HTC schedules March 1st event to unveil their latest flagship — HTC One M9 coming?


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HTC has sent out invites to press for an event scheduled for March 1st in Barcelona. That can mean only one thing: they’re bringing something big to Mobile World Congress. The annual trade show has always been the launching pad for several OEMs’ biggest flagships, and HTC is no different.

With that, we’re expecting to see the spiritual successor to the HTC One M8, which we’ve been referring to as the HTC Hima in rumors regarding the device (though we wouldn’t be surprised to see HTC go with HTC One M9 for its retail name).

The invite doesn’t give much away, but its “Utopia In Progress” tagline does seem to confirm HTC is going to produce something that looks as good as it performs. We’ll be toting our bags over to Europe next month to take it all in for ourselves so be sure to sty tuned to Phandroid once March 1st arrives.

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  1. I’d switch to HTC if they have removable battery in this model. I also place $20 emergency bill under cover.

    1. From what has been released from hTC recently, like the Desire series (EYE and 820, 821), removable battery is not likely to happen =/

    2. I know quite a few girls who destroyed their flip phones that way. Cash is a heat catching insulator/kindling.

      1. Have been doing it for years, no noticeable heat to cause that. Has come in handy many times if forgetting wallet or out of cash.

  2. Hope they find a better name than M9

    1. It’s the way… M8, M9, S3, S4, S5, S6, Z3, Z4 – I like it. Short and sweet and simple. Not stupid like HTC Hima Ace Plus or Motorola Droid Turbo or cryptic like SPH-A500 or LG VX 6000 or SCP-7200.

      1. Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch!

        1. Don’t even get me started. And it sucked because during time you HAD to say the full name because of all the variants of the S2.


      2. Hey I had a vx6000 with those sweet sweet amoleds on the front,

  3. M9, S6 or an outside chance Z4 – one will be my next phone. Just biding my time.

  4. How about an actual name for the device, vice a number, followed by a letter and then another number?

    I still stand by… HTC Flagship 1

  5. Screw the name… It can be called the HTC bubbly bubbly for all I care… What matters is the performance

  6. So long as the bootloader is Unlockable, then I’m cool with it

  7. I like the M9 moniker. I don’t know what a Hima is, but I’d worry about running into it in the jungle. As long as they expand ROM size past 2g and lose the ultrapixel camera forever to a superior megapixel camera, it looks promising. An unlocked version would be nice but I don’t see Verizon doing that any time soon. After all, you still can’t unlock the bootloader of a Verizon M8 unless you use an exploit.

    1. I think you mean ram size

    2. I hope there’s a GPE edition. Then at least you’ll get an unlocked version (but probably not usable on Verizon.)

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