Google to start showing health info in Knowledge Graph search results



The next time you have a health issue that you want to learn more about, Google might highlight some information at the very top. We’d seen early signs of this functionality months ago, but it wasn’t enabled for everyone and Google didn’t say anything about it.

Today’s announcement sheds a lot more detail. Searching for a symptom might show you a list of possible and common causes, while a search for a specific condition would spit out information such as treatment, symptoms of the condition, how common it is, if it’s contagious and other basic information that you might want to know.

What it can’t do is replace an actual doctor, so don’t think you’ll be able to solve all your medical issues with a few keystrokes. This is simply intended to be a starting point for you to get more familiar with whatever it is you’re dealing with, and could equip you with enough knowledge to head into the doctor’s office with a little less anxiety.

Google says all the information compiled in this database has been checked and verified by doctors on their own staff, doctors from the would renowned Mayo clinic, and other medical professionals. No need to question whether the information you’re getting is accurate, we’d say.

Unfortunately the “talk with a doctor now” feature we heard about before doesn’t seem to be implemented yet, though we hear Google’s still putting that through the trial phases and letting a few select users give it a go. Be sure to look for that just in case. Otherwise, keep this feature in mind the next time you have any questions as it pertains to your health.

[via Google]

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  1. I can picture it now… Google what is this rash?
    Google: Take that to the Doctor NOW!!!

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