LG refutes claims of overheating issues with Snapdragon 810



Yesterday, a bit of negative news came forth regarding the Samsung Galaxy S6. The biggest was a rumor that Samsung would be using their own Exynos chipset inside the upcoming smartphone over the Snapdragon 810, reportedly due to concerns about overheating.

LG G Flex 2 DSC07593

But LG seems to be puzzled as to why that would be the case. Woo Ram-Chan, the company’s vice president of mobile product planning, elected to comment on it with the following statement:

“I am very much aware of the various concerns in the market about the 810, but the chip’s performance is quite satisfactory.”

He went on to state that the company’s LG G Flex 2 emits less heat than many devices already available on the market. We’re sure this stuff is tested rigorously before launch so as to avoid a multi-million dollar headache, so we can’t quite argue with LG. And, well, it’s their public word versus that of an anonymous source that may or may not be spreading false information.

That’s not to say yesterday’s rumor was bologna, but there’s no way to know for sure. Suppose that’s why companies elect to decline comment on rumors, and that’s why we should all wait until official word from Samsung before jumping to any conclusions.

[via Reuters]

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  1. It overheats because Samsung’s TouchWiz keeps the CPU above 60% utilization at idle.

    1. They have to track every frame you’re using somehow!

  2. That Flex 2 tho….

  3. If the GS6 is experiencing overheating issues with the Snapdragon 810, keyword being “if,” perhaps it could be a result of the rumored glass/metal body? Does metal/glass not retain more heat than plastic based material?

    1. Sony Z3 line uses similar body, albeit a Snapdragon 801 I believe for chip.

      1. It does. Didn’t have any overheating issues with my Z3 while I had it.

        1. Did you have a “true” Z3 or the Verizon version called the Z3v which was a bastardized Z2 in a totally different body? That Z3v did not have the glass backed body.

          1. I had both, actually. When I was with Verizon, I tested Cricket side by side to compare service. My Cricket phone was the real Z3. When it was determined that I couldn’t get out of my VZW contract like I wanted, I terminated my Cricket service and sold the Z3.

            Took the money from the Z3 and bought a Z3v since I liked the OG Z3. Neither overheated. Only issue I ever had with either was the OG Z3 had some minor quirk that would randomly drain my battery 100% in an instant. That occurred twice.

      2. Big difference between 801 and 810. You can’t reach any conclusions about one based on the other. Makes about as much sense as saying a Ferrari won’t go fast because a Ford Fiesta doesn’t.

        As far as the materials, metal is better than plastic at transferring heat. Not really sure about glass.

  4. Oh really… here are headlines from Dec 8th, yes December 8th, ”
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 810’s Overheating Issues Could Delay Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4 Release” and the story goes on to state, “Based on the report from Business Korea, Qualcomm’s chipsets has been undergoing severe overheating problems at certain voltages.”

    1. “at certain voltages”
      Those are key words. If the G Flex 2 doesn’t use those voltages, it shouldn’t be a problem

  5. Samsung is garbage anyway. They’re the apple of android, all hype and no innovation.

    1. Yep, they don’t do anything. Multi Window, Ultra Power Saving Mode, S-Pen, Heart Rate Monitor, and Smart Stay are definitely copied and not innovated at all, right?

      1. that’s and they pretty much started the ‘phablet’ craze

    2. Samsung has innovated more than every other Android phone maker combined.

    3. Tomatoe tomato. The only two phones ninety percent of Americans know of are either A) Apple or B) Samsung. Hell, most people don’t even realize that Samsung is android. Savvy marketing and word of mouth sell Samsung more than innovation, JUST LIKE APPLE.

  6. I suspect Samsung wants to promote their own chips and trash Snapdragon in the process.

    1. Maybe not trash, but it certainly makes some sense to start to more and more integrate YOUR chip YOU have control over into the USA phone. Apparently, they use their chips in their phones in Korea. But in the USA, they switch to the Qualcomms. Well, maybe they have enough data and knowledge to now know they can make it routinely work in the USA so bye bye Qualcomm.

  7. Well, both Samsung and LG are using feature heavy software, but it’s probably the cpu that could have problems.

  8. I suspect that LG is applying much heavier cpu throttling than does Samsung. They certainly do so on the G3. So sure, it won’t overheat, but you also won’t get optimum performance for more than a few seconds.

  9. Based on the Flex 2 benchmarks @CES, the Snapdragon 800 is faster. Seen the M9 antutu and it is the same problem.

  10. even if there’s an issue, LG can’t go out and admit it. they are too late into production to say NO GO. plus, i doubt they have an alternative chipset at the moment. also, i find this statement “but the chip’s performance is quite satisfactory” not ‘right. usually it’ll be something like “the chip’s performance is the best I have seen to date, etc”. but this time, its just “quite” and only “satisfactory”.

    so i tend to agree with those who commented on the throttling part. ya, this probably helped lower the risk of overheating.

    perhaps maybe LG will get a better deal for the next chipset from Qualcomm since they are taking this all in for them.

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