These photos were taken with the HTC One M9 (Hima) [UPDATE]


HTC 0PJA10 camera sample 1

Taken with HTC 0PJA10

It’s been a busy day. This morning we gave you guys our best look yet at the HTC One M9 (Hima), showing off both the front and back of the device in stunning clarity. While the verdict is still out on whether this was pre-production hardware (M9 inside a M8 shell), one hardware spec that’s been all but confirmed is the device’s new square shaped 20MP camera.

Ditching the previous Duo Camera setup of its predecessor (4MP UltraPixel + depth sensing camera), HTC is finally giving critics what they want and packing the phone with a high-resolution 20MP sensor this time around. While megapixels alone does not a good camera make, we fully expect the photo quality to trump the previous year’s model (that is how technology typically works, isn’t it?).

HTC 0PJA10 camera sample 2

Taken with HTC 0PJA10

After digging around the net, we came across some images uploaded to Flickr by an HTC employee. Seems the photos were taken by a pair of mysterious devices, one going by the model number “0PJA10” and the other, “0PJA13.” While a quick Google search couldn’t pin either model number on any specific device the output resolution is a hint that they could belong to the upcoming HTC One M9 (or some kind of regional variants).

While 3,024 x 5,376 resolution only translates to around 16MP, the images are clearly cropped to a 16:9 aspect ratio (the HTC One M8 came out of the box shooting in 16:9, by the way). If the HTC One M9 is, in fact, using the 20.7MP Sony Exmor RS IMX220 camera sensor, this photo resolution seems to line up with a 16:9 cropped image (give or take). You can find camera samples taken with the 0PJA13 back in December down below.


Taken with 0PJA13

Back in December, @upleaks seemingly confirmed via Twitter that Hima would fall under the “0PJA series,” while the Hima Ultra/Plus would go by “0PK7.” Although those tweets have since been deleted, you can find reference to them on the Japanese blog HTCSoku.

There’s still no way we can say definitively that these images were snapped by the HTC One M9. But then again, how many HTC phones do you know come equipped with 20MP sensors? That being said, the most recent photos were snapped January 21st of this year and while we’re only a little over a month away from the official HTC One (M9) unveiling, there’s plenty of time for HTC to fine tune the camera software up by then. According to our sources, test models are receiving software updates nearly everyday to get everything fine tuned and ready before the big day.

UPDATE: Today’s latest photo has confirmed that the 0PJA10 — used to photo graph the above images — is, in fact, the HTC One M9 as we know it. Here’s the latest photo uploaded to Flickr showing the same phone we leaked earlier in the reflection.

HTC One M9 Hima reflection

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Here’s a clear look at the back of the HTC One M9 (Hima), no Duo Camera to be found

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  1. HTC, stop leaking photos and just announce the farking thing already.

  2. Do they reveal OIS info?

    1. I think its using the same sensor as the xperia z3 which means it will be dis and not ois.

      1. I have read several “leaks” that claim OIS and possible OIS on 16mp camera and low-and-behold we have a possible 16mp camera here so not sure if that data can be extracted from these photos in the meta data.

        EDIT: looking at the meta data in Photoshop I see not OIS data and doubt it is even recorded and placed in the meta

  3. Love how sites post pictures to demonstrate the camera abilities of a particular phone and it looks the same as any other pic taken with any other camera on any other phone.

    1. Uh. These look way worse than pics taken with my Nexus 6. Guess he/she forgot yo wait for it to focus…

    2. You must be on crack.

  4. Still better than the Ultra Pixels they loved to use. The M7 sensor was better than the M8. Now, HTC just needs better battery and it can put the S6 to bed.

  5. Yeah hope they are not example of real M9 as rather crappy :)

  6. I don’t know if anyone opened those pics but gat dam they are HUGE

  7. I’m not super impressed with the picture. just a slight zoom-in and it becomes very blurry. I’m willing to look past the bezels if they figure out the camera issue that has plagued every HTC.

    1. the One X/Evo LTE had very good cameras for their time. They’ve just gone downhill since.

      1. I was super happy with the camera in the Sensation, too.

  8. thanks, I’ll keep my z3v

    1. Didnt that phone just come out like 3 months ago? It would have to be a pretty shitty phone to even consider not keeping it.

      1. It’s been an amazing phone….I just wanted an excuse to put a picture up. lol

        1. haha gotcha

          1. ok…now I’m just bored at work posting crap…see what you started.

    2. Heck it does such a good job it even makes the Cowboys win a playoff game.

    3. You mean the bastardized Z3 for Verizon that has Z2 leftovers & different parts than the true Z3 like screen, body, battery and camera?

      1. yes…that is exactly what I said. Ya see I’ve from Texas and I like mutts. Every pedigree dog I have ever had has been nothing but health issues. (Sorry Buster…love my puppy) You give me a mix of all the neighborhood dogs, Cockerweenygoldenbulldog, and that thing will survive a nuclear war…what the crap were we talking about again? O Z3v….figure mutt phones are the same.

  9. This is a leak HTC must be very unhappy with. Photos are terrible. Poorly focused and lacking in sasturation and contrast

  10. I’m personally tired of rumors and speculation and people making comments like they know it’s fact

    1. It’s the internets my friend…

      (ps this photo was NOT taken with the M9)

    2. In the absence of facts, all there is is speculation. Its either they report on rumors and speculation, or report nothing. But then people will complain theyre not hearing anything about the M9. Its a damned if you do, damned if you dont situation.

  11. HL3 confirmed.

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