Best Android Phone rankings hold steady as next crop of flagships prepare to dominate



Check out our completely revamped Best Android Phones page, explore our Android Phone Guide, and sift through all the available, upcoming, and rumored Android Phones on earth. Then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

What’s the best Android phone? We’re here with an update to our running list evaluating the best devices currently on the market. There isn’t much change from last month. In fact, our top picks have remained the same (chalk it up to a lack of major releases over the last month), but we have expanded to showcase a few more handsets. Want to check out our latest rankings? You’ll have to visit our new Best Phones page to see them.

Where our list has changed is in the rumored and upcoming devices sections. We can attribute the additions to CES 2015, which wrapped up last week and brought us announcements from LG, HTC, ASUS, and more. With Mobile World Congress just over the horizon, rumors of new devices from Samsung and OnePlus are also beginning to swirl. We have you covered on what to expect and when to expect it. All you have to do is follow this link to check out all you need to know about the latest Android devices in one convenient location.

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  1. Written by stock fanboys.

    1. i have the nexus 6 but i bought it for the lack of bloat in terms of better performance. it is not a “get up and go” device out the box though. The stock android messaging, photo, and calendar apps seem watered down. so i had to search the play store for apps that accommodated my needs. I use Textra, Cal, and Quick Pic now. It felt like an inconvenience that i had to download apps whereas with my galaxy s 5 those apps where implemented nicely. sorry for the long reply but just wanted to let you know stock doesn’t seem like something to brag about if you aren’t planning to root and such.

      1. I think he agreed with you (fanboys wasn’t meant in a complimentary way)…

        1. i’ll eat my lunch in the corner now. lol

          i wasn’t trying to say that stock was bad… but it didn’t blow my socks off either. the performance is there but i didn’t like the privacy in messaging app for example. there was no in between for lock screen notification display. you either had the whole message displayed on your lock screen or nothing at all.

          1. If you enable some form of lock, you can set the messages to be private, but still appear on the lockscreen. I have a pin, but then have a smart lock enabled to keep the phone unlocked when paired with my watch or car.

      2. That’s what I enjoy about stock; the option, or maybe even necessity, to find and use something else, as far as apps are concerned, without the performance or memory penalty of already having manufacturer apps pre-installed. I don’t use any of the stock Google apps, save for Chrome, and find no inconvenience in searching for something that meets my needs or requirements (QKSMS+/EvolveSMS, Business Calendar 2 Pro, Quick Pic, Solid Explorer Pro/FX Plus, Poweramp Pro, etc, etc, etc). And whether I choose to root or not, which I always do, the clean slate with which I have to work is always appreciated more than someone else – OEMs – trying to do the work for me.

  2. This new presentation of the best phones/tablets is really not user friendly. It’s an article with a link and then we have to come back here to comment.

    1. The intent is that it’s more user friendly because it’s one page that is constantly updated that you can find through the main “PHONES” links at the top of every page of the site at any given time.

      I can understand the commenting/discussion part of your criticism… but maybe that could be solved by opening the link in a new tab. Otherwise I’m not totally sure, maybe adding comments to the “Best Phones” page but that could get messy.

      1. Yeah the contstantly updated page is great but why can’t we have both. When you write the best phones article for a particular month, just copy and paste all the latest info into that article so we can have a discussion about the current state of that list.

  3. With the Nexus program dead (no phone now) I’m losing interest in Android for 2015. There are no good stock phones. Maybe I’ll get a 2014 Moto X when ready it’s my only choice.

    1. How is it dead? In the last calendar year, the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 released.

      1. It’s dead because they no longer make a phone, just tablets or phones the size of a tablets.

        1. That does not mean that Nexus is dead. In fact, I think it is very much alive. The Nexus 9 and 6, of which I own both, are the absolute best Nexus devices I’ve used to date. They are both very fast, clean and responsive. The best Android experience out at the moment. So no, just because you don’t like the size of the phone or perhaps tablets in general, does not mean that the Nexus program is dead.

          1. The phone program is dead as far as I’m concerned. They don’t make a phone-sized device until they refresh the N5.

          2. Although I agree that the Nexus 6 is too large for my tastes, it represents a segment that is incredibly successful right now. People seem to want pallets.

            With that said, I think the Nexus 5 will get a refresh. It was an immensely popular device. In other words, the Nexus phones aren’t dead, but merely delayed in a world of phablets

        2. They still sell the Nexus 5 last time I checked. It’s a viable phone.

          1. Yea I heard they are making another run of the N5, but I’d really like to see a refresh model soon on par with the N6. That’ll make me happy.

          2. The refresh ought to surpass the N6. Think about it, they could either go two fold like Apple or just push the N5 2015 as a 64 Bit Processor w/ a bigger batter (2700+ mAh), 13-16 MP camera (OIS 4k capable), 5.3″ QHD LCD display, 4 GB of RAM, Android 6.0, Wireless Qi Charging, IR Blaster, Waterproofing. Look at the LG G4 or the Moto X 2015 to get a better idea for the Nexus 5. My new phone choices I am looking to get as a yearly upgrade will be between the iPhone 6S (if Apple stops being well…. Apple and makes something that’s capable of multitasking), Nexus 5 2015, Galaxy Note 5, HTC One M9, LG G4, or Moto X 2015.

          3. And its over a year old… not a phone to “look forward to” that’s for sure.

  4. Moto X in first place is a mistery to me

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