Leaked Samsung Galaxy S6 schematics show the phone copying the iPhone 6’s unsightly camera bump


Samsung Galaxy S6 schematics 2

We’ll admit. The iPhone 6 is one sexy smartphone. But who knew the iPhone 6’s unsightly camera bump (the one they tried to hide in all their promo images) was actually a desirable trait? If this latest leak is anything to go by, it seems the South Korean manufacturer could be looking to copy more than just the iPhone’s rounded edges.

Samsung Galaxy S6 schematics 1

According to a few leaked schematics for the Samsung Galaxy i6 S6, we could now be getting our first real hard look at what the phone will look like when it’s finally unveiled on March 1st. The blueprints don’t just show us what the phone will look like, but provide us with detailed measurements showing the phone coming in at 143mm x 70.8mm x 6.91mm thin — the very same thickness as the iPhone 6 (although we’d be willing to bet that camera hump is a little larger). By comparison, the Apple iPhone 6 comes in at 138.1mm x 67mm x 6.9mm.

The schematics match up fairly closely to new case renders provided by Verus who told PhoneArena reflect the actual dimensions of the device along with, you guessed it, a fairly large camera bump. Really, the case renders don’t tell us much if anything, but you can clearly make out an IR blaster making a return on top of the device (also shown in the leaked schematic).

Unless Samsung engineers have pulled off some sort of black magic, we can’t imagine the battery capacity being much more than the current Galaxy S5 (it could even be less). We’re still filing this one under “rumor” for now, so take it as you will. We know, naysayers have been making Samsung/iPhone comparisons for years now, but looking at this design (so far), it’s hard to deny the similarities: home button/fingerprint scanner, more rounded corners and edges than ever before (also anodized aluminum it seems), both the billet drilled speaker and headphone jack now moved to the bottom of the phone. What do you guys think? Are we completely off base here?



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  1. Maybe.. just maybe.. the camera sticks out not on purpose or for artistic reasons, but because it is thicker than the rest of the thin chassis and so that is what you get when everyone desires (1) a thin phone and (2) a bad ass camera? Meld those 2 together and the camera they chose, one we want as we all want awesome cams with OIS, is a thicker design so you have to have a baby bump.

    ps – with a case on, which most people do (not me though) I suspect that bump will not even be noticeable.

    1. My thoughts exactly!

    2. #SamsungOrNothing

      1. I would gladly take nothing.

        1. Because you couldn’t afford to buy anything. You are a faceless coward who’s a low budget shopper.

          1. Says the guy who makes childish, unfounded insults when proven wrong. Also, “low budget shopper” coming from the guy who is on T-Mobile, the cheapest of the major 4 carriers. What a joke.

  2. As for battery… though I want as big as possible in a thin phone like everyone… 64 bit + ART + Lollipop advances + screen (refresh rate) could all “technically” allow for a similar sized battery to actually last longer than in the S5. So, a smaller battery is not necessarily doom and gloom. Not what we want to read, but not yet a necessary bad thing. Just something to consider.

    1. The battery technology in Galaxy S6 is going to be Lithium Polymer based. Which is expensive to make and for that reason alone, Samsung’s competitors are scrambling to catch up with Samsung SDI’s latest Ultra High Density batteries. Now we are seeing why this phone can last twice as long as iPhone… just like the Gear S 3G Wifi with GPS built in can last twice as long as Apple’s iVaporware watch. Still missing in action, while Samsung is in a advanced stage of wearables obviously with Gear having been designed by the Genius behind M.I.T.’s SixthSense motion technology. He now is head of the Wearables Division within Samsung!

      Where they are actually blowing out the entire industry of Wearables by selling the smartwatches that are selling!!! …..and with their new Gear VR promotion in a 100 cities with Gear VR Explorer Edition, with Special “White Glove” teams touring the US with Gear VR and Note 4. In 100 Best Buys to start off with, they are planning to allow people to demo Gear VR for 3min 3D HMD VR Experiences! …….which tells me they will be selling many more Note 4’s and Gear VR’s. If you haven’t experienced it yet, you better plan on it. It’s a mind blowing experience no other smartphone maker can claim!!!

      1. I will pass on wearables.. a phone I have in my pocket 100% suffices.

        Anyway, so IF Sammy is also upping the game with their battery technology, add that to my list of other factors and my point hits home even harder.

        1. Exactly! lol…. but try to get that across to this iDiotically iPossesed writer…. and he’ll go off on his rant about how Apple invented everything way before the Dawn of Time. So when Apple finally comes out with more expensive Lithium Polymer Ultra High Density batteries in another 4yrs, naturally we’ll have to deal with iDiot writers like this one claiming Apple invented it before the Dawn of Time Immortal and Samsung went back in time and copied them! lol….

          And that’s how deluded all of these severely addicted to the CrApple Logo, these iDiots are!!! Deluded and Severely Deranged that is! ^_*

  3. Ugh Samsung at it again they don’t know how to be original, Apple sues the crap out them and win. HTC I’M WAITING FOR YOU #M9

  4. The Nexus 5 has a bulging camera. With a case on, its totally unnoticed.

    Why all the hoopla all of a sudden?

    1. The Nexus 5 camera protrudes by about 1mm.

    2. The ring on the lens is actually very nice looking, aesthetically.

  5. What a silly title. Even if the ip6 was the first phone with a camera bump, which it’s not, concluding that Samsung copied apple because it has a bump is asinine. There is a bump for a reason like z3vznhater said.

    1. Samsung tries to be like apple so much. How can u not see that? They both suck. Motorola is the new android king.


        1. Nah, sales and profits don’t lie.

          1. In that case, Apple is king?

          2. Dude you are a complete and utter iDiot! …..he’s referring to your lame claim that HTC wears the crown? WTF? lol…. Then you have the unmitigated gull to bring up CrApple with half the market share over the last 4yrs than Samsung. Last year Samsung held the sales record again….. you Dumb**** fool. Which is indicative of SALES VOLUME and Revenue. The real stuff that counts. Not the fact that CrApple Rips off their customers bringing always stolen innovation Which they also still PWN your Dearly Beloved CrApple on!!! mwahaha…. lol….. heeheehee…

            Samsung Electronics = 319 Million Smartphones SOLD in 2014 vs only 174 million iPhones sold total. That despite the fact they are still selling iPhone 4 and 4s in China, India, Brazil and other developing nations and still calling it a high end smartphone…. WTF? ahhaha….. Right now your dearly beloved CrApple is still selling at least two models still being used to pad sales numbers with CHEAP Old Retarded iDumboPhones!!! …..if you’re talking Profits? Then that’s even more of joke! lol…. Ferrari sells for PROFITS and limit their production and sales so they can sell less instead of more. Then you fools don’t get it and act like you have your life savings in Apple shares. Because those are the only fools who should be happy about CrApple customers stuffing all their money into Tim Cook’s and Share Holders back pockets!!! ;-P …..are you a share holder? Naw…. you’re a mexican peon still convinced Apple is out for your own good, while ripping iDiots like you off!!!

          3. Wow. Samsung must be so proud of you defending there product in such a professional manner you represent them well.

          4. *their – before any typo flaming begins

    2. Galaxy alpha has raised camera which is what the design for s6 was based off which was before the i6 just compare them

  6. Don’t the S3, S4, and S5 all have a hump for the camera? I get that it’s not quite the clearly defined protrusion as this or the iPhone 6, but conceptually there’s little difference.

    1. Yes, they do, and this phone is thinner with a bigger camera so the bump is bigger. What a terrible article.

  7. Based on phone arena’s phone size comps, this will be slightly taller and slightly more narrow than the S5, and quite a bit thinner (as thin as the iPhone 6). Those are pretty good dimensions IMHO.

  8. Samsung has that technology where they can put the RAM on top of the opposed to the RAM being put next to the processor…making more room for battery space..I read it somewhere ..can seem to find it though now…

    1. Do you get what size the RAM and CPU are? Not much space for a battery, stacking makes for better performance.

      1. They didn’t specify the size they were only that it was gonna be like 20 mm more room or something like that it wasnt to prominent

        1. Samsung like the new ultra high density curved battery in Gear S with 3G, Wifi and GPS all running lasts two days. Even though it’s actually smaller than the old technology in the Lithium Ion battery in Moto 360 smartwatch. The battery will be smaller, thinner and longer lasting, being an Ultra High Density Lithium Polymer battery. Which is by far safer than the old type. Which can explode, catch on fire and run down in less than half the time as the old Li-ion batteries!

          These new Li-PO batteries are said to last near twice as long as demonstrated in Gear S with full 3G, Wifi, GPS and everything else that makes it a smartphone on your wrist. Rather than just a regular smartwatch and Apple’s watch isn’t even SMART Enough to last a few hours…. let alone two days, while also using the small battery charger as a spare battery for another two days!!!

          1. Thanks I know a lot about this but idk too much about the battery or screen thanks I really hope for the screen if it stays the same size I would prefer if they left it 1080 but went to oled

    2. Its actually the ram and storage can be stacked they call it epop saving 40% from the original giving more room for thinner phone or bigger battery I hope its the battery

  9. Im amazed, how the hell Can a bump they had on the last 4 phones be a copy of the iphone? Jesus how can even the more respectable sites go down this sammy hating path?

    1. I dont think the bump is a copy….but the casing itself….its the same all day long. even to the holes for the speaker. It screams iPhone.

      1. Boy BlueSamu you really have a serious hate for Apple & the iPhone huh? So many iPhone comparison comments across these threads. Who cares really? Dig on the phone and buy or not is how I see it. Frankly, I don’t care 1 bit who copies whom if the phone I buy is the shizzz to me it is the shizzz. In the end, EVERYONE is biting something from everyone elses style. Except maybe the edge function by Sammy, no doubt that is theirs. But case styles, bezel widths, speaker ports, only so many ways to logically skin this cat that a lot is going to look a lot like others phones.

        1. Can’t argue with that logic. I don’t hate them. Apple creates a product that just is not for me at the end of the day. I’ve owned two of them…. But you’re right, who cares at the end of the day. You can only create so many phones before you start to see the same thing. Guess I should really take a step back from the arguments on the case.

    2. It’s definitely much more prominent. Probably due to the fact that the phone is going for iPhone-like thinness this time around.

      1. Isnt that what people are crying for? Slim phones? And with a 20 MP camera with OIS, you need some size of the optics. You really cant have both things with todays tech.

      2. That bump doesn’t look any more prominent than the one on my Note 4 or S3.

      3. Dude you need to be writing for Cult of the Mac or Apple Insider as deluded and ignorant of the truth as you are. Here you spreading typical Applewellian FUD, Misinformation and Outright LIES about Samsung on an Android web site. Thinness isn’t Owned by CrApple you moron. Just like Samsung obviously doesn’t own Phablet designs….. even though they did in fact invent that new category. That’s why you now see CrApple the Greatest iCopyist in the history of man. Since according to the Book of CrApple (Official Book of Appleholics Anonymous), Apple invented EVERYTHING….. way before the Dawn of Time!

        Since you’ve probably never even used one of the 1000’s of Samsung Phones that have been thinner than anything from your dearly beloved CrApple. Every year they put out at least a few models thinner than any single iCopyist iPhone. You know the company responsible for humans original SiN….. of taking a bite of a rotten apple. You should lay off the iKoolaide bubb…. I hear it’s spiked with some nasty Arrogant Hateraide chemicals.

        You’re just jealous because Samsung is still #1 Electronics Conglomerate and I’m dam sure that even an iDiot like you can figure out that Samsung despite a slow year, still KILLED Apple as the #1 Smartphone Maker by almost double…. again… 3yrs in a row. That’s not just beating them…. that’s obliterating them. With 319 Million smartphone sales still beating even their own 2013 Global Sales Record vs Apple with just 174 Million iPhones all models put together in 2014! mwahahaha…. ;-P

  10. Unrelated, but when I click on disqus links via email for Phandroid articles, 80% of the time it brings up an actual disqus site with no link to the article and only the comments. Phandroid is the only site that does that for me with disqus, and I can’t figure out why.

  11. I think the casing looks JUST LIKE the iPhone….anyone wanna take bets on how quickly Apple takes them to court over it?

    1. Which would open the door for HTC to then take Apple to court ;-)

    2. Let’s use actual logic for a moment.

      How many different shapes can a phone be?

      A. Rectangle Frame
      B. Rectangle frame with rounded corners.

      Literally only 2 choices. Unless someone makes a circle or triangle frame its impossible to escape it.

      1. Someone had this point on another thread and I agreed….I’ll agree with you as well. I get it, you can only see so many designs before you start see the SAME designs on different phones. It is inevitable. Just like cars or music….you start to come across the same things or features. I get it.

    3. CrApple already learned their lesson. They ain’t getting nothing out Samsung! lol…. Two Enormous Lawsuit and Samsung hasn’t paid them a dime! lol…. or a single nickle in the semi-loaded joke they put out about paying them all in NICKLES! ;-P

      Apple will never get a dime on all their arrogant iDiotic claims that every other company in the World has iCopyied them. What a laugh. If all you freaking brain dead iDiots can’t figure out the difference between Samsung’s phones and CrApple’s, maybe you should lobby Apple to go back to their dinky phone designs and screens. Since they obviously COPIED SAMSUNG on PHABLETS!!!

  12. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see the outrage when this thing gets officially revealed.

  13. Galaxy S5 looks better.

  14. That’s some nice cases, hope they release for the M9 as well

  15. So every galaxy S phone since the S2 has had a camera bump but now that the iphone 6 has one, Samsung is copying them? Dumb.

  16. It’s the same camera hump as on the galaxy note 4. Why do you guy’s have to go with the, Samsung it’s copying Apple crap?

  17. Chris… your a fucking retard.

    1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but keep it classy San Diego.

    2. *you’re

      1. Oh man…. you just busted him. So you must be in charge of the Phandroid Grammar Police…. right? ;-P …….since don’t quite grasp what he’s saying, I’ll explain it. On the web if you can understand what someone is trying to say…. then it goes under the “No Harm, No Foul” rule. You obviously got what he was trying to say, so your lame Grammar Police correction is worthless! Sorry!!!

        1. You appear to not see the irony here.

        2. It seems that you fail to see the irony.

          1. No because I read it the way he meant it. But….. then again maybe you’re in love with Chris the writer here? ;-) ……..both being Mexicans and all… would tend to prove that you’re just giving him some ahummmm….. up the A$$ brotherly love!!! ahaha… Mind you…. Chris’s A$$ is probably already filled by Tim Cook!!! … know like every Appleholic addicted to the Dark Side!!! ;-P

  18. This is a little dumb on a few levels.

    First, the iPhone 6 is not sexy, it looks like a flattened suppository.

    Second, that bump doesn’t really look any worse than the camera bump on the last three or four galaxy s phones, so stop with the “iPhone copying” fud.

  19. It’s amazing that a site that claims to be focused on being a fan of Android, actually comes across as a site focused on Dissing on this Android Device maker as a Copyist of the Greatest iCopyist ever in the history of the mobile industry. I mean you go Cult of the Mac or Apple Insider and they never…. ever…. even come close to mentioning anything bad about their dearly beloved CrApple!!!

    Yet this iDiotic writer thinks nothing of jumping all over Samsung, while exposing his ignorance of the company he’s dissing on. First off it’s Samsung that’s spends all the money on R&D and CAPEX used to expand their Semiconductor Foundaries just so CrApple can have more modern chips and screens. Apple spends near nothing and gets away with it, just because of bogus FUD filled Misinformation Stories like this iDiot is putting out here on Phandroid!!!

    Since this fool doesn’t realize this, Galaxy S 6 will have further proof (along with Gear S) that Samsung is the only company working on expanding battery life and SAFETY!!!

    Gear S is using Samsung latest battery technology and it’s curved. Which you can’t make Lithium Ion batteries either flexible, curved or in high enough density. They also are much larger than the new advanced Ultra High Density batteries like in Gear S. It’s why it can run all those 3G and Wifi radios for stand alone calling. Not to mention having a GPS so you can track your jogging run without having your cell phone with you to do that all for you, even while making a call on the run. Let me know when Apple watch is capable of lasting 2 days and able to use it’s charger as a spare battery for twice that energy efficiency. AND…. it’s doing a whole more than using Bluetooth to stay synced to your phone!!! …..oh yeah…. CrApple Watch is still iVaporware! lol….

    The battery in Galaxy S6 is the latest advancement in Lithium Polymer battery construction and they aren’t exactly CHEAP…. to make yet either. But fools like this deluded….. “lives in a cave (or closet like with Tim Cook)” writer. Who doesn’t understand that unlike CrApple (who basically has always been guilty of STEALING, BUYING or COPYING THE REAL INNOVATORS IN INDUSTRY…….) actually is partnered with heavy weights in battery technology. Samsung SDI supplies a majority of batteries to OEM… ahahaha…. and Techwin R&D is killing it’s competitor leaping ahead of the CrApple iCopyists of the World. To make battery powered cell phones SAFER, Thinner, lighter, while having BETTER BATTERY LIFE TOO!

    Especially better than the old antiquated Lithium Ion batteries CrApple will still be using 4 yrs from now. Just like how long it took them to move to Phablets, etc!!!! lol…

    Behind the scenes right now…. Samsung you better believe, is laughing at iDiots like this fool, making complete A$$holes of themselves on a Android Fan Site no less!

    1. fanboy and his rant. Cry me a river

      1. I can hear you now…. “Wah…. wah… this guy is picking on my beloved dearest iCopyist Apple. It’s not fair… wahhh…. wahhhh… wahhh…. ;-P

        And what do you expect on a Android site? Another iDiot like you feeling miffed because they can’t face REALITY? Samsung since you don’t realize it, is still #1 smartphone maker on the planet! ahahaha….. They again… about doubled up on your dearly beloved CrApple competition in a bad year no less! lol….

        1. I own a OnePlus One. Quit your bitching. The fact of the matter is this design looks ALOT like an iPhone 6 and they make valid points in the article.

          1. What valid points fool? Stfu and go crawl back under mommy’s dress you dweeb.

          2. Another uneducated Sammy kak rider. You mad bro?? Get back to your lag filled life loser.

          3. I ride Sammy kak or whatever that is, like how I ride your mother. She’s an exceptional hoe.

          4. Really? That’s all you got? A mama joke? Your education is truly exposed. Let me guess, you thug life right??

          5. No Ima pimp. Ask mommy, she’s ma hoe lol.

          6. You been BURNT…. fool! lol…. Now take it like a nice little CrApple iDiot! …….up the A$$!

          7. You mean like you’re here riding Tim Cook’s clone’s back on this story. Well….. errrrr….. is that Tim Cook is riding on your back? ;-P No matter….. you’re still F**ked with a Chinese OnePlus One iCopyist phone according to CrApple and of course Chris here!

          8. Dude you got your panties all in a wad. All because Phandroid hurt your feelings. Get a grip, its just their opinion.

          9. No I think you got yours and your mommy’s panties all in a wad, because you are both getting probed by IPhart 6 bendgate! ;-P

          10. Well in that case OnePlus One is a iCopyist too. But if you really want to get down to the Copying and Stealing Technology issues over the last 30+ yrs Apple made it’s mark by Copying (STEALING in other words) Xerox Parke Labs. But don’t think Steve Jobs the Ultimate iCon Artist simply quit STEALING! …..he basically stole employees and technology from Apple for NeXT Computer.

            Apple has been stealing technology for decades now and their ridiculous attempts to get into Gaming (FAILED w/ their lame Pippin Cold Console) ahaha….

            How about all their other failures? Now what is that about copying if you leave out IBM’s Simon Touchscreen smartphone in 1992? Who’s the real Copyist when Samsung had been working with Authentic since they first introduced Touch ID Sensors in 2004 and actually had biometrics in Pro Notebook computers since 2002! ;-P

            What about the fact that iPhone was obviously heavily influenced by Samsung’s superior technology in SGH-Z610. You only have to understand how far advanced that phone was. Actually so advanced US carriers weren’t ready for it in January 2006 when it launched. From it’s 3.5″ gesture based interfaced touchscreen, 3G radio, Real GPS, Dual cameras for chat front n back, rounded corners, no physical keyboard (used gestures and touchscreen keyboard), stainless steel metal band that also doubled as an external antenna, like Apple ripped for iPhone 4.

            Now for the most obvious Applewellian Heist of Technology by taking all that they had out a year before iPhone and top it off by iCopying the SGH-Z610’s single round physical Home Button with ‘Play’ icon on it. Oh… yeah not exactly full copying, since Apple used a ‘STOP’ icon on iPhone! lol….. and as to that external antenna theft idea….. Samsung had patents on using both internal and external antenna’s with an auto switch, CrApple failed to Copy! :DDD …… the Dumbassss Crooks!!!

    2. agreed.

    3. Agreed. I’ve been amazed how Apple insider and cult of Mac never ever speak trash about Apple.instead they will justify a.g, why the low resolution of the i6 is better than the note 4 because it uses less battery. Basically, they always try to reverse any Android advantages to disadvantages.
      Even when an app is released on iPhone and Android, they always always say ‘Microsoft releases best email client on iPhone. Meanwhile, on Android sites, it’s always ‘Microsoft releases email client for iPhone and Android.

      What the heck is this guy writing about Samsung. It even doesn’t make any sense.

      1. That’s what Steve Jobs learned from his IBM (bigger better competitor) commercial diss on them. Doublethink is the way Apple and party’s Thought Police keep their iDiots all looking like iZombies all carrying iCopyist version of everything Samsung has been doing for over 20yrs in phone technology!

        btw… this dude is most like a Closet CrAppleholic, so addicted to the rotten bitten Apple Logo he dreams about it, when he’s boning his wife, boy or girlfriend. These Closet Dwellers like Tim Cook and Chris here are all boned up to pungie each other instead!!! ;-P …..all while CrApple is deboning them! lol…. (taking their money)

  20. Hey Chris stop hanging around Jaime Rivera from Pocketnow, he is bad influence plus stupidity is catchy.

  21. This article is complete hate that its funny. Have they copied? Probably, but if the design works, then let it be. And to say the camera is the same is by far stretching. It looks nothing like it. Most cameras protrude already. Samsung has always had a camera that stook out. The phone is rumired ti be much thinner so it will stick out. This article is really reaching and obviously too passionate. We haven’t even seen the device yet.

    People are dissing the M9, but they had their design first since the M7 and simply refined it for the M8. You can go as far as to say the iPhone 6 copied them. So what.

    All that matters now is the experience. How has TouchWiz changed? That will be the major thing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always tolerated their previous phones, but based on what others have on the table I’ll see what’s best for me. You shouldn’t have to tolerate.

    1. Touchwiz really didn’t have to change. We found that out when we realized that Touchwiz on Tizen OS still out benchmarks both Android and iOS. The reality is that it wasn’t Touchwiz slowing down Android, but rather Android slowing down Touchwiz. Meanwhile we got iOS 8 coughing and choking out the gate and now having their fair share of malware, viruses, etc attacking their users, more than they are Android now. Lollipop brings with it native application framework in ART (Native Android Run Time). I’m already using a Touchwiz Android Lollipop Mod and the difference is dramatic. Plus the simple fact that no other smartphone maker is capable of running true drag n drop App to App simplicity and use to True System Wide Multitasking!!!

      Plus Samsung’s new Developer headquarters in Silicon Valley makes Apple’s group of developers and technology R&D look absolutely pedestrian. Apple is only all about those Obscene Profits out of their Deluded Applewellian Controlled Thought Police!!! Touchwiz ain’t going anywhere, but it will be sleeker, faster and even more feature rich than any of their competition!

      1. I’m not talking about Benchmarks. That’s not realistic. The average person isn’t pushing their phone to extremes. I’m talking about visually pleasing and neatness. Touchwiz is cluttered still. It has some really useful and useless features. Its a heavy based ROM. You can see its inconsistency within the ROM itself. A lot of Samsung’s homemade apps aren’t even heavily utilized. I understand they want to have their own of everything, but Samsung has made a bunch of “me too” applications and things. Like, when they came out with S-Voice. That was such a poor attempt. You don’t even hear about it anymore. Swept under the rug. No competition compared to Google Voice and Siri. Cortana is looking strong. Its design is outdated. They just simply made a tired looking skin more high resolution for the screen.

        Samsung has some really good ideas, but I don’t think they execute really well. They make countless devices a year. Why? You can’t even tell the difference between them all. Its like they have ADD. I do like Samsung personally. I own a Note 3. But I’m tolerating them. Visually I think Stock Android looks the best, but other OEMS have a few features that stock could use. Put that in a package together but visually pleasing as Stock. Leave out the useless.

        So I agree with you on some points but not all of them.

  22. This drives me crazy they did not copy iPhone this has almost the same design as the galaxy alpha but with its edges being more rounded which the alpha actually came out before the iPhone 6 all Samsung did was improve on an existing design so actually iPhone copied Samsung this time around

  23. Even my GS3 had a camera bump. How is this copying the iPhone 6?

  24. You can keep holding my comment from people to see you nincompoop.

  25. There are quite a few phones that had camera bumps a long time ago that look a lot more like this than the iPhone 6 does….

  26. Copying a bump? Are you crazy?

  27. Lol i cant tell if the author is trolling or if he seriously believes what he just wrote. My note 2 and 3 both have camera bumps….along with pretty much every other Samsung phone. If this was a trolling article then well played Chris. If not…you may want to do some more research.

    1. I was going to reply the we thing but then realized clickbait

  28. Chris, what are you talking about? The current Samsung Galaxy S5 has a camera bump. It will be nothing new on the Galaxy S6.

    1. The thing is that they have to mention the iPhone in their articles weather it is relevant or not, it does not matter. You know, nowadays, everything looks just like an iPhone!!!

      1. Dude I’m so sick of people saying every little thing is a copy of the iPhone, its incredibly childish and annoying.

    2. He needed click bait. Anything to get people to read it and complain. More readers = more money

  29. I am waiting for Note 5, S6 would not be just smaller Note 4 without S Pen. Nothing Else, Note 5 would be bang, look at the concept here

  30. This is called “A Design Choice” its not a copy.

    What else are they going to do make a triangle?

  31. Why copy iPhone? Scamscum can’t design a phone? Why is this boring, unoriginal company getting the opportunity to make more money than others who actually have originality.

    1. Unoriginal? Samsung has done more innovation than any other current manufacturer. Just ’cause you don’t like them doesn’t mean they aren’t innovating. Who else has a curved screen and the S-Pen? Who was first out of the gate with a Phablet? Who makes the best screens in the business? Yeah. “Scamsung,” Go climb under the rock you crawled out from.

    2. You need to google Samsung phones from the 90s and you’ll see who copied who. All metal unibody phones with touch screen in the 90s. Granted it was resistive touch, but look wise. Apple copied Sammy.

  32. The camera is one of the thickest pieces of hardware. As phones have gotten thinner the camera lens hardware has not. It’s just cheaper and easier for the manufacturers to have it stick out like that. Very annoying if you ask me.

  33. My Galaxy Note 3 has a raised camera bump sooooo…

    1. And 90%of owners will have it in a case so it won’t matter. what will prevent me from buying any more Samsung phones is the Speaker. I will not purchase another phone without front facing speakers, which are hands down the most ergonomic energy efficient functional and best sounding.

  34. Great, thinness with a non removable battery will almost assuredly sacrifice battery life. No sd card and no front facing speakers. Fail fail fail.

    1. Samsung is going to be using safer, higher density, smaller, thinner and with more flexibly designed batteries. Ones that can’t be duplicated in Lithium Ion batteries. So they are using advanced materials to create the first modern Lithium Polymer batteries used in a high end smartphone in Galaxy S 6. Speakers are using their latest technology too. That is also attached to the back of the screen.

      This means the screen becomes a sounding board and acts like a transducer radiating the sound both through the bottom and via the screen itself. It’s like using flat panel speaker transducers on windows and in walls. Those walls and windows then become speakers!

      No SD cards? Samsung instantly mounts any USB stick or drive you plug in. They give you 50GIG’s of online cloud storage. It comes with Samsung’s first mold able Ultra High Density smartphone Lithium Polymer battery, that won’t explode with damaged or catch fire. This will be one of the biggest advancements in battery technology out this year and Samsung has a huge headstart! …….and you can bet it will be YOU that is the FAILURE….. if you don’t understand what this will mean to Galaxy S 6 sales on top of some awesome features yet to be announced! … the end it’ll be YOU with the FAIL SIGN OVER YOUR HEAD!!! …..because you blew chunks going by some stupid supposed Android centered site’s bogus Samsung Hater iPropaganda!!!

      1. Lot’s of totally unsubstantiated BS in that post. Unless you work in Samsung’s manufacturing division, you’re blowing smoke. And if you DO work for Samsung, you’re about to get fired for leaking proprietary information.

        Aside from that, I don’t know @roberthenderson:disqus comes up with the idea the battery won’t be removable. There’s no factual evidence of that, either. But the one thing that is known is that Samsung has developed a new memory type with is much more energy efficient, and must smaller, than current designs. So they could fit the same capacity batter and get better life, even in a smaller phone.

        1. Have you even heard of Samsung Cheil Industries or maybe Samsung SDI? NO!!! …..because you only read non technical journals and probably comic books and other trash articles online!

          I’m going to give you some links for information freely available on line and NO…. I don’t work and have never worked for Samsung. I don’t need to to in order to get more information about what Samsung is doing. They’ve put it all up online either for customers to see, investors, etc.

          1st…. Samsung SDI:

          2nd… Samsung Techwin and Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology are just two of Samsung’s mind bogglingly huge array of R&D facilities all over the World:

          SAIT There is nothing that isn’t R&D’d at 100’s of campuses worldwide! ahaha…. So Shut Up:

          3rd… Here’s a link for you on a Samsung Medical device. These are made by Samsung Medison…. one of the premier medical equipment manufacturers on the Planet. They sell everything from fitness sensors for smartwatches, etc. They also make an ultra high end Robotic Surgical machine and 3D/4D Ultrasound machines they invented themselves:

          Samsung SDI (as Cheil Industries) alone has been innovating battery technology in both Lithium Ion and Lithion Polymer batteries since 2001 and maybe if you could really read…. you could have figured that out. They are no doubt not just the #1 Smartphone maker presently, but still have sold nearly twice the smartphones as Apple (319 Million for Samsung and 170 Million for Apple in 2014). But they supply majority of batteries, memory and processor chips as well as screens to the majority of their own competition. They will be again selling processors to Apple this year making A9, A8, A7, A6 etc. They also are 2nd only to Intel on Revenue Earned from chip fabrication. Which is far greater than what TSMC earns from making little dinky chips going into cheap Chinese toys! You can read about this and other stories here:

          So in all reality I’m a whole lot better informed than fools like you will ever be and in Reality…. Samsung is so huge and diverse across so many different businesses, etc….. it’s absolutely mind boggling and I haven’t even given you all the inside information, iDiots like you don’t seem to know are available! ;-P

          If you can’t learn something new about Samsung here, then you are most likely a Samsung hater and merely looking to hate on them like deluded Appleholics searching for a new fix or actually something to claim Samsung Copied CrApple! … I a fan of Samsung? Absolutely and I have friends that work for them in Silicone Valley. But… nothing I know was gathered from them! ;-P I could furnish you with direct links, but I had to dig my information up on my own, so you will too!!!

          1. And you still provide not one shred of evidence that any of those technologies will show up in the S6. Maybe you should spend less time reading tech journals and more time in the real world. Fool,

          2. I gave some links that would lead to links, I didn’t feel like I should supply you with. Do your own freaking research….. moron. I established the fact that Samsung has been working in partnership on battery technology with about a dozen other companies. Tesla, GMC and BMW are only a few of them. I even linked Samsung’s vaunted R&D. So you could explore what they’ve actually been working on, in their largest network of Technology R&D on the entire planet! ……yet it’s you who couldn’t be bothered to do further research on your own!

            Samsung whether you like it or not, is the #1 OEM Battery Supplier on the Planet too. Besides being the #1 Smartphone Maker on the Planet with an all time record of 319 Million smartphones sold on the year. Samsung is most indubitably bringing out their far safer Polymer Lithium Ion batteries. Which are more shape moldable, thinner, higher density for longer lasting and cost more.

            So Polymer Lithium Ion batteries will be debuted by Samsung on the Galaxy S 6. Don’t like that clear truth? Not my problem, but I’ll tell what I’ll do just for you! lol…. here’s a link (not where I got the info originally in Samsung’s own news and information):

            “One major change is the use of new-generation lithium-polymer battery in the S6, which is smaller and runs cooler.”

            Now I’ll let you prove me wrong on the in screen fingerprint sensor. But no doubt that, like with GEAR S blowing the doors off Apple watch, with near the same size battery only lasting hours instead of 2 days on Gear S. That being used on a much more powerful device with full 2″ screen, full 3G, Wifi and GPS…. no less! ….and if you still don’t think Samsung is where 9/10’s of the phone market’s innovations come from originally, you need to get off the iGhadist’s Religious Fanatic Bandwagon….. pronto!

            Just like this deluded iDiot of a writer here, on an Android site no less!!! ……news for you; nothing you or these iDiots are saying about Samsung will slow them down. That because obviously Apple still has to copy S pen, True Drag n Drop in Touchwiz and True System Wide Multitasking from Samsung to polish their iCopyist name up. Features they haven’t been able to nor ever will get going on their iTrinkets for iGhadist iDiots on the war path!!!

            You’ll never see Apple’s iOS copy of Lisa Franks’s designs, ever come out with True Pervasive Multitasking and Drag n Drop they had 20yrs ago in Copeland OS and can’t seem to get going on iOS devices now today!!! haha….

  35. Idiotic. Samsung’s have always had camera bumps, long before Apple did. Only an Apple fantard would think Samsung is copying Apple crap in that regard? Headphone jack? Other Android phones have had the headphone jack on the bottom for years. That’s another feature Apple copied from Android device makers. Rounded corners? Ever see a Blackberry, or a Palm Treo? Yeah, rounded corners years before Apple even thought about making a phone.

    Yes, you’re completely off base, and have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Go climb back under your Apple logo’d rock.

  36. Here’s the link that proves that the phone’s metal edge is nothing…. and I mean NOTHING.. like the Apple’s iPhone 6 or any other phone maker’s devices. btw… THIS is not even the first all metal phone Samsung has made. At least a dozen models since the 90’s have been all metal unibody designs. They’ve made phones using stainless steel and aluminum and they are their own source. NOT like CrApple TOTALLY OUTSOURCED!

    There is a vertical concaved dip cut into the middle of the edge on the sides. The top of the side buttons is level with both edges on each side of side edges. This means you won’t be accidentally pushing in buttons by accident, like on iPhone 6 with accidental selfies sent out exposing some in very awkward situations! lol…. some really outrageous accidental selfies showing up online. ahaha…. This concave double edge sided Galaxy S6 will also make it easier to grip, than with the totally rounded edges on newest iPhone 6;×371.jpg

    Just be honest all your perverted iCrApple Appleholics…. Samsung is where INNOVATION in Electronics…. STARTS!!!

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