Here’s a clear look at the back of the HTC One M9 (Hima), no Duo Camera to be found


HTC One M9 Hima front

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Earlier this morning we gave you guys the clearest look yet at the front of the HTC One M9 (Hima) and now we’re finally ready to show you the back.

Disclaimer: we had to Photoshop some identifying marks out of the image to protect our sources. Any artifacts around the camera lens or elsewhere on the device were done by us after receiving a raw image of the phone without any edits.

Really, there’s isn’t too much different here from the HTC One M8 you’re already familiar with. Once again, we’re seeing that square camera hole, and the absence of the Duo Camera system found on the original One M8. That’s kind of a bummer. Although a bit rough, we really thought the Duo Camera had some potential but was never fully realized. It’s a shame.

HTC One M9 Hima back

Addressing concerns that this could be a “Fake ID” device — One M9 internals inside a One M8 body — anything is possible, but our source is confident that this is the final design that will be unveiled during HTC’s March 1st event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


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  1. Back is nice, but lol on the front.

  2. I must applaud Mr. Blurrycam. These leaks are superb quality.

    1. I’m with you. If I was going to leak pics I would at least use a decent camera to grab the pics!

      1. I don’t know man…it doesn’t feel like a leak if a potato isn’t used. :p

  3. Yeah nothing wrong with the back.

  4. And what about this m9 plus I been hearing about?

    1. Saw that stuff too, very intrigued by those rumors. Of course screams of phtoshop abound on all the leaked m9 plus article/posts

  5. Underwhelmed… I guess the software is going to be the show stopper.

    1. i’d be interested if they’d do a gpe version, but it sounds like gpe is dead

    2. I love it, and for me, HTC software is always a show stopper.

    3. Why isn’t anyone ever just whelmed?

  6. What’s up with the pixelated camera?

    1. Had to shop some stuffs.

      1. You must have done a grad A job, cause I can’t tell. Pics in general look like someone used a POS camera… But as they say, beggars cant be choosers. I’m just happy to see some good pics of this thing, can’t wait to get one.

  7. Wish they’d release a plastic one without the speakers and HTC logo, and put in a replaceable battery. Would be all over it. I don’t need the aluminum or the boomsound.

    1. wtf kind of nonsense ???? plastic and no boom sound ? the 2 best features ? get a galaxy then

      1. Last year’s Galaxy was gimped with 16gb of internal storage – we’ll see what happens this year. The speakers are a waste of space for people like me who would never use them. The speakers and the black bar make the phone too long, IMO. And I’d gladly trade the aluminum for a replaceable battery. Have had lots of plastic phones/tablets over the years, and not a single issue with any of them. Aluminum is a gimmick.

        1. 32, 64 and 128GB confirmed for S6

        2. Any sound that emanates from the phone would be coming out of the speakers so you would be using them by default. How exactly would you not use them ?? Obviously never heard music coming out of boom speakers. Aluminum is also not a gimmick.

          1. ‘Obviously never heard music coming out of boom speakers. ‘

            Obviously I don’t listen to music on my phone, unless I’m in my car. So those speakers (and the HTC logo that accompanies them) are a waste of space.

  8. I’m cool with the back, it’s the front that concerns me

  9. Hmmm.. seems like a few rough edges around flashes and cam cutouts – this “could” be a fake backside.

    Can anyone say R2D2

    1. It’s not. We had to edit out some identifying marks in Photoshop to protect the source. I’ll add a blip about this in the post.

    2. Did you read the article?

  10. HTC it’s time to MOVE ON from your ORIGINAL HTC Design… #EnoughIsEnough :v

    1. I’d say another year is fine but for 2016, they better have something new (and they will).

    2. I don’t even consider the M series to be their best-looking phones; I suppose they are forced to limit their design options when appealing to the metal fanatics.

    3. HTC is beating a dead horse with this design, again? Running it in the ground… Why do I feel like I have seen this phone 3 TIMES? What a waste

      1. 5 counting the iphone 6 and 6 plus

        1. That is true….

    4. Why is it time to move on? I don’t get it. If you have a design that is generally regarded as one of the best among Android phones, why would you make drastic changes. It’s not even like they’ve been making this line for that long. This is only the third iteration.

    5. Why move on – every review of the M7 and M8 mentioned the great design and stellar build quality, HTC have cracked what Samsung haven’t – great design.

    6. I hate people that try to get some nonsense trending on Twitter with hashtags.

  11. “we really though the Duo Camera had some potential and was never fully realized.” Confused

    Also, when I first saw the camera I thought it was a finger print scanner :(

  12. Lol.

    Anyway, bring on the S6 leaks.

  13. WOW – I hate to say it, but nothing about the M9 so far makes me think I need or want it. The software better be good, and I mean really good for me to over look that front logo I have to see on my m8.

  14. Tall/long is ugly

  15. LoL!! Yea, your source is confident, yet here they are spilling the beans. What if HTC let’s people who get this close see only the prototype? That would be the ultimate troll, aside from when Google got us with Android K. Ugh… I had never felt so trolled in my life.

    1. It’s been done before on phones, put the real guts in a fake body.

      1. Good point, or HTC IS the leak, and this is their way to gauge reaction. Leak something, see what people say and make last minute cosmetic changes before launch.
        The more hype and build up seems to help a phones launch. If people are debating rumors and leaks the hype for MWC will be huge.

  16. I always wonder: Why do companies put their logo on both sides of the phone? For example, the only big tech company, who put their logo only on the back of the phone and leave the front clear is Apple. HTC, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Microsoft, they all put their logos everywhere. In my opinion, clean and nice front and logo on the back is the best way to go. And HTC really has a great design, people differ HTC phones from other companies, so what the heck?

    1. Add Motorola to that list.

    2. Simple.. branding and marketing in public whether face up or down on the table.

    3. reason for that is that apple owns the one sided logo patent!

  17. I gotta say that im very disappointed with HTC assuming this is it and it looks like it is.

    1. Why you say that?

      1. Cause the changes are very predictable, no wow factor

        1. My thoughts exactly. I said that the first time I saw the leaks. But i guess HTC gets a pass but had this been another OEM, they would have got roasted! This is the phone HTC should have released last year and given us something completely new this year!

          1. Samsung did get roasted. The GS5 was almost a carbon copy of the GS4, except for the internals. Samsung users were highly disappointed. Well, everyone but you, the HTC hating troll.

          2. This is a 3 year design, 3 YEARSSSS. Most successful OEM’s can get away with the 2nd year refining the first design but not 3 years come on man. 3 Years and 4 phones same design. M7/M8/M9/M9Plus…. When does it end? SMH

          3. okay but as you said, I don’t think any of the “most successful” OEMs have such a beautiful design in the first place. AND everyone loves the design! The M7 was an absolute stunner, and the M8 just felt so good in hand, nothing even comes close. I still believe (and hope) HTC would make a few more changes to the final design. But even if they don’t, this will be a killer device for the design + battery life (S810 + 1080p = win) + sense 7!

          4. That’s where we disagree.

    2. I agree. Starting to feel disappointed I was holding out with my M7 for this. After all the waiting this M9 just looks meh.

  18. front htc logo has to go , other than tht im good , went from m7 to Note 4 and cant wit to go back to m9 , Samsung touchwiz is horrifyingly annoying


      1. That feature comes in handy when I accidentally press down on the volume up key.

        1. not for me, i have it on my g3, my volume moods switch from vibrate and max. The warning messes up my flow.

    2. how could you go from a giant beautiful screen on the Note 4 to a 5 inch screen. Since i got my Nexus 6 i dont think i could go back to 5 inches. At least not this phone. Ill prob wait for the M10.

    3. Then people would complain even more when there’d be a black bar without a logo in front.

  19. OIS? Yay? Nay?

    1. rumor is… yay


    1. RGB you mean? Tricolour could be green, amber and white for all HTC knows. It has always baffled me why HTC finds it otherworldly to put a simple rgb LED on its phones!

  21. Im waiting for the kid that posted a vid of the m8 on youtube. :) hope his dad gets an m9 prototype (if his dad still has a job after what his son did. Lol)

    1. At this rate you could just rewatch the M8 video and still be set, lol.

    2. His father was fired.

  22. Hima going to buy this phone. Sorry, couldn’t resist. I might not buy the phone.

    1. Hima hafta hitya upside yo head fo sayin dat.

  23. I can’t believe HTC is putting a Phandroid logo on the back AND in the middle of the screen.

    1. I sure hope you’re being sarcastic

    2. A HTC phandroid partnership? It could happen

  24. While not a biggie my only issue is the side power button. Any other smartphone has their button in the same place?

    1. The Sony Xperia Z line all have it. Never had a problem with it, in fact, I love it.

  25. Is the headphone jack on the bottom?

  26. Listen folks… We have to wait for the M9 Max… Nothing to see here

    1. If they make one.

      1. They better, a little 5in phone is not enough this yeAr

  27. i think the problem with m8 was not the duo camera but the less megapixel.
    I dont understand why they removed duo camera.

    1. They removed it because the Duo Camera doesn’t allow OIS. I prefer that trade off.

  28. I see that matte black on the front, now let’s cover the entire thing and I’m in.

  29. For those who complain about the logo on the front bezel. Do you really think that the space under it is empty. Yes, we would love for the screen to cover all, but there are components under there. If they got rid off it, they would either make the phone thicker our less powerful. Stop your complaining. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. 1 less person in front of me on launch day.

    1. This argument just doesn’t make sense… Plenty of phones don’t have that extra chin and somehow, must be magic right?, fit all the internals. Now if your saying HTC might be lazy, I could see that.

      1. All of those phones don’t have HTC Boom Sound either. Their designers have said numerous times it’s this reason. I don’t know why people are too dumb to understand this, why you think you know more than actual developers and engineers. It also does appear to be a slightly smaller bezel from the M8 also.

        My only knock on my M7 and M8 were they were a little to slippery. I was hoping they would find a way to fix that on the M9.

        1. I just find it hard to believe they haven’t found a way to nest it behind the screen though. I mean HTC Ones are far from being the slimmest phone. I think it has more to do with having a constant logo on the front then a feat of engineering. Let’s be honest here. And while I’m no designer, part of me wishes HTC would go with a premium textured back, like Moto X’s leather option. You could still have an aluminum bodied phone with some nice leather backing. Black leather with gold edges would look real nice. Not a WP at all, but the gold trimmed 930 looks very nice.

          1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and no offense, but that immediately reminded me of the fake Landau roofs of the 70s.

            Don’t mind me – I don’t believe in carrying without an armored case. :)

          2. Lots of current and past HTC phones have not had the logo on the front panel. On the original Android phone, the G1, it was barely noticeable and almost invisible on the side of the device.

    2. I agree ! Thing is, convincing some folk is like beating your head against a stupid brick wall.

  30. Don’t know if there’s that much of a differance to upgrade from the M8, Guess we’ll have to wait and see….

    1. The internals are a big upgrade.

  31. I love the black metal back of my M7..

  32. What’s the point of posting new pictures of it when it looks the same as the M8? HTC seem to be a love/hate brand now, really can’t see why people love them though.

    1. You mean the same as when they were posting pics of the GS5 and it looked just like the GS4 ?? Its a new phone, thats why, its their job. I get your point, but what do you expect them to do ? report nothing ?

      1. You totally owned him… Great work

  33. Why did the TURKEY cross the road?
    To Prove he wasn’t a CHICKEN

    1. And everybody fell for it. :-> :D

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