Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S6 to get iPhone-like fingerprint scanner, QHD display


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Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Reader

Apple may not have been the first to do fingerprint scanner on a phone, but they sure did do it the best. It looks like Samsung could finally be ditching their problematic implementation of the feature and going with one more iPhone-like, if the latest rumor from SamMobile is anything to go by.

According to them, Samsung will be switching to a touch-based fingerprint scanner in the Samsung Galaxy S6 over the swipe-based system they use now. The difference between the two is clear when you use them for yourself, but if you haven’t been able to bring yourself to try out an iPhone here’s the quick and dirty explanation:

  • Swipe-based fingerprint scanners require you to do a swiping-based motion to register a fingerprint and unlock your phone. This is inconsistent not only in the way it initially registers your fingerprint, but also in attempts to unlock your phone afterward. Most people find they’ll need more than one try to get the swipe just right.
  • Touch-based fingerprint scanners simply require you to place your thumb on the scanner and it will read the entire surface area of your finger. These scanners tend to be bigger in physical size so it can read more of your thumb at one time, thus making for a lot more reliable unlocking mechanism.

Need a visual example? Here’s Kevin explaining how to use the iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner (which Apple calls TouchID) for iSource:

Huawei decided to go this route for their phablet announced late last year, and thankfully Samsung seems to have caught on. SamMobile suggests Samsung will slightly increase the size of the home button to facilitate the implementation, so if you aren’t a fan of their home buttons then you’ll probably loathe the change. But if you are a fan of fingerprint sensors and felt like it was always a bit shoddy, this is what you want.

Something else we learned about the Samsung Galaxy S6 today is that it’ll be coming with a QHD display, which is 2560 x 1440 resolution. That much was leaked through a user agent profile found on Samsung’s site. It’s not a surprise considering they’re always looking to push the boundaries of display technology, but it’s nice to get some solid evidence and confirmation ahead of the big unveiling.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is already sounding like a great step forward for the line. Previous rumors have suggested Samsung will go with a metal-clad design like the recent Galaxy A series, and that they will look to optimize TouchWiz in a way that’s more Nexus-like.

We’ll have to see if either of those rumors hold up, but if they do then this should already be the single biggest iteration in the Galaxy S line yet, and we can’t wait to see it.

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. They’re only one generation behind I guess. They were supposed to do that last time.

    1. This is the reason why I take rumors with a grain of salt. The S5 was supposed to have so much on it and then it had nothing that was reported. So many people were hyped up because of the rumors last year and felt disappointed after the S5 came out. I honestly feel these rumors do more harm than good sometimes.

  2. Does that mean more bezel?

  3. They might actually keep my business with the S6. The current implementation of the fingerprint scanner is worthless.

  4. Slimd own the bezel and this will seriously be in my future upgrade list for the first time since the S3. What a great rebound phone if this ends up being true.

    1. I agree. But it will still be hard pressed for me to give up my N6 but with Samsung display/camera tech who knows….

      1. I’m with you. I have a N6 right now and I love it. Cant wait for 5.0.3 to get rid of some of these bugs….but for me, I dont like staying with one brand for long. I love trying out what they all have to offer.

    2. S6 is likely my next phone as i think they are going to come correct. But I will not rule out the M9 or Z4. I will know by middle of March.

      1. I love my N6, but I dont like staying with one brand forever unless its just too good. That M9 is looking very friggin tasty!

        1. Root your S6 and you can have the tastiness of an N6 in an S6. Unless you want an M9 and you could root that and get the tastiness of an N6 on your M9. Uhhh.. make sense?

          1. haha actually yeah it does make sense! I’m really interested in this M9….I’ve never owned an HTC but I hear they are amazing. It will be hard to find a good replacement to my N6 tho….its so good with a few flaws

  5. Everything sounds good about them toning down touchwiz to new design. Still won’t get it because of the home button. Android has moved to soft-keys which feels and looks more futuristic. And the hone button and finger print scanner all goes back to them trying to be like apple

    1. The only reason I have a Samsung is because of that home button. TO turn screen on and unlock.
      I would love to go with Moto because the screen turns on by itself.

      1. Nah, I have a s4 now and not getting another galaxy. They make their phones try to be like iphones too much. And iphone sucks. Don’t need a fingerprint scanner, pattern unlock is pretty secure already

      2. Which Samsung phone do you have? I have the S5 and if your phone is laying flat, you can wave your hand over it to turn on the screen

      3. Get Cyanogenmod and use the volume button to wake up your device. Or better yet use your power button.

  6. I was hoping the GS6 would be the first mainstream/flagship product to incorporate USB Type-C support. Oh well–maybe the Note 5?

    1. It is probably too far into development to use Type-C. The GS6, I mean.

  7. Correction: galaxy s6 will look and function exactly like the iphone 6

    1. I doubt Samsung can screw the OS up that bad.

      1. Tizen?

        1. Haha yeah that would do it.

  8. Ehhh, I don’t really have a need for a fingerprint scanner. It’s a worthwhile feature, but there are already enough good ways to secure phone. I’ll probably use the lollipop trusted faces feature. It seems to be just as quick and easy as fingerprint scanners. I know it can be spoofed by using a picture, but that’s not really relevant when it comes to strangers finding your phone and that’s what I’d be most worried about when it comes to security.

  9. fingerprint scanner tech on phones = utterly stupid tech
    (oh, and already proven to be easy as pie to beat with a piece of scotch tape)

    I akin this tech to phones with built in HRM’s. Cool.. for the first 7 minutes – then over it and it becomes more of a nuisance.

    1. I like it. I like to lock certain apps (ie: email/mint etc) so that when someone plays around with my phone, they don’t have access to certain info. I find it less annoying to unlock with the fingerprint than typing in a password. It’s not super secure I admit, but works well enough for the average Joe.

  10. First they called it a gimmick and claimed Sammy would come out with something even better like some r”etina scanner” to unlock the phone LOL now they will claim Sammy’s finger print sensor is innovative and incredible. I notice this pattern with Apple haters. When Apple does something its gimmick and stupid then Sammy or Google copy and all of a sudden its amazing. So funny.

    1. Goes the other way around too. Apple fans claim certain features are usless and a gimmick, but then it gets integrated into iOS and it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

      1. Like widgets, the notification tray, NFc payments, bigger screen, the list goes on and on.

    2. The only pattern I notice is one of hypocrisy and catch-up Apple’s favoured for several years now. The features mentioned by Barry D. and even more of them were often dismissed by Steve “Douchefag” Jobs as what no one wants. He wasn’t infallible and he thought that he could make people be satisfied without any of those features. He was wrong. Deal with it or die in ignorance.

      1. One thing I think is often missed is that Apple might not be first to release but it does not mean they are not first to consider. Apple have technologies in early concept stages, in design and some in testing that most OEM’s have not even considered. But, Apple will wait for some key part of the technology puzzle to be solved or some part of technology to mature before releasing their version and by then they are often not the first….but sometimes because of their patience they are the best.

        Apple do not want a reputation of releasing half-baked products.

        1. Stealing someone else’s idea and waiting for the right moment to implement it (and successfully marketing it as the best new thing since sliced bread) is NOT innovation. Many rabid, brainless Apple fans fail to realise Apple has done this on many occasions and fooled them into mindless and unwavering support.

    3. Why would they call it a gimmick when Android was 1st with a fingerprint scanner? Get your facts straight or stop trolling.

  11. I understand the need to continue to sell phones and all but seriously, forget qHD just give me 1080p, materials that don’t feel like a demo unit, and a screen usable with one hand for anyone not named Lebron James or Sasquatch

  12. Samsung phones don’t exist until they put a speaker on the front.

    1. Never knew audiophiles/mobile gamers/Youtube addicts could be worse with their opinions on a line of Android phones than Apple fans. Get some proper headphones if it’s that important to you to have honking big speakers on your device and make it ludicrously huge considering its actual screen size (I.e. the HTC One M8).

      1. Gee thanks for the great advice. That’ll really help with the crappy audio quality and volume on the GPS and speakerphone when I’m driving my 50k miles per year. And maybe I don’t want to carry or use phones or buds when I have a minute multiple times per day to quickly check out a video. Htc & Sony & motorola have all been able to figure it out. I’m wondering if you’re some pathetic ignorant Samsung engineer trying to justify an illogical & outdated design.

        1. It’s really not their problem if you need a miniature surround sound system in a device the size of the palm of your hand. The fact that your hearing isn’t good enough to actually make out what the audio directions are saying on your device is not their fault either. You really can’t please everyone. You’ve just proven that.

          I don’t really know whether or not you’re being sarcastic about the whole Samsung engineer thing. Even if you are it’s still one of the most smh-worthy comments I’ve ever seen on the internet.

  13. I have been using the fingerprint scanner for a couple of years and I really like it on my GS5 and Note 4

    1. dang time flies when a couple of years …. was just last year ;)

      1. Lol,well android years are like dog years!

  14. I think Samsung is still missing the boat. Sometimes all that is needed is a few tweaks and make something just work. All Samsung needs to do is redo the design of their device, use a great camera, 1080p Super AMOLD+ screen, but no larger than 5.2″, larger battery with quick charging, wireless charging, leave the removable battery and SDcard slot and eliminate the 16GB and 32GB phones and go to 64GB and 128GB and tone down touchwhiz, the ability to remove any app without root, and not to just disable it, eliminate the double apps that Samsung adds from their app market and support the Google ones, save that other stuff for their Tizen devices, or start a new trend and give the consumer the option of touchwhiz or pure android. You can choose this option when you order your phone from the carrier, or have your phone shipped and download it straight to your phone from Samsungs website.

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