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Well, consider the internet officially broken. YouTube has gone and done the unthinkable — they’ve started to roll out a built-in animated GIF maker. In case you don’t know what an animated GIF is, it’s an otherwise ordinary image file, except the image can be animated as if it were a video.

It’s often used on message boards and comments sections, even those right here on Phandroid and Where a stationary photo sometimes fails to communicate the feelings of a poster, an animated GIF often picks up the slack.

Creating GIFs based on YouTube videos is nothing new nor difficult, though we imagine a great deals of folks don’t bother creating their own GIFs because they probably feel it’s too much trouble. With Google giving you the tools to do so on the biggest video site in existence, well, you can pretty much expect anything and everything to turn up around every digital corner of this funny, yet sometimes dark and sad, internet.

youtube gif button

The button doesn’t seem to be enabled for all videos just yet, but some are already allowing you to get in on the fun. Try it out on this PBS video by hitting the “Share” button and keep an eye out for the button on any videos you might want to make a GIF out of in the near future. Now excuse me while I react to this awesome bit of news in the only way I know how.

antonio banderas reaction gif

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Ah dang I don’t suppose this works through the app on my phone does it? That would be the next step to happiness.

  2. So much for any work getting done ever again, anywhere.

    1. Who’s that clown? ;)

      1. And why is he smacking his elbow on a table over and over, that must hurt.

        1. He also needs a better video camera.

          1. I don’t know who it is, but his camera is much better now :)

  3. That’s it. We’re done. Shut down the internet.

  4. Oh God what have they done.

  5. Here’s hoping they can add this feature to the mobile app! I hardly ever use desktop / website version of YouTube anymore.

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