Say cheese: HTC employee accidentally photographs HTC One M9 (Hima) during test shot


HTC One M9 Hima back

Yesterday was a big day for the ‘ol Hima. We received photos of the purported device in the wilds, giving you guys the clearest look yet at the phone as it currently stands. No too long after, we uncovered some test shots from the phone, directly from an HTC employee in his cozy office. These shots weren’t meant to showcase the camera capabilities, mind you. They were more than likely tests used to show the hardware was operational.

While it was difficult to say with certainty that the model number — 0PJA10/0PJA13 — was in fact, the HTC One M9, the most recent photo we found all but confirms it. Here’s that same HTC employee taking a shot of a Sony Xperia Z2 laying on his desk and if you look really closely, you can see what appears to be the reflection of the recently leaked HTC One M9 (Hima). We’ve gone ahead and edited the contrast of the photo to make it easier pick out.

HTC One M9 Hima reflection

The phone in the reflection — going by the model number 0PJA10 — lines up almost perfectly with the One M9 we showed you guys yesterday, only with one tiny difference. Those with a sharp eye will notice some sort of circle shape on the upper right hand corner of the phone. It’s tough to say if this is some sort of marking used to tag the phone, the presence of a Duo Camera, or merely a smudge on the person’s Xperia Z2. In either case, we wouldn’t look too much into it.

For now, we have our sights turned to HTC’s March 1st event in Barcelona where they will finally take the wraps off their latest flagship device. Let’s hope they still have some surprise left.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. But why does that camera suck.

    1. It’s not indicative of the final product. Probably raw image data before HTC tweaks the photos using their own camera software.

      1. HTC image processing always sucked. M7/M8….. Tweaking using camera software won’t do any good for them. It is what it is.

        1. We’ll have to see who’s right and which of you are gonna eat your words.

  2. I still wish the purple option was avaiable for the Z3 and in the US… :p

    That being said, this would’ve been an option for an upgrade from the m7 if I hadn’t gone Sony this time.

    1. you could always import the purple Z3…

      1. I thought it only came in Bronze, black, green, and white?

        1. the purple z3 is only sold in hong kong for some reason >_<

  3. the camera…I hope they get this right this time around. I hope this is not the final product *crossing fingers*

    1. stop it…its a pic taken with a possible demo unit…current htc phones take better pics with a quarter the megapixels…so just stop with the nonsense phones not even out yet you wanna judge its camera

      1. hmm. alright fair enough. the problem is, these are not “leaks”. they are controlled and its hard to imagine the final product being much better. We seen this before with the M7 AND M8 with “leaked pictures” and look at those end results.

      2. The camera is crap. Look at it. Htc is terrible in the image processing department.

  4. I don’t care about the back, it’s the front that concerns me

    1. Why would it concerns you? It looks much like the M8 but with a smaller bezel. :D

      1. Because I’m hoping the front design is different and better, and what’s been leaked is just a prototype

        1. It definitely is a field test unit. If it’s the real deal we’ll know on March 1st. Since HTC recieved numerous awards fro M8’s design I can see why they’d modify it only a little. It’s a smack good looking phone either way. To me the front looks great as well but anything and everything can always be made better.

          1. The reason I hope the front is changed is because I wanna go from my M8 to the M9, I feel if it barely changes what’s the point, but that’s my feelings, I do wish HTC all the best no matter what, because I feel HTC is a real valuable asset to the android community

  5. For some very odd reason images on this entire site are not showing up for me in firefox

    1. that’s because firefox sucks. use chrome

      1. swear to god I was thinking the same thing haha

      2. This is currently the only site that is giving me issues.

        1. sorry, But I still stand by my earlier statement

          1. Works for me in Firefox

        2. just downloaded firefox to see if it works and it does…then my computer froze up. dude above u is right, firefox sucks.

      3. Chrome is doing it for me, I had to go to IE11

        1. Glad to see I am not the only one having the issue

      1. Already set to allow so does not apply

    2. Try safari, it’s free on google play

      1. This is on my desktop running windows not my mobile devices so your comment does not fit the situation.

        1. Sorry, I thought it was a good joke

  6. Oh cool, they stole iphone 6’s cheap looking stripe.

    1. That’s the M8 stripe which came out before the iPhone 6. Lol

      1. The M7 had the original stripe design. HTC’s stripes are much better looking and incorporated a lot better than Apple’s.

        1. I completely agree!

      2. He probably doesn’t know that the M7 is sharper at 468 ppi compared to the iphone 6’s 324 ppi and even the 6 plus’s 401 ppi.

    2. You should know better

    3. Are you saying they changed. The design of their stripes?

    4. You mean you didn’t know that the back of the HTC One M7 is like the iphone 6 and the 6 even copies the same screen size of 4.7 inches? The M7 was unveiled in February 2013.

    5. Apple is going to sue HTC for patent infringement. Reason: having a stripe on the phone (also probably the ability to make calls and ergonomics like being able to hold a phone with 1 or 2 hands)

    6. HTC did he stripes first. M7 set the look before Apple.

  7. Is this guy trying to get fired? . . . Either way the device looks great. Looking forward

    1. yeah….easy to pick that guy out.

      hey? do you know who owns a sony phone in the factory with a purple case??

      1. LOL

      2. That’s funny! lol

  8. Still better then leaving it in a bar somewhere: and having it found.

    1. Oh I can’t forget that story of nexus 4 you were awesome!

  9. This kids, is how you get fired

    1. No, this kids is how you build anticipation and web traffic and hype and conversations and energy about your product. And mask it like it is a total accident like ooops.

      1. That’s not the case here. This is just a guy that has Flikr installed on his phone and has every photo syncing for the past few months. It’s a major oversight.

        1. Ok maybe so, my point still stands about marketing tools and hype methods. Something like this is so easy to act like an oops, when it is a troll the entire time.

          Either way, I bet not a thing happens to this person as… it just doesn’t really matter. It won’t stop the official announcement, it won’t stop journalist coverage, it won’t stop sales, it does not take anything away from the coming phone and if anything, it adds more talk and hype. They win off stuff like this. This thread has 39 comments and thus, a fair amount of traffic. Yeah, this is a major oversight…. not :)

          1. Same things when a leak happens, always conspiracy theorists.

            If they wanted hype, they would release a video with the prototype or something, wouldnt they?

            Ohhhh yeah, that woud actually decrease hype for the original presentation now, wouldnt it?

        2. Yeah, suuuuuure

      2. Bingo. Automakers have been doing this for years.

        Oh, just look at these “spy shots” of new car X. They were even able to get close up interior and under hood shots. How convenient!

  10. Has any one notice the difference where the flash is located in the two pics?

    1. You mean the fact that one is a reflection?

    2. Is this a for real question?

      It’s almost like asking, “hey, how did Phandroid get a branded HTC phone?”

    3. holy crap you’re right, Also why is the HTC logo backwards in the photo? WTF! are they stupid, you think they would know that its ‘HTC’ and not “כTH”…

    4. Look at yourself in the mirror arise your right hand you’ll understand why it’s not placed in the same place

  11. accidentally? uhhhh ok, yeah (wink wink)

    1. Lol, everyone who thinks this is accidental is truly dense.

  12. is this a dummy phone?

  13. go home HTC You´re drunk

  14. Look at the leaked picture directly from the phone. Logo placement, and flash. It is something wrong. The HTC logo should be the other way, like reflected since the flash is the other way around

    1. It is reflected though?

  15. Even HTC employees don’t use HTC. Jk

    1. I know Google folks who use iOS and some Apple folks who use Android. What’s your point?

  16. Why not just wait until it’s released, you sad anoraks?

  17. first one looks to be photoshopped! the right side of the camera looks to be off if you zoom in!

  18. This phone would be perfect in black!

  19. Very disappointed.

  20. Disappointed they didn’t ditch the black bar on the front, but it’s nice to see they’ve switched to a real camera. This should be a very nice 2015 flagship phone. Good work HTC.

  21. We have an idea of the internals and the build. Now all we need to know is what features the software will bring. Hopefully, HTC knocks that out. I don’t want them to pile on like Samsung, but it would be nice if they include a few useful features.

  22. Hopefully quality is better than this. Looks like a moto G took it.

    1. Read the article, Phandroid screwed with the pic to better show the reflection, it’s not a photo quality shot and not anything like the original

    1. remember that leak last year on YouTube from that kid? lol.. that was a laugh.. and then the threats from HTC on Twitter? hahah..

  23. To the people saying that the picture sucks ummm you do realize that oh android States in the article that it messed with the photo to better show the reflection of the device. People need to learn to read and gain knowledge instead of taking first sight evidence, what are you the New York Police Dept lol.

  24. fake

  25. I heard they are running fake cases around the actual devices?

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