Mobile Roar 79: RadioShack memories, Samsung copying Apple again, and more!


This week we’re mourning the death of RadioShack, the long-time electronics franchise. Where will we go to get HDMI cables? We’re also talking about the recent Samsung Galaxy S6 leaked images which have a decidedly Apple-esque design. Other topics include very shady stock trading leading up to the Samsung/Blackberry rumors, net neutrality rulings, and much more. Thanks for watching/listening!

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MR show 79

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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    2. You are judging the S6 based on leaked renders. Wait until you see the real deal to judge. Also, you totally dismiss the fact that Apple copied the HTC One with their iPhone 6 design. Try to stay classy.

  2. A whole lot more like Apple copying HTC on all metal construction and Samsung on large screened Phablets in the first place. Since this is the first year they finally came out with larger screens an a direct Phablet RipOff. The confirmed Applewellian Trolls and iDiots here and elsewhere on the web, as well as around the World are all out trying to turn that truth around here into a FUD’d Up Applewellian BOLD FACED LIES!

    Now you got to ask yourself don’t any of these severely demented, lame and ignorant iDiots realize that 4yrs later(after 1st lawsuit), that now Apple has nothing to show for the Millions they spent trying to sue Samsung out of business? Obviously Samsung is still the #1 Smartphone Maker on the Planet! ….even now with a Record sales year of 319 Million smartphones vs Apple barely breaking half that with 170 Million iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c and barely a third of that 74 Million sales in December 2014 quarter being iPhone 6 and 6Plus. Which is an insult to the Plus sized women who buy CrApple’s iTrinkets! lol….

    All the garbage trash talking in the World can’t change that. Lies, FUD and Misinformation from these iDiotic writers, all claiming CrApple didn’t copy Samsung’s Phablet innovation…. making fun of them just 4yrs ago. But now it’s like they invented Phablets first. I mean like we already know all these trash talking iDiots are convinced that CrApple Invented EVERYTHING…. Well before the DAWN of TIME!!! lol…. and are just hilariously DELUDED and Tripping on Acid or both…. like Saint Steve Jobs did!!!

    Apple couldn’t match S pen, why do they even think CrApple can even come close to matching Samsung’s innovation and quality materials (no cheap low grade bendable pot metal aluminum like CrApple) and features that CrApple won’t have for another 4 yrs! haha… btw to the iDiot who decided to bring up copying? Dude…. you all are coming across as winey little cry babies and I don’t hear Apple saying a single word. Most likely because another lawsuit would mean another FAILURE by Apple to ever get one single dime out of Samsung! haha….. Bring it on MotherF**kers! ;-P …..I’m sure the third try at dissing and accusing Samsung of copying will result in the same out come! mwahaha….

    You iDiots…. traitors…. and brain dead Appleholics need to get a LIFE!!!

    1. Wow someone forgot to take their crazy pills this morning! You ok dude? They’re just phones and unless you’ve got your life savings invested in these companies you really shouldn’t care what other people use / think.

      1. That’s what I’m saying. But don’t tell me, you only come here to read articles that diss on Samsung? Simply because they are still beating the F*** out of Apple. With their All Time Record Smartphones Sales…. in 2014!

        I mean the information regrettably for any iDiotic Apple fans here, crying like little babies about how Samsung is Copying Apple…. again. wahhhh…. wahhhh… haha… When Apple still hasn’t seen a single penny for the first 2 lawsuits. I mean I’m only here pointing this all out, because all you Super Applewellian Brain Washed iGhadist, act like CrApple invented the sun the moon and stars… only after they had invented EVERYTHING….. well before the Dawn of Time!!! Get Real!!! lol…. I’m just having fun at you CrAppleholic iGhadist’s expense! ;-P

        I simply get tired of all the ridiculous religious fanatics and iDiots, who seem to be so proud of pumping out FUD against all of their competitors. That as if you like others still think Apple is the Holy Grail of Godliness.

        More like iGhadists I’m afraid! lol…. :DDD ……they only know how to compete by fighting dirty after stealing Microsoft’s Haloween Papers with “Embrace Extend Extinguish” tactics (backdoor funding at it’s finest). Tell your buddies to knock off the hatred and anticompetitive FUD and Misinformation. Then the rest of the World will stop hating them so much. No doubt you know that Apple is becoming one of the most hated companies on the planet and for good reason. It’s a polarizing effect we’re now getting from Islamist Ghadists and they have less than 12% market share overall.

        They are a bogus technology innovator and only live by following the leaders! Stop the iGhadist Hate…. and the world might even start liking Apple again!!! They are a treacherous company run by share holders sucking on Tim’s little weeeny!

        1. For some reason I can’t get Google Translate to understand this comment. Oh well.

          1. That’s because YOU are the Chief iGhadist Idiot on Phandroid! :DDD This is a Troll Post and you know, just like most of the content here on Phantom Phandroid!!!

            btw…. if you really want to work/write making out like Apple invented everything or Samsung copies Apple, then go to work for Apple Insider. If iGhadist writers like you silent cells, who only profess to be Android fans, should all go to an Apple fan site to write instead. Since that’s what you obviously are. Maybe go to work for them and you can write all the ignorant Samsung hating trash you want at…. Apple Insider, iCnet, Cult of the Mac, etc. Then you’ll fit right in as Chief iGhadist there, for another inert Thermonuclear War on Android and Samsung! ;-P

        2. Man if anyone is sounding religious / cultish here it is you my friend. You are clearly suffering from apple paranoia and are spouting all kinds of insane babble. Show me on the doll where the bad apple fruit touched you. :)

          1. YOU have an iPhone what the F***** possible reason do you have of being here except the fact that you bit on the Troll Article, on an Android web site, having to do with hating Samsung. Which you like all anointed iGhadist Appleholics, means you are TROLLING!!!

            HATE all you want and Troll all you want. But most likely we won’t see your precious Apple suing Samsung again…. on their iCopyist Propaganda Quest to lower Samsung’s sales!

            A record 319 Million smartphones with Apple half that on the year, says you fools are all hating for absolutely no good reason. I’ll admit some Apple fans are actually human. But the majority, who post online are more like Hitler Youth, out knocking doors down for Apple’s Global Control of the smartphone market only. Yet they still only have half the market share of Samsung. Why can’t we all just get along? Because you all believe Apple is the chosen one by Saint Steve Jobs to rule the World. So in that way you are just like Ghadists out to spread your iReligious Fever to the far reaches of earth!

            Btw…. There has never been such an abhorrent bunch of rejected retarded iDiots equivalent to Apple fans and Ghadist Islamists! …..and now to you Apple Lovers; You are the ones eating all the Dirty Bitten Bad Apple Fruit and love doing it!

          2. Guess what dude! I also have a 2013 nexus 7 I use as a backup tablet! Some of us see the good in BOTH platforms and aren’t rabid drooling fanboys. I’ve been hanging out on this website for a little over 3 years now and I ain’t about to leave because YOU tell me I can’t be here.

            Cool your s*** man you’ve got some major problems! You’re everything you hate about apple fanboys just on the other team.

            It’s taking all of my zen like patience to not go off on your cultist attitude.


            P.S. If I could figure out a way to pull it off without paying extra I would have an HTC M8 as my phone for home and my iPhone for work.

          3. That’s exactly what I’m trying to demonstrate! ;-P ….and you iSheep Zombie fans have issues!

            Apple fans aren’t just fans, they are true Sycophantic Zombies! ….but I’ll lay off persecuting you for your Android transgressions!

            Have a Nice Day…. using your Nexus 7 of course! :D

  3. Chris,

    That would be a Big Mac Oreo. The Whopper is just a single larger patty with toppings. The Big Mac is the two regular patties with extra bread in between.

    1. Man, I can’t believe I mixed that one up. Hahaha… Thanks!

      1. I can!!! ;-P

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