Here’s our first sneak peek at Dead Zebra’s Series 5 Android collectibles


Folks who’ve gone nuts collecting Dead Zebra’s Android figurines over the years will be delighted to know that the company is readying the fifth series of plastic robots for launch soon. This particular series doesn’t seem to have any specific themes in the early going, but considering we only get a taste of two models we can’t say for sure what to expect.


The first model is a panda BugDroid with a cute heart-shaped collection of weight fur on the front. His backside is also covered in white fur (and that’s where you’ll find the Android logo present on all these things).

The other is a rather angry looking cop who reminds us that “Androiding” is not a crime. This one is one of the more interesting ones considering it comes with a mini skateboard and a sticker you can slap onto whatever you fancy.


Contributors to the designs of the figurines throughout the collection are Google, Andrew Bell, Gary Ham, Scott Tolleson and Kong Andri who are joined by our new friends Devilrobots, Reactor-88, Jon Paul Kaiser and Lunabee, according to Dead Zebra. Seems like a pretty solid roster (and the variety of designers means we should expect a nice variety of styles).

Unfortunately we aren’t given a specific date for the series’ launch, but Dead Zebra says to expect them to hit specialty retailers and its own online storefront within the next few weeks. In the meantime they’ll be slowly revealing more models as time goes on so be sure to check back often to see what, exactly, you’ll be getting should you opt to buy the latest set.

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  1. No release date for these is making me a sad panda….budumtss!

  2. I like some of their stuff, just seems a bit in a the high side of price. But, I guess that is what you pay for unique merch

  3. I have so many of these figures… I am sure that I will attempt to buy these when they are released as well… The Cop looks cool…

  4. That Panda must have a heavy heart! “a cute heart-shaped collection of weight fur”. Not normally a grammar natzi, but I thought I was kinda punny here.

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