Dead Zebra’s Series 5 Android Collectibles is now available for purchase


dead zebra series 5

Quick heads-up for anyone looking forward to buying pieces from Dead Zebra’s Android Collectibles Series 5: the floodgates have opened up sooner than we expected! You can now place your order to receive one of these great looking figurines to add to your collection. There are two ways to get them:

  1. You can buy them individually for $9 each, though you won’t be told which one it is until you receive it. Think of it as a surprise.
  2. You can buy a case of 16 that’ll get you most of the designs from the set for $140. At least 14 of the designs will be unique, while two extra will be secret.

Add $3 if you want a special display case for one of these things. To make it a bit cheaper you can grab it through toy shops like MyPlasticHeart who is currently offering the figurines 5% off with coupon code CUPCAKE (though that particular deal only amounts to a few bucks in savings).

Be sure to head to Dead Zebra’s site to check out the full collection if you’re interested, and make some room on your mantle, desktop or wherever it is you like to display these things (that’s if you have any space left).

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. fyi, Dead Zebra’s site “Cannot find server.” Maybe traffic overload?

  2. I love collecting these…

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