S. Always use a charging cable from the maker of your phone if you can.

9. Finding the perfect case… but they don’t make it for your phone model

phone cases

Have you ever walked into a store and found a gigantic wall of iPhone cases, but just a tiny corner of cases for Android phones? It sucks. If you have the latest Samsung Galaxy device or a HTC One you might be able to find something, but if you have a more obscure phone you won’t. Try finding a case for the Nexus 6 at a mall kiosk.

Android dominates market share, but the iPhone is far and away the most popular phone. Samsung has done a great job at making the Galaxy S line consistent and popular enough that you will see cases in stores, but devices like the LG G3 or Xperia line aren’t so lucky. The good news is there are plenty of cases to choose from if you do your shopping online. Go ahead and let your friends waste their money on bedazzled kiosk cases.

8. “That phone is huge!”


Before the iPhone 6 Plus came around there was nothing that compared to huge Android phones. Even a simple Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8 looked gigantic compared to the iPhone. Every time you pull out your phone there is someone who will say “that phone is huge!” God forbid you let someone use your phone: “Holy cow I can barely hold this thing! How can you use a phone this big?!”

Thankfully Apple finally got with the times and made a bigger phone. Unfortunately that has led to a new problem, but more on that later.

7. Becoming a group message outcast

Android phone

If you have a lot of friends or family members that use iPhones you’re more than familiar with iMessage problems. Apple’s proprietary system of bypassing SMS works great among iPhone users, but when non-iOS devices get involved things get messy. Your friends might start referring to you as a “green person” because your name is not iMessage-blue in the Messaging app.

You’re iPhone friends can all group message each other and have a continuous group conversation, but since you’re an Android “green person” it sends the messages separately to you. What’s even worse is when you’re included in a group conversation it turns everyone into a “green person,” and that really annoys the iPeople. This problem is 100% on Apple, but it can make your friends hate that you use Android.

6. Getting a flagship phone on launch day without standing in line


Apple fans have one choice when it comes to phones: the iPhone. It comes in two sizes now, but it’s still just an iPhone. That means when the iPhone launches it’s a huge deal. Just imagine if the Samsung Galaxy S6 would be the only option for Android fans. There would be monstrous lines at every store. Thankfully Android fans have many options, and therefore we don’t have to wait in lines.

Buying a popular flagship Android device on launch day is so much easier than buying an iPhone on launch day. Rarely will an Android phone draw lines at stores. That’s not because the phone isn’t popular. It’s because we have more choices. You might think the Galaxy S6 is the best phone ever, but someone else thinks the HTC One M9 is the best. Choice = no lines.

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Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. My friends are a fairly mixed group with iPhone and Android holdouts so I was able to get everybody on Hangouts as soon as it came out (they were all happy to ditch WhatsApp). Now we can all group chat and I can even type from my computer.

    1. While at work I send most of my text via hangout from my computer. It’s comes very handy especially when I have someone in the office. They may think I’m answering a office email when in fact I may be replying to a text. I used to do this before with Google Voice and now that Google kind of merged GV and Hangouts I’m so glad because now I’m able to send MMS with my GV number. Made Hangouts my default messaging app now I only one two apps for my texting needs Hangouts and Whatsapp.

      1. I always used to feel dumb whenever I was sitting in front of my computer with it’s large keyboard, and I’d be typing out messages on my phone. I love using Hangouts for that. If I didn’t have a couple family members who didn’t insist on WhatsApp, I’d have fully switched a while ago.

    2. Same here. My entire family uses Hangouts and it’s glorious. We’re a mix of mostly Android users and a few iPhone users. We all group message together and video chat together.

    3. You’re living the dream

    4. God, how great is that? If only I could influence my gang to do the same.

      1. same here, and 80% of mine has android >_>

        1. I usually hear something like, “What? I gotta install what on my phone? Maaaaaan…”


          1. “dude, its built into your phone”

            “yeah, but i gotta, like, set it up? and update it? can’t i just text you?”

            “….yeah, whatever”

          2. YES!!! UGH!!! Makes me wanna smash their phones! “There! Now you can’t text anyone!”

          3. take phone…clicky clicky….hand it back. profit!

            (this is what i did with my whole family).

  2. I’d get a lot of “Is that the iPhone 6?” I’d lead them on for 5 minutes before they realized it was my aging HTC One m7…

  3. Couple years back which ever model android you had people would always ask “is that a droid?”

    1. That gets annoying, too. Although, you’re right about a couple of years ago. I don’t really hear it that much any more.

      1. I work tech support for a cell phone company and the newest one I hear is “the Google phone” and it’s not just old people who say it surprisingly :/ I ask what kind of phone do you have and they reply with the Google phone…really?! Gah people

    2. I hated the “Droid” name that Verizon branded their Android phones. They made it seem like Android was their “thing”

    3. THIS!!! I got that so much at work. I used to be the IT guy for my office and people would always ask me that and I would politely correct them most of the time.

      Now I have a Droid Turbo, so the answer is actually yes when people ask.

    4. So true. I used to hate that.

    5. I’ll never forgive Verizon for causing this problem. Also, those “Droid!” text alert tones I’d hear in public annoyed me.

      1. Can’t be as annoying as all the Samsung text alert tones I hear now all the time…

          1. exactly. I hate those water sounds.
            now with the ripple effect (of material design), Samsung will probably never replace them.

  4. I just had someone ask if my Nexus 6 was an iPhone 6+ the other day. All I could do was laugh and say, “No, I wouldn’t waste my money on a piece of crap like that.”

  5. Them: That thing is huge!!!

    Me: Hey now! Stop objectifying me and staring at my peni… oh. you’re just talking about my Nexus 6.

  6. #4 always gets me. No matter how much I tell myself that I’m keeping ‘x’ phone for at least a year, I always end up dumping it a few months down the road for a newer one.

  7. I remember using Google Wallet at a Wawa, before they removed the terminals. Someone behind me was impressed that with how easy it was to pay for my stuff by just tapping my phone (S3 at the time) on the terminal and be done. “That is nice! Is that app on iPhone?” “LOL nah. Android only.”

  8. “It was a disgusting display of elitism and superiority. There are many
    iPhone users who actually believe Android phones are “just for poor
    people.” It’s ridiculous.”

    Yes, ridiculous and pathetic. Also tragic when really taken into context. Here’s a person who truly feels superior to you because you don’t have an iPhone. How petty and evil is that? Looking down at another human because they don’t posses the same phone that you do?

    As great of a product the iPhone has been it’s brought out the worst in people. Just ugly, scary behavior.

    Outside of the fanboy camps on either side, you have the majority of Android users that are just grateful to have so many choices in phones and versions of the OS and the freedom to customize their devices at will and not bother anyone about it. Then there’s the iPhone “elites” who pride themselves in living in a closed ecosystem with exclusive apps and who cry foul when said exclusive apps migrate to Android as if their gated communities have been invaded.

    It’s also crazy for these horrible people to claim that Android phones are for “poor people” when you have a device like the Note 4 that cost upwards of $700.

    For me I’ve just been pleased to have had such a great mobile experience across several Android devices over the years. The options have been great and the user experience has been great. Just minding my own and not looking down at others because my device may be more valuable than theirs or whatever the iPhone elitist do to Android users.

    1. I feel superior to them because I have a nexus 5. Lol.

  9. Ever since ipay came out its been nonstop…I went to subway and payed with my phone and the girl was like wow is that a different kind of iphone? I said no it’s an android phone and she said ” I didn’t know they can do that to.” To which I replied “yea android has had this feature since 2012 when I was using my sprint nexus s 4g Apple just learned how to do this”. Damn iPhone lol

    1. Ugh… “Honey, you tire me…”

    2. Lol yesterday I was at subway and the hs girl couldn’t run my card because there was food stuck in the machine slot, I saw the words tap to pay upside down on little console tossed my phone over it receipt starts printing and her mind exploded. She could barely form sentences to ask what I’d done, I felt like a wizard.

  10. Ha. #1 is pretty funny. I have a Moto 360 and an HTC One. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked “is that the Apple Watch!? It’s so awesome/beautiful!!” ….”Wait that’s not the Apple Watch?….oh…eh I guess it’s alright.”

    1. This happens to me almost daily lol Moto 360 should be insulted by that comparison

    2. My internal response to that outrageous question:


    3. My response has become, “No, mine is better mostly because this one actually exists, though there are other reasons.”

  11. iphone is a phone with apps and a decent camera android is a hand held cpu with a good enough camera i do many things with my android that iphone users cant even dream of

  12. The last one is so true lol That happened to me a lot when I got my HTC Evo 4g, still happens.

  13. I would say the funniest thing is when your phone has a cool feature the iPhone most likely will never have and showing your iPhone friends just smirking XD mine is double twist to camera on the MOTO X 2nd gen and Spotlight. I don’t see the iPhone getting these two features anytime soon. oh yea and front facing speakers..oh blow their tiny iPhone music away lol

    1. Lol i am a teacher and i would say roughly 85% of high schoolers have an iPhone. I showed the spotlight player to a group of girls in class and they took my phone for a good half hour just using the spotlight player. they went home and were disappointed that it was a moto exclusive.

    2. My M8’s speakers surprise a lot of people if I play a Youtube video or something for them.

      What’s this Spotlight thing you’re talking about?

  14. Number 2 was the biggest reason I switched to the iPhone 6. I really loved my HTC M7 but I never knew when I was going to get the newest updates, or if I would ever get them. Couple that with being on AT&T and my wait times sucked.

    1. HTC and Samsung are awful with updates, if you want prompt updates get a Nexus, or Motorola device.

      1. I think a lot of times it is the carriers that cause the update snags too. My brother has a Moto X 2014 on AT&T and he still does not have the Lollipop update.

        1. AT&T seems to be falling behind the rest. Surprisingly, Verizon has stepped up its game in the past year, T-Mobile is solid, and even Sprint has been rolling out Lollipop this past week or so.

          1. I agree. I was shocked when I heard that Sprint was rolling out lollipop to the M7. AT&T can’t even get lollipop to the 2nd gen Moto X. Despite all this I still find myself wanting to go back to Android. If for no other reason than I miss the swipe to text. Sure it’s on the iPhone now, but it sucks compared to Android.

      2. Funny because the HTC M7 just got Android 5.0.2. My nexus 6 was still on 5.0.1 as of last week until I had to flash a 5.0.2 ROM to get the bugs fixed. Seriously Google is fucking up the android releases for the Nexus 6.

        Hell my Nexus 7 (2013) just got android 5.0.1 two weeks ago, it was still on KitKat.

      3. you say that, sure, but looking at last year’s flagships:

        *the s4 lollipop update is starting to roll out internationally
        *the m7 is starting to get lollipop in the states
        *the first gen moto x’s lollipop update is still a ways off

        who’s slow at updates again? :P
        heck, its looking like the g2 will even be getting lollipop before the moto X1

    2. LoL!! With all the bugs with updates, I’ve stopped caring about getting updates early. By time they come to my device, the updates be legit.

  15. 1. “Is that the new iPhone?” – AMEN! I have the Moto 360 and I CANNOT tell you how many times people have asked me “OMG – Is that the Apple watch?” LOL

    1. People have said that to me multiple times (Galaxy S2, OPO, and Nexus 6)….

    2. Ima start saying “yes”. Say HTC made an iPhone. LoL!!

      1. What’s funny is when I show my iphone toting friends the ilauncher, blows their mind. It’s the older ios interface but with a live wallpaper. They ask if I run out of battery because of it afterwards, ummm, I don’t usually stare at my home screen that long, I click on the app that I want. Then I show the MX launcher and flow home then finally go back to my Sense(s). Say hello to swipepad with widgets support.

        1. SwipePad has widget support now!? OMG!! Ima have to go back and check it out!! I may now be able to make a super customized home screen how.

          I didn’t want to before because there are widgets I actively use.

    3. I think that was the case a few years ago, but now you stand a 50/50 chance of either being asked if it’s an iPhone or a Galaxy.

      1. You give the general public too much credit lol…..I wouldn’t say 50/50….but with the introduction of the iPhone 6+ more people are accepting of larger phones.

  16. When people see my Moto 360 the first thing they say is, “Is that the iWatch?”

    1. People don’t assume my 360 is an Apple product, but instead a Samsung. My reaction is the same as yours lol

      1. Seriously, all i hear is “is that the new galaxy?” when people see my Moto X 2014

        1. That is so true. I don’t even know where the article author can still hear “Is that a new iPhone?” question. For years I only hear “Is that a new Galaxy?”

          1. Was at the Russell Peters show and he asks some guy what phone he uses and the guy says A Sony Xperia, and Russell Peters is like “What’s that, does Sony still make phones?”

          2. I think I saw that show too.

      2. i get asked all the time if my beat up note 2 is “the new Samsung note”

        really people, really? i have not taken good care of this thing, it looks fairly beat up, screen is scratched… then again two of my friends with the lg g3 get the same exact comment just as often as i do :P

  17. I used the usb OTG the other day to copy a file from a USB to my phone. He (iFan) was like :”How the f can you do that?”

    1. i love my OTG cable. using my phone to pull files off flash drives and digital cameras is amazing.

  18. If you’re stranded without a charger, I think the odds would be better that your friends would have an iPhone/iPad cable.

    Then again I don’t have friends so this is only speculation.

    1. Also having an iPhone charging cable would raise your chances to score at a camping site or something.

      1. You’d think, but the standard cable isn’t long enough to tie around the wrists.

        1. Creeeeeeeee… ppyyyyy :)

        2. i have a nice long usb cable in the car (gotta reach the backseat) that would be perfect for this scenario :)

        3. Lol. That’s why you don’t have friends

          1. That’s why he always carry with him a copy of 50 shades of grey.

    2. that’s why i carry one of these with me at all times :P

      also, a USB OTG cable for vampire charging. that blows people’s minds. considering i have 2 spare batteries for my note in my wallet, i usually don’t mind sharing a bit of power.

      1. WTF!? That’s amazing!!

    3. I’ll be your friend. You like hookers?

  19. Hahaha. I have dealt with every single one of these situations.

  20. I personally have never cared about any of those things. Apparently unlike a lot of people, I don’t buy things based on how others will view it or me. I buy what will work for my needs,.. YMMV

  21. How is that different from any Windows Phone or BlackBerry user?

  22. 9 and 5…

  23. Well said. I’ve experienced almost all of these.

  24. True, but you only see few people with windows or blackberries

  25. droid turbo is king

  26. For cases, just use Amazon

  27. The back button. How am I suppose to get back to the previous screen on iOS?

    1. I think you’re supposed to either hit your home button or slide your finger from the left edge of the screen, or there might be a back button in the app. I think all of these options are available and up to the developer of the app to implement.

      1. To my knowledge, most of the apps just have you swipe left to go back.

    2. Exactly :-)

    3. When I’m holding an iPhone I thrash rapidly until something almost happens give it back to the person frustrated. O you want to close some recent app that’s , ok double tap…noo you triple trapped…no this time you held the 2nd tap to long here’s siri to throw her 2 cents in….

      1. When I’m assisting someone and I need to go back to like the settings, I press and hold the home button and things happen. Then I look for the recents key and don’t see it. Then I get sad because I’m lost in the UI and don’t know how to multitask. LoL!!

        1. I do the same thing. I purchased a used iPhone 5 and whenever I use it I keep reaching down to press a back button that’s not there.

      2. DELETED

    4. It’s in the UI of the app. You have to go search for it. It’s in different locations, so good luck.

      1. actually, now on most apps on IOS, you can swipe from the left edge, and it will close the current screen.
        At first I thought I’ve done something wrong or that there is a bug on the app, but then I’ve found out it always happens… :)
        I don’t think it’s intuitive, but it’s better than putting it at the top. I still prefer my back button on my SGS3 than any iphone out there.

  28. I’m still waiting for Namco to release titles like Burgertime and Dig Dug for Android.

    1. You can download a NES emulator and ROMs. I used to have every NES title ever made. I really don’t game that much any more, though.

      1. Exactly⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆! Why download a PORT, when your can enjoy retro nostalgia with a gamepad + emulator!!!!!

        Another reason why iPhones suck!!!

        1. Because that’s piracy? Unless if you have your own cartridge and ripped the ROM from it.

          1. Is it really piracy if the game is no longer in production?

  29. This is all so true!! Most of my friends use an iPhone and we always have arguments about what the best. Me and my android friends usually win

    1. Friends dont let friends use apple products. Strange enough I dont have a single friend that uses Apple. Maybe that says something about my life choices…

      1. You had some good life choices there lol

      2. My parents use Apple stuff. I insisted on it.

        Edit: for perspective, I am in my 40’s.

        1. Hah funny I tried to get my mom to use an iPhone after I had to fix her phone numerous times. She refused. On the up it only costs me 40$ to replace her screen and free to wipe her phone.

    2. I bet you’re an absolute hoot to hangout with!!

      1. No I only use hangouts with one other person. I mostly talk to people on Snapchat or WhatsApp now

  30. ad 6: they don’t have to wait in line. They just want to because they are stupid sheep – and every single one of them thinks they are totally unique.

  31. In regard to #10, I’d gladly use a lightning cable on my Android phone if I could. I wouldn’t care if I had to pay $20 for one. Once you go reversible, it’s REALLY hard to go back.

    1. Yea but having that open hole causes other problems, everyone I know with lightning port has had to deal with cleaning it out. When it gets dust and lint it slows charging but keeps working so you don’t realize anything is wrong, until it’s barely charging.

      1. Pros and cons with everything.

      2. Doesn’t that also happen with micro-USB? I have had dust problems with usb ports before.

        1. The difference it’s with lightning the dust doesn’t cause zero charging/connection since there is a lot of redundancy in the pins, but the device defaults to a super slow charge mode without notifying you. Device says charging you assume nothing is wrong, yet you find yourself not having a full battery when you pull it off charger 4 hours later. Micro-usb theoretically can get dust too, but it’s physically not as open due to the center pin thing so you don’t shove stuff in. Apple shouldn’t use proprietary chargers, creating e-waste for no reason should be a crime. And it is a crime in Europe but they got around it by claiming lightning is a sub variantand giving usb to lightning adapters for free included creating even more waste.

    2. -“Once you go reversible, it’s REALLY hard to go back.”-

      Then you’re going to blow your mind when you ever try wireless charging.

      1. Tried that with a Nexus 4 and the charging orb – it sucked ass. Was less work to simply plug in a cable. I’m sure it’s improved since then …

      2. I did. I have a Nexus 4 and I tried wireless charging. IT SUCKED DONKEY BALLS.
        1) The chargers are expensive
        2) The sweet zone is tiny
        3) Charging is way slower than wired charging
        4) You can’t use any case with a metal back

    3. I’ve gone with removable spare battery and separate charger, and I’m NEVER going back.

      1. YES to this. Still on a Note 2, can’t wait till I qualify for upgrade – Note 5 will likely be out then (3 year contracts here in Canada) and will likely have rapid and wireless charging. Add a spare and external charger to that – NEVER run out of juice :)

      2. I don’t want to have to choose between removable battery or Nexus phones :(

    4. The new USB standard fixes that. Should be seeing it soon.

  32. When I am asked if I have an iPhone. My reply is “I don’t like Apple products”. And that’s just the truth..if I want, I could buy an iPhone, but with all its limitations, I feel like I would be taking a step backwards…

  33. Sadly #7 is my only issue at this point. iMessage is just so good and everyone uses it that’s it’s frustrating it’s not an open protocol.

    If only people cared about Hangouts, and if only it didn’t have a stupid name, and if only it was built into every Android phone.

    1. I think “Hangouts” is a legit name actually. I mean, you’re “hanging out”… I try.

    2. Would this help the issue at all for anybody? https://selfsolve.apple.com/deregister-imessage

    3. None of my android using friends use Hangouts. The only friend who does use hangouts has an iPhone -_-

  34. Apps communicate WAAAYY better on Android than iOS….and I love that…I can take a pic, edit it with Picture Editor, then submit to Instagram without ever closing or opening a new app..the Flow between Apps is almost flawless on Android!!!

    1. I assumed this was possible on iOS as well.

      1. Not very easily. If you want to share with something like Facebook messenger you have to close the editor, then open messenger, and send the pic. No convenient share function that works with every single app on the device like Android.

        1. This might change now that Apple shows what it calls “Extensions” (which I don’t get why it’s called this way). It’s similar to what Android has (which is called “Intents” BTW, and was available forever), but has less features and isn’t as flexible:
          It might be enough for most people though.

          1. It’s not used very often though, even amongst big devs.

          2. Which popular apps that you know support it, and which ones don’t?

          3. Facebook, evernote, twitter, Microsoft Onenote and flickr support extension. I can share photos directly from the Photo app (i.e. the iPhone version of Gallery) to them. WhatsApp and Instagram doesn’t support extension.

            I am not sure whose fault it is, Apple or the 3rd party devs. Some people said Apple is cherry picking apps that’s available for sharing, but then again Microsoft OneNote supports extension and I doubt Apple would pick it over instagram.

          4. Apple is involved in which apps will be allowed to use this feature and which won’t?

          5. I have absolutely no idea. Information on the topic is rather scarce.

    2. That’s all true, but that’s a testament more to Android’s superior sharing capabilities, not its quality in terms of SMS. The group messaging thing is annoying. The sharing you talk about is one of the things that keeps me with Android.

  35. #11: Which custom ROM should I use?

    1. Story of my life.

  36. Nice list
    – A green person

  37. Thats only true in the USA

    1. All the way in Nigeria and it still happens at my school.

  38. Number 1 all the way for me. I have a moto360 and everyone asks if it’s the iwatch (apple watch)

    1. Same with me and my G Watch. I generally get asked that by 2 types of ignorant people. Those that think it is an iWatch, and those who ask if it is the Apple Watch :/

  39. I had someone ask me while I was using my Moto X if it was a Galaxy. The person was half right since I was beaming pics from my G-Nexus to my Moto X. But he was obviously looking at the Moto X. But I don’t blame him since Motorola is no where to be found in that country.

    1. I still haven’t seen a Moto X where I live. They simply don’t sell them in a lot of places.

  40. I hate when people ask if my LG G3 is a fricken Samsung phone.. Fark!

    1. G’day mate, I’m a kiwi living in the US. I’ve got a G3 too. How many have you seen over there? Cheers.

    2. You should say the opposite to them lol

    3. Close enough. At least they are from the same country.

  41. When they get all confused when you start talking about icon packs and widgets. Also when people think that the only Android phones out there are Samsungs. *sighs quietly*

  42. Someone asked me last week if my red Nexus 5 was the new iPhone.

    1. You would think they would notice that it has almost nothing in common with an iPhone.

  43. When my M8 was brand new I had at least 6 people go “Wow! That’s so pretty! Is that the new iPhone?” And then I’m like “Uh… no, it’s much better.” And all about one or two was like “Oh, okay”, switched to a judgmental expression and continued on their way. Jello much, bitches?

    1. I love Androooooooooooid

  44. Guys, do you know how can I get the message saying how many mins are left until full charge on the lock screen as shown in point #10 picture?

    1. It’s a lollipop feature

    2. It is a Lollipop feature but there’s one functional app I was using on KitKat (and I still prefer it on Lollipop): Battery Widget Reborn.
      Look it up in the Play Store

  45. You left out the bigger one : having 7gb free memory and your Android refusing to upgrade whatsapp because you don’t have enough free memory… That’s something nor iPhone or Windows phone users have to worry about…

    1. Indeed, on an 16GB iPhone, after installing WhatsApp and Facebook, there is no space left, it’s impossible to have 7GB free !

      And on Windows Phone there is not a single app to download, so there is always free space left.

      1. Man, sure seems like you tried those yourself… But whatever makes you happy.

  46. For all the poors whos waiting on line to get a new iphone:
    GET A LIFE !!!

  47. Iphone.?. Is that a smartphone even.?.
    If a product is overpriced it doesn’t mean that it is best bcz its price is way more than it deserve.!.
    I dont see a point in spending money on iphone except from one point that is if i am an idiot.!.

  48. Not performing backups when switching roms because you like to live dangerously.

    Insert relevant meme here.

    Also, my Nexus 9 is often mistaken for an ipad.

  49. You do realize that’s actually just the world the U.S. android users live in? Where the share is 50-50. The same way google now is not that useful in other countries/languages.

    1. I live in Asia, and the last time I took out my Nexus 4 in an Apple store someone asked me if it was the iPhone 6. :D (To be fair it was encased in an aluminium case, so even if know what a Nexus 4 looks like you wouldn’t recognise it)

    2. Not even close. 61.2 to 32.6 in the US. That was including results after iPhone 6. Basiclly a 2-1 advantage. But nice try. (Google is your friend.)

  50. I have heard all these too! It’s even more funny when I the G Flex and the person is staring at those buttons on the back, “Is the the 6 plus?”

  51. The ONLY and I mean the ONLY thing that iOS does that I wish Android could do is send a video through a text message. My wife can send a video from iPhone to iPhone but if you take a video on Android it always says the file is to big! I’m on my 3rd Note and I wouldn’t trade my Note 4 for any other phone out! PERIOD!!!! If anyone can help me out with this video sending thing please let me know!!!

    1. Yea it’s annoying you always have to take super short videos at the lowest quality to fit them, but I always thought that was a carrier mms limit and not an android issue, easiest way around it for now is to just use a different app or something which is annoying. That being said the carriers should raise the limit, but you should also realize that full quality videos of a descent length can be huge files on carriers and most home Wi-Fi have terrible upload speed so expect delays.

      1. Thanks Max! I did see in the video setting that it has an option that says limit for mms but you’re right the quality isn’t very good.

    2. IPhone to iPhone uses iMessage and not sms. Our option to use is hangouts or Facebook to do the same thing.

      1. I never really used Hangouts so I can send a 3 minute video using this? Look my daughter is on a traveling cheer team and I would like to receive the routines via a text message that’s all I’m looking to do. My wife can send her videos from iPhone to iPhone using iMessage as you said, but the fathers that have Android phones can’t do the same thing.

        1. iMessage use the internet to send sms, so technically it’s no different from WhatsApp, WeChat, Line or Hangouts. Any one of apps I just listed can send video over messages, and they are available on both platforms (iOS and Android).

        2. I would try Hangouts, although I’ve never sent a video as long as 3 minutes I’ve sent a few minute+ ones. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work seeing as Hangouts is iMessages equal on Android.

        3. Yes you can. Use Google Hangouts. You can send/receive videos.

          Hangouts is on the iOS. I’m an Android user and serve as tech support for my iOS-using fiance.

          So we don’t use iMessage, we do everything over Google Hangouts.

        4. You can go to the settings in your hangouts app and set it as your default SMS app. that means you use that instead of your regular texting app and can combine that with the other cool features like sendingh video. it’s an all in one solution!

      2. Or LINE or Viber or WhatsApp or WeChat or KakaoTalk or … These are all multiplatform and work fine on android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

  52. Almost none of these is true or ever happens, but thanks for writing it.

    1. Most of it is true during the earlier days of Android. I remember trying to get a case for the Galaxy S at a store…

      1. then i live around a bunch of retards because i see this every day

        1. Look on the bright side! You can now claim to be the wisest one amongst them all!

    2. All depends on where you live. Some people are tech savvy, but there is a pretty big number of people who aren’t.

  53. This is 100% spot on. Especially #1; I have a Note 4 and i always get asked if its the iphone 6 plus. I got asked that by one of my teachers at school and when I replied, “Nah its the note 4”, he said as he smirked at me: “im sorry”. What an uneducated isheep assshole.

  54. I think Windows Phone users also experience a lot of this. Especially the “second class citizen” stuff, what with all of the bank applications ending support for their platform of choice, and even some Microsoft applications coming to both Android and iOS first.

    1. i completely agree with this, my son has windows phone and it definitely has its ups and downs

  55. Ever since I started wearing my G Watch in public in October, only 1 person actually knew what it was (OS and watch model). Everyone else has either asked if that’s the iWatch (to which I try explaining that the iWatch does not exist although there will be a watch called the Apple Watch, though by then they try to walk away generally), or they ask if it is the Apple Watch (which I tolerate more than the iWatch folks)

  56. Some of these seem outdated

  57. About the only thing more annoying than having someone call your Android device an Apple device are the people who insist that your device is an Apple device. I’ve met a few people now who have insisted that my Nexus 9 is an iPad or iPad mini even when I clearly demonstrate to them that it is running Android.

  58. Moto X 2013 users :
    2. Waiting for Android updates.

  59. I get this all the time. I have a Moto 360 and I’m continuously getting asked if its an iWatch. Forget about my Note Edge. Everybody thinks its some kind of iPhone Prototype…….

    1. Isn’t android an iPhone prototype in some ways?

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