Sprint officially announces plans to take over 1700 RadioShack stores in co-branding deal


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It was only 3 days ago we’d heard RadioShack was doing so bad that they were looking to sell off a major fleet of retail stores to Sprint, and now that rumor has been confirmed. The electronics retailer officially filed bankruptcy this week to help stabilize a ship that was only centimeters away from hitting rock bottom.

Sprint will look to take on 1,750 of RadioShack’s most prime retail locations in a deal where the value wasn’t publicly disclosed. To put that into perspective, Sprint currently commands just 1,100 retail stores of their own, so they’ll be more than doubling their footprint in one fell swoop.

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Good news for RadioShack fans is that those stores will be co-branded, so the name itself will live on. Sprint says they will occupy about 1/3 of each retail space, while the rest will remain classic RadioShack goodness. Think of it as a one-stop shop for everything mobile and electronics (except one big retailer in the United States already does that better than everyone else).

Sprint says their branding will take precedence over RadioShack’s, and we didn’t expect anything less considering they’re the ones forking over money to make this whole thing happen. All of it is subject to approval by a bankruptcy court, of course, but we have a hard time believing anyone will have reason to block this deal.

While an increased retail presence can’t hurt Sprint, they’ll have to do more than just spread their name and logo onto more buildings. The company seems to understand that with their latest moves, including a decent flow of value-added features, edgy marketing and a plan to continue improving subpar network performance.

Even with all that it’ll be tough to supplant Verizon and AT&T as the nation’s biggest and best carriers, but it should at least help them remain competitive and maintain a healthy balance of competition in a very fierce industry.

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[Update]: Sprint HTC One M8 getting Android 5.0 Lollipop today, LG G3 soon

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  1. Good luck and RIP

  2. A declining company, “investing” in another declining company…

    1. Not really investing. More like picking up table scraps.

      1. It is an investment Q. Company A is putting money towards more retail space in hope to gain business and revenue..therefore it is an investment.. And they are keeping the Company B name for Branding, AKA marketing purposes. Its an investment. #AllGoodBro

        1. Sprint constantly opens new stores, then closes them a year or two later. This is a horrible investment.

          1. Ahh!but an investment I agree..Across the street from my job…Sprint Store closed Last Summer… T mobile opened up in December…

          2. Dude are you still making up stuff?

  3. its like Suzuki buying Smart….crap buying crap

    1. hopefully Sprint fans….even worse, Radio Shack fans, arent on here to tell me why its not crap.

      1. I do have VZW and Sprint, where I work and where I live I will take Sprint over VZW, anyday of the week .

    2. Ninjas ain’t got crap on gsxr’s

  4. Spradio Shat?

    1. SprintShack?

  5. The Shack always had their employees wearing a tie. They always looked like sanitation workers at a funeral.
    I wish all involved good luck. The industry needs more than 2 companies controlling everything. A good start would be if they put a tower on top of every store.

  6. I wonder if there is any correlation between the doubling of their stores and the Google phone service launching this year.

    1. Interesting question…

  7. You know, Sprint really doesn’t have to try and jump up the charts ahead of AT&T & Verizon. They only need to be competitive with the other 3 carriers all together, and they are doing just that.

    Regardless of how many people think Sprint is horrible, truth is, they’re doing better than they were in the past with network improvements and are being competitive with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile where it counts. Providing good deals.

    1. Yes, Sprint is so good at competing with the other three carriers their customers leave them at a higher rate than any other carrier by a wide margin.

      1. So, wait, did you blatantly ignore where Sprint had REDUCED the amount of customers lost compared to previous quarters? Or does that simply not fit in your bogus narrative?

    2. And still providing the same horrible coverage. Not a good deal at all.

      1. Except, Sprint’s coverage isn’t horrible. Nice try though!

        1. You’re talking to a former Sprint employee. I spent most of my time trying to defend the network. Their phones either had no signal, or was constantly roaming. My employee phone was unusable because Sprint signal was not good, but held on enough to keep roaming from kicking in. They canceled many contracts, for roaming too much. All of that aside, a quick look at a coverage map shows how skimpy the coverage is.

          1. When was the last time you working at sprint? Most if not all you say is wrong and you know it.

  8. I really want sprint to do well but I had to cancel my service recently. They had no service in large parts of NYC. What’s weird is they did but I moved off wimax and onto LTE and now nothing. T-Mobile solid 3-4 bars and vzw perfect. Never tried att

  9. Well…. everyone turned this into a network debate. Can we not beat that horse today? Seriously shut the fück up about it. Sprint is saving radio shack which is a good thing. They are one of the last big third party retailers keeping phone/plan prices in check by offering lower prices. If you idiots knew anything about current day radio shack. You would know they sell att, Verizon, Sprint, cricket, boost, etc. Sprint just saved 1700 sales locations that keeps current customers and when the rest that come back in 1-2 years to upgrade will find only Sprint.
    In 3 years check the new lines for Sprint and you will see a huge spike. Sprint just nailed it as far as investments go.

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