Jan 22nd, 2015

HTC One M9 Hima front

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Earlier this morning we gave you guys the clearest look yet at the front of the HTC One M9 (Hima) and now we’re finally ready to show you the back.

Disclaimer: we had to Photoshop some identifying marks out of the image to protect our sources. Any artifacts around the camera lens or elsewhere on the device were done by us after receiving a raw image of the phone without any edits.

Really, there’s isn’t too much different here from the HTC One M8 you’re already familiar with. Once again, we’re seeing that square camera hole, and the absence of the Duo Camera system found on the original One M8. That’s kind of a bummer. Although a bit rough, we really thought the Duo Camera had some potential but was never fully realized. It’s a shame.

HTC One M9 Hima back

Addressing concerns that this could be a “Fake ID” device — One M9 internals inside a One M8 body — anything is possible, but our source is confident that this is the final design that will be unveiled during HTC’s March 1st event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


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