Microsoft Picturesque app brings a stream of lovely Bing images to your lock-screen


picturesque collage

Bing might not be everyone’s favorite search engine, but there’s no telling they use some beautiful daily images. The company has just released an app that will bring those images right to your lock screen.

It’s called Picturesque, and like some of Microsoft’s other cooler apps it’s the product of a Microsoft Garage project. The lock-screen will change pictures every day to whatever is on, and you can cycle through the previous 6 images if with a swipe or shake of your phone. The app also delivers news updates, weather and calendar appointments if you like to look at that sort of stuff from your lock-screen.

Microsoft’s initiative to bring apps made in their developers’ free time has done well to add some nice gems to Android (it has done more for Android than Windows Phone, funnily enough) and we hope they keep rolling in. Be sure to check it out for free at Google Play.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. anyone use this?? I’m looking for a replacement lock screen for my Nexus 6 that does NOT kill my battery =)

  2. The only thing good from Bing is their daily pictures lol :P

  3. I really want to like this and it’s a great idea, but i have a few major problems with it:

    * Unlock takes me to my stock unlock screen, then I need to unlock again (pattern – CM12)
    * Launches program settings on every unlock (deal breaker)
    * Need to be able to remove the “Unlock” text as well as the position indicator at bottom
    * Bing search bar AND logo tagged. (I get it, it’s free, but it bugs me).

  4. Muzei did this and you can even pull from the chromecast pictures. Go home Microsoft.

  5. Won’t touch bing anymore. Joined the reward program. Got to gold and the moment I did I got banned. I asked MS why and they told me they can’t tell me. I asked why and they hung up. Screw bing. I’ll stick to Google. They don’t lie about rewards like Bing does.

  6. Not compatible with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Running Android 4.4.4. Why would this device, which I expect has the same setup as the S-range, not be compatible? :(

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