Jan 22nd, 2015


Yesterday, a bit of negative news came forth regarding the Samsung Galaxy S6. The biggest was a rumor that Samsung would be using their own Exynos chipset inside the upcoming smartphone over the Snapdragon 810, reportedly due to concerns about overheating.

LG G Flex 2 DSC07593

But LG seems to be puzzled as to why that would be the case. Woo Ram-Chan, the company’s vice president of mobile product planning, elected to comment on it with the following statement:

“I am very much aware of the various concerns in the market about the 810, but the chip’s performance is quite satisfactory.”

He went on to state that the company’s LG G Flex 2 emits less heat than many devices already available on the market. We’re sure this stuff is tested rigorously before launch so as to avoid a multi-million dollar headache, so we can’t quite argue with LG. And, well, it’s their public word versus that of an anonymous source that may or may not be spreading false information.

That’s not to say yesterday’s rumor was bologna, but there’s no way to know for sure. Suppose that’s why companies elect to decline comment on rumors, and that’s why we should all wait until official word from Samsung before jumping to any conclusions.

[via Reuters]

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