Gift Idea: keep tabs on your car’s health and whereabouts with CarLock [CONTEST]



Cars. Some people love them, other people simply use them. Regardless of your feelings about cars you probably own one if you’re 16 years or older here in the U.S. Our latest gift idea for the Gift-a-Day Giveaway is all about your car’s health and security. The CarLock is a simple plug & play device that sends valuable information to connected apps.

Think of the CarLock as a baby monitor for your car. Once plugged into your car’s OBD port (all cars made after 1996 have one) a wealth of information is available in the CarLock app for Android and iOS. Here’s what it can do:

  • notification of vehicle moved
  • notification of device disconnected
  • notification of engine started
  • notification of vibration detected
  • automatically alert emergency contacts in case of a crash
  • notification of low car battery
  • notification of high battery drain
  • track your car’s location via GPS

If that sounds cool you can snag the CarLock for 57% off right now from AndroidArea. Get 24/7 car protection and never worry again.


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T-Mobile Nexus 9 with LTE now available for purchase [UPDATE: Also works with AT&T]

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  1. Does anyone know if this works also as a standard OBD2 adapter for purposes of Torque integration?

    1. Right, I mean I wonder what other uses it has…will it read check engine light codes and send me what’s wrong? totally worth it then…

    2. Yeah, I use Torque with an OBD2 reader also. Here’s another thing, I was always under the impression that leaving the device plugged into the OBD2 port would cause a good amount of battery drain from the car. This could be a good secondary anti-theft device, if it doesn’t draw a lot from the main battery.

  2. I love torque

  3. This is how you bust your significant other for cheating on you.

    1. I was about to comment on how this is how you get thrown into jail, but then I found out that it’s actually legal to install a tracking device on someone else’s car if 1) the tracking device is installed on a location outside of the car (e.g. under the car or on behind the bumper) and 2) the car was in a public place at the time the tracking device was installed. Da Fuq.

  4. Can I keep the girlfriend from entering certain areas with the car via geofencing in the app?

  5. Do you have to pay for GSM service or does the insanely high price cover service for the life of the device? (If it does, the price is okay, but not great)

  6. Looks like this is available straight from the company for just under $110…

    Maybe I’m missing something….

    edit: Looks like it’s also $10/month :/

  7. AndroidArea does not mention the monthly fee. Maybe at 200 bucks it gives a lifetime of connectivity. I’m sure they just don’t mention it.

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