Test drive a Samsung Gear VR this Sunday at select Best Buy locations


Samsung Gear VR Best Buy test drive

If you’ve been dying to play around with the Samsung Gear VR, but didn’t have the stomach to fork out $200 for it — at least not without first playing with it — here’s your chance. Starting this Sunday, February 8th, select Best Buy retail locations across the US of A will be offering free heads-on demos for anyone who’s been curious about virtual reality headsets, but still wasn’t sure if it was for them.

Our own Kevin Krause was a skeptic, but later fell in love with his Samsung Gear VR, raving about it in his full review. The Gear VR, currently only available in the “Innovator Edition,” takes advantage of a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 — the only phone that is officially compatible with it at the moment (although there are workarounds) — to display dual-images to each eye, using a combination of the phone’s sensors to simulate movement. Samsung even has an app for watching immersive 3D videos via their Milk VR app but if “adult” entertainment is more your thing, some companies are already working on that too.

To check and see if your local Best Buy store is offering free demos, check out Best Buy’s landing page here. Right now there’s about 68 stores on the list, but Samsung recommends contacting your local store (even if listed) before blindly heading out, as locations are subject to change. The Samsung Gear VR seems to have struck a chord with consumers, with Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe mentioning that they sold much more than they had expected. If only Google Glass caught on as quickly.

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