Alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 benchmark shows savory specs and performance


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Someone might have taken the Samsung Galaxy S6 for a spin in Antutu’s benchmark system recently. What did the scan reveal? The phone we’ve been hearing about for quite some time. Rumors of Samsung going with Exynos over Qualcomm’s Snapdragon seem to have held up as the Exynos 7420 was identified as the device’s chipset.

Currently we know it’s an octa-core chipset that can reach clock speeds of up to 2.1GHz. No word on if it’s 64-bit or not just yet, but we’d be pretty disappointed if it isn’t. Other specs revealed include a 20 megapixel rear camera, a 5 megapixel front camera, 3GB of RAM and a 2560 x 1440 display — again, stuff we’ve already been expecting.

What’s most interesting, though, is the result of the benchmark in areas of performance. The Exynos 7420 apparently outscored NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 by 10,000 points in 3D performance, which is just about double. That said, the two chipsets seem to be on equal footing in all other areas.

galaxy s6 s6 edge

We’ve also learned not to put much stock into these benchmarks with companies known to juke the stats. Even if the Exynos 7420’s real-world performance doesn’t exceed Tegra K1’s by a mile it should still be a very powerful chipset worthy of being featured inside Samsung’s latest flagship. We’ll know more once we hit the ground in Barcelona next month.

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  1. pretty impressive….but I, for one, know not to put a lot of energy behind these benchmarks. I’ve had phones that scored low but outperformed other phones in real life use. I’ve had phones that scored high, but just lagged a bunch. I will say this tho….its pretty impressive ;) hopefully it holds up cause I’d like to see Samsung succeed like it did when I had my old S2. loved that phone!

  2. Benchmarks mean very little.. these as said can be tampered with very easily. Samsung has been known to cheat benchmarks out of the box in the past. The scores are impressive but I have been put off Samsung Processors from past experience…

    1. thats funny, I was just reading about that when they did it with the Galaxy S4 when I google’d if they have ever fudged the numbers! glad I was not the only one who was wondering (or, in this case, knew)

    2. They must be like the New England Patriots of the phone world. You cheat a couple times and then when you really do have those numbers no one takes them seriously.

      1. You Mad bro???

        1. lol no definitely not considering I share an equal amount of who cares for both of the teams that were in the super bowl. Just feel like people sure are bringing up the Patriots cheating from a couple years ago as soon as they won this year.

    3. They haven’t had that “trick” in their devices since the S4..They openly admitted to it too so it’s not like they were trying to pull a fast one.

      1. How do you know they aren’t still?

        And they openly admitted it after getting caught.

        They’ve all done it or are doing it, and even if they weren’t, the benchmarks are meaningless.

        1. Anandtechs reviews. They specifically looked for it. Also never said the benchmarks were meaningful in anyway….

  3. Exynos Chip = Bad Custom ROM. So, not interested.

    1. Really? So there’s more development in past Samsung devices with Qualcomm chips?

      1. Yes. I had Galaxy S2 once and no ROM is stable for it till now. CM considers CM10.1 (Jellybean) as stable but it has lot of bugs. Also, my bro’s Note 2 has no stable ROM yet.

  4. Do these things REALLY mean that much these day??? My Current phone “Note 3” Can do pretty much Anything I want it to do. Not only that but I don’t have any freezing or stuttering with its heavily skinned Touchwiz. And I consider myself a “HEAVY” User

    1. Only thing that matters is each user’s experience, never benchmarks. Benchmarks for those strange people that believe they’re effective bragging tools.

    2. they use it to show you much much the processor has improved over the previous generation.

    3. Same here, but apps & games will continue to advance to take advantage of more capability, then one day you wake up and your device “feels slow” because it’s running apps designed for the new normal.

      (Upgrading my Note3 in the fall, to something, ANYTHING, without a physical home button)

    4. A computer can always be pushed to its limits. As processor power increases software takes advantage of it. Eventually software surpasses the hardware and we all complain about the slow specs. This cycle will always continue. Better hardware is good, more future proof.

      Also, I bet I can kill your phone with one line of code:
      while(true) {}

  5. These don’t mean diddly squat…

  6. Didnt samsung get caught optimizing there hardware / software to boost benchmark scores?

    1. It was asserted that the TwDVFSApp in the S4 was a benchmark tweaker…and it kind of was, but it mostly wasn’t. Tw (some people thought it meant Tweak, but actually stands for TouchWiz) Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaler App is meant to intelligently scale the maximum performance loads for the chips. It actually downgrades the phone’s capabilities on intensive games by about 80-90%% to prevent overheating, but browsers, benchmarks, cameras, etc. were all allowed by this app to use the cores to their fullest extent. All-in-all, you couldn’t get max performance out of the chip for everything, but anyone who knew anything about SoC’s knew that was a given anyway. Putting massive voltage and freq loads on small chips with virtually no heat dissipation capabilities is a recipe to have the phone permanently damaged.

      1. yes but there’s a difference between dialing up performance for certain apps and dialing it up performance in benchmarks beyond what the SoC is allowed to achieve in any other app.

        1. If that were what had happened, that would be a valid strike against the S4. However, many apps, including the browser, the camera, and FB, were able to use that maximum frequency and voltage. It wasn’t just benchmarking apps.

          1. If you say so, i’m just telling you what the numerous articles in the past have indicated and why samsung has the reputation it has. And to samsung’s defense, they werent the only ones to boost benchmark scores. HTC did as well, however in order to do a little enthusiast PR control, they released a “hardcore mode” in which you can go into settings and unlock a higher clocked performance mode… which you couldn’t do before… which suggest that not all of the power is on tap.

  7. If performance sold phone they would be good to go but it doesn’t.It may to a few but not the masses.

  8. Watch it still lag behind a $100 Moto E in basic UI speed and usage (as the GS5 does). =p

    1. The S5 is a BEAST in real world usage…see here:


      1. All that vid is showing is that his WiFi connection (on the Moto X) is slower than the LTE connection the GS5 is on.

        Check out this Moto E performing faster and smoother than the GS5 with half the hardware.


        I’d like to see the test redone now that both phones have Lollipop though. I’d bet there wouldn’t be much difference though.

        1. Huh?

          They’re both on WiFi in the original video.

          The leftmost icon is the WiFi icon the GS5. Verizon uses a stupid 2-icon system, rather than replacing the LTE/3G symbol.

  9. All I want is a phone that doesn’t slow down tremendously when you’re installing apps from the Play store. I don’t know WHAT goes on, but on all my phones from when I can remember, the moment I start installing apps from the playstore my CPU maxes out. It’s like all my resources goes to the Play store. *sadness*

    This is why I update when I’m not doing anything.

    Oh well… These specs sound lovely, but I can careless about how high clock rate is nowadays. I want gimmicks and unique stuff now. Make your phone different. Everything’s the same nowadays. This day to day stuff will all be the same no matter the phone. Like, I love the duo camera and will be sad to see it go.

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