Rumored OnePlus Two specs: Snapdragon 810, 4GB of RAM and more


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OnePlus is still trying to find a way to push units of their first flagship out on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean they’re already thinking about the follow-up. The OnePlus Two, as we’ll call it for now, should hopefully deliver as much value as the original did, but in which ways?

Well, the latest rumor tells us we can at least expect a top notch display. GizChina reports that OnePlus has ordered a bevvy of 5.5-inch Quad HD (2560 x 1440) displays for use in their next flagship. To compare, the OnePlus One utilizes the same sized display, but with just 1080p resolution.

Many were hoping OnePlus would look to use a smaller display in the sequel to keep the physical device size down. When asked about it in a recent Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, a OnePlus executive said that they were “thinking about it,” but that didn’t really mean much — you always think about every possibility when building a delicate product.

This is just a rumor, though, so it’s possible we could be off the mark and they’re looking to go an entirely different direction altogether. The report goes on to state that OnePlus will look to go with the Snapdragon 810 for processing power, 4GB of RAM, 3,300mAh battery and Android 5.0 Lollipop. Sounds good, and should it all come to pass it will no doubt garner a lot of attention from media and consumers alike.

In the meantime, let’s see if OnePlus can manage to produce enough units to get off their pre-order and invite system for the current model before thinking about the next one.

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  1. with no availability!

    1. If you really want one you have to look at the right places. Took me less than a day to get an invite after I decided to get a new phone.

      1. i finally gave up on it and a nexus 6 and just got the moto X 2014

        1. Never Settle…. lol

        2. I actually got an invite and placed an order, and weeks later they still couldn’t figure out whether or not they knew how to bill PayPal (puke) or ship me an actual unit. I gave up after 30 days and picked up a N6 at T-Mobile (unlocked with no branding!).

    2. One Plus Two is and will be just as useless as the One Plus One.

  2. Now without Cyanogen Mod support lol

    1. CM isnt that special, stock Android is charming as well. Plus OnePlusteam is big on updates, I am sure they won’t skin their OS too much. They know their users.

      1. honestly this would be a more tempting device if it DIDN’T have CM, and instead just stock android with some improved systems apps (that are updated through the play store), ala Motorola.

        As an avid ROMer, CM has become something to avoid, in my book – at least if you want stability.

        1. Don’t know what you’ve had but CM for my Galaxy S3 and Nexus 5 have been more than stable enough using monthlies back when they still had them and now the standard snapshots. I used the CM Installer on my N5 and it’s so stable.

  3. 2nd phone maker pushing the 4GB of RAM. Love it! For all of those RAM haters out there I have bickered with here before on this topic.. notice how makers are moving forward on 4GB. Hmmm… go figure. 4GB is going to become the new 2GB standard. Just watch.

    1. Yeah. As one of your misidentified ram haters, all I said was – it takes more power, it may not be necessary. Ram isn’t like CPU usage – however much is installed is how much will be pulling power – all of the time. You want it, you need it, great. Make it an option, like screen sizes.

      I’d hardly call that hate.

      1. Double the RAM doesn’t mean double the power.
        Newer / higher density chips means you can have more RAM while consuming less power.
        My understanding was that all these 2GB devices have two chips anyways (for dual channel). Changing 2*1GB for 2*2GB (newer generation) won’t increase power usage.

        We always need more RAM. What need to stop is the ridiculous amount of CPU cores and display resolution.

        1. Then using 2 GB of the high density, lower power consumption RAM would use half the energy of the current devices according to your conjecture

          1. @lolwut, that’s exactly correct.

            And exactly my point all along.

            Power doesn’t come in baskets of loaves and fishes.

        2. Don’t recall ever stating or implying or believing they “Double the RAM means double the power.” But what is clear, what is obvious, what is a fact and why it is a valuable are to continue to grow is that it allows more apps and processes to stay in memory and gives the OS (a hog normally) room to breath and is not a bottleneck with all we do these days with multi-tasking and apps.

      2. Did I call you out by name here? I don’t even recall you or anything you said, I was generically making a point.

        1. My apologies, you didn’t call me out by name, I thought the invitation was for everyone you’ve bickered with on this. :D

  4. I have the OnePlus One and like it. But i’ll be watching how support improves (returns, etc…) at OnePlus also. Having said that, the “OnePlus Two” is at the top of my future phone list.

  5. Will they unveil better plans to sell their phones as well? That invite system was a pain in the butt for one of my friends.

    1. I hope they do. I dont know what they were thinking this time around….it kind of worked tho since their sales were strong given the market. I just hope they come out with maybe a….put the phone together based on online purchases made….that way they are not over producing and are strictly putting phones together as they receive the order for it.

    2. Even if you got past the invite and actually got a phone ordered, they still found ways to screw things up. Thanks to that gawdawful mess, I ended up with a Nexus 6, and I’m quite happy! Thanks, OnePlus?

      1. I upgraded from the oneplus one to the nexus 6 both are awesome.

  6. Regardless of how good the phone is, the company’s customer service is beyond atrocious. Wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.

    1. 10′ pole.

  7. Just stopped waiting for invites and bought the Sony Z3 yesterday… I’m in love… 1080p is just fine..One Plus should seriously consider a smaller 5-5.2 inch screen….

  8. Glad I sold mine and made a profit

    1. I made about a $500 profit on the phone and the invites. I sold it when it hot and desirable.

  9. to fully utilize 64 bit, they must have at least 4gigs of ram, to all that don’t know by now

    1. You have that backwards. To fully utilize 4GB of RAM you need to have a 64 bit operating system (and even that is a generalization with some exceptions).

      1. ^ THIS is more accurate

  10. I can’t wait!!

  11. wonder if they’ll include a 4G chipset with proper support for EU frequencies, this time ?

  12. and the best fact – u can not buy it without invite till 2017.

  13. What’s everyone’s guess on the pricing? I’m gonna break the ice and say 500 or more lol

  14. Because of the 2k display along with the snapdragon 810 and the 4gb of lpddr4 RAM. Plus you’ve got the cameras.

  15. As one who is looking to leave Verizon, you’ve got my attention One Plus. I plan to go prepaid.

    1. Love my one from OnePlus. Plan to pick up the two also. You’ll love one plus. Honestly the only people who hate this brand are people who are to anti social to get a invite

      1. Probably the same people who swore they would never use a smart phone.

      2. Or there’s people who don’t care to be told when and how to spend their money, or those who don’t fancy lies and prefer not to play games. By golly, there might even be some who just don’t like the device. ZOMG, never thought about that.

  16. Do people care about a microSD slot anymore? I, for one, do. Though my way of using Android is unconventional, microSD support is crucial for me.

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