Tony Fadell’s Google Glass will be redesigned from scratch with no public experimentation



Google had already alluded to plans to reintroduce Google Glass as a retail product at some point down the line following the product’s graduation from X Labs, but in case you were skeptical of that the point has been reiterated in NY Times’ latest report.

The publication cites an advisor to Tony Fadell in saying that Google Glass would be completely reimagined and redesigned from scratch. The ideas that spawned from the early Glass Explorers’ program will serve as a solid foundation for the new product, but there’s no reason to suggest what we’ll eventually get will look anything like the Google Glass we know.

Also potentially being put to rest are questions about whether we’ll be able to help shape the development of the project like we were able to with Google Glass Explorers’. The answer seems to be no, though we aren’t all that surprised considering the history of Fadell and his preference to keep projects under wraps until they’re ready for public consumption.

There have been far too many people jumping to conclusions and looking to ring the gong to signify the death of Google Glass (especially after Google’s earnings call last week), but there’s been nothing to suggest the exciting new product category won’t be formally reintroduced in the future. The only thing we’re still wondering about is when it will happen, how it will happen, and — perhaps most importantly — how much it will cost.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I would love to own a pair at a reasonable price point

    1. I thought once it was released to the open public after the beta testing they did, it would be at a reasonable price. I really had these pegged for the 4-500 dollar range until all of the cool watches were released….I think they were going to drive down the price point for these. Wonder if they saw this and decided to go in a different direction??

  2. Slap a Snap 400 in this thing, put a matching battery on the opposite side, and that will address the 2 biggest complaints with the device: battery life, and performance. Oh, and maybe put a red recording light on the front so people aren’t freaking out over privacy.

    After owning Google Glass for a few years now, I have to say it really is convenient. Arguments against Glass are the same ones made against smartwatches (do you REALLY need it?). No, but some things in life are a luxury. Nothing wrong with that.

    1. i dont have either….and would I really buy the glasses?? probably not. I dont need either….I usually text over the computer anymore while at work. And dont mind doing it “old school” and picking my phone up when i need to talk to someone haha. Guess I’m just old fashioned???

      1. Do you have an Android Wear watch?

        1. No sir… Waiting on tax returns so the wife will let me get one. I really want one. Kids first tho :) I’m looking at the moto 360

          1. Got it yesterday. LOVE IT!!!

  3. Ok, so finally, “old glass” is dead and “new glass” is going to _start_ being designed.

    So everyone who bought “old glass” has spent $1500 to look really goofy.

    1. I think most people knew that going in. They were testing it, nothing about the Google Glass Explorer Edition was final. People just wanted to pay $1,500 to test something that would change the future of wearables. Unfortunately, we’re still not there yet..

      1. If you wanted to test something that would change the future of wearables, you could have bought a Pebble!

        As for most people knowing what was going on, a few weeks ago Derek Ross was still convinced there would be another iteration of Glass this year:


      2. No people just wanted to pay $1500 because they were Google fanboys who would pay anything to Google, no matter how stupid it was. “Wearables” are not and will never be a thing because they’re ridiculously stupid.

  4. Google Glass just needs to be designed for business applications at this point anyway. I see hospitals using it in amazing ways already. Screw a big telehealth cart. Just have the doctor get everything he needs at a a glance or connect to a stroke neurologist for a consultation. The ER doctor from Seattle and stroke neurologist in Boston.

    1. Sorry but if I ever saw my doctor wearing those stupid things, the only thing it’d be a sign of is the fact that it’s time to get a new doctor.

      1. Lol, live in a rural area where they just ship you off. When they don’t have the man power. Making costs higher for you and me. Also, when Dr’s are becoming more rare. Especially in the mental health field. It is goofy looking but Dr’s can’t know it all. Would you rather have a guy wearing google glass or miss diagnose your stroke.

        1. I’d rather have the doctor that ISN’T checking their gmail or sending everything about my medical history back to Google….

          1. Because that’s exactly what happens : . I mentioned something google glass could be good for and not fail. The real data collection and email reading comes from that guy in the bar only using it for email and Facebook. Another example of where google glass could be good is construction companies or warehouses. There are apps that makes doing hand free work easier and safer.

          2. If you think Google Glass was made for anything but invasive data collection, you’re out of your mind. That is the ONLY reason that Google exists and operates.

      2. Think Doc, from Back to the Future :)

  5. Hmmm how about Google Glass with integrations like Hololens?

  6. well i liked the old design especially knowing the limits of today tech

  7. lol and the fail keeps rolling in from Google.

  8. Finally the dreaded Google Glass is gone.

  9. Google should take notes from HoloLens, since that is the real future of AR wear.

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