Rumored HTC One M9 specs: Snapdragon 805, 5.5-inch Quad HD display, 16MP camera and up to 128GB of storage


htc one m9 leak

Rumor has it HTC is working on their next flagship smartphone. That particular bit of news isn’t that surprising — any company worth their skin is working on the next iteration of their major product before or immediately following the launch of their current one.

Some new details have been offered by My Drivers, though, who claim to know about what HTC’s planning to stuff inside. According to them, the HTC One M9 will look to pack a pretty big punch with a Snapdragon 805 chipset, a 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 display, a 16 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization, options of either 64GB or 128GB of internal storage, a 3,500mAh battery and more.

Much of that seems standard affair for any late 2014 or early 2015 smartphone, though the significant bump in storage options will certainly open the eyes of many. It’s a rare occasion to see a phone come standard with 64GB, and even rarer to see one that doubles on that attractive figure.

Speaking on more of the device’s features, the source states HTC will be looking to get into bed with Bose for marketing the device’s front-facing speakers, a staple of HTC’s design over the past couple of years. We’re not sure if Bose will be creating any special EQ software or will have a heavy hand in crafting the audio drivers that will go inside the M9, but looking to partner up with one of the biggest names in consumer audio would certainly suggest they’ll be getting as serious as they ever have about audio.

Also rumored to be along the way is an HTC One M9 Prime, though details are scarce on what, exactly, HTC will look to do with that. “Prime” would usually indicate a device is getting a massive uptick in the specs department, but your guess would be as good as anyone’s as to what that uptick may bring. As far as we’re concerned, we’d be happy if the aforementioned M9 was the only phone HTC launched next year.

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  1. 4.7″ is ideal. I don’t want or need a tablet.

    1. So… buy a phone that has a display that size?

      Not really sure what the point of this comment was.

      1. im sure he wishes more flagships came in that size.

        1. There are plenty of good phones around that size, but flagship devices usually follow market trends (and sometimes make them). 4.7” is no longer the market trend.

          1. i enjoy 5.5 inch personally, but i wouldnt say there are plenty of good phones at that size… i will say there are 2 lol, the xperia compact and the iphone 6..

          2. There aren’t a whole lot of recent phones, but there are a pretty fair number of older devices that are still good if he wants to use a screen size that people have outgrown.

          3. My hands haven’t grown in over 10 years. Not sure who is getting these giant paws and why I was passed up.

            Even the decent middle-end phones (Moto G) are going 5″+. Those of us with smaller hands are eventually just going to have to drop all the way down to a Wear device. Then the trend will start again, until I’m wearing a serving tray on my wrist.

          4. Way to take a metaphorical comment literally, I guess?

            Either way, technically the 4-5” area is the most commonly used screen size still. Those are usually the middle-range and lower phones, though, as flagship and high end trend towards larger screens.

          5. Way to take sarcasm literally. :P

            I’m a dev and a techie. I want upper-middle-range or flagship. I have small hands, I want a phone a hair smaller than the One M7.

            Unless I get the Z3c, there is *nothing* available for me right now better than my recently-dead M7 and my new Nexus 5.

          6. Sarcasm relies pretty heavily on auditory cues, it is not really difficult to… not notice it when it is unspoken or you do not know the individual well.

            As for device size, I cannot help you there. The trend is larger screens, so until it hits the point where they are as large as can be while still usable as a phone… I don’t think things will spread out much.

          7. Unless you’re in the design department at HTC, Moto, or LG, I didn’t figure you could help. :P

            But the current set of flagships are no longer usable as a phone for me and many others. The S5 and M8 are phablets, not phones. The trend has gone too far. With no viable devices to throw my money at, there is no way to vote for smaller screens, only abstain. Or hope someone at anywhere but Sony sees the complaints about size as a trend.

        2. Yes. 2013 Moto X for life I guess.

      2. The point is I want a flagship in that ballpark. The Moto X / Nexus 5 are the last one made I know of besides the iPhone 6.

      3. No flagships bro.

        Android manufactures just aren’t getting the message – make it 5″ or below, use premium materials and stop skinning Android = WINWINWINWINWIN!

        1. The size increasing comes with the territory. People expect their newer, better phone to have a bigger screen these days.

          As for premium materials, they essentially all use polycarbonate and/or aluminum… both of which are “premium” class materials.

          As for stop skinning Android… Probably not gonna happen. People are fickle and form is commonly more important than function. Such a shame Google suspended Android Silver indefinitely…

          1. “People expect”… We’ll see how the sales of the next round of oversized flagships does against the 4.7″ iPhone.

            By all means make 5.6-7” “phablets”, but I think the bottom line will show the majority want something they can use in one hand.

            They “all use polycarbonate or alu”? Poor old Samsung are still limping along with a plastic (and no, fake leather isn’t premium) build. And polycarbonate is just plastic anyway… lol!

          2. I don’t care one way or the other about the size, I am happy with my Nexus 6 but any larger and I am uncertain if I would want it.

            Samsung uses a good quality polycarbonate that is in the same class of materials as aluminum. It is a premium material, like it or not, though it may not feel like one.

            I mean, aluminum is hardly special anyway. They make soda cans out of that stuff. They also make nice things out of it.

            Polycarbonate is also used in things like fighter jet canopies and the like.

            Though, classifying polycarbonate as “just plastic” is kind of… disingenuous, wouldn’t you say?

          3. Polycarbonate IS strong, but is also very cheap. Its the same stuff they make greenhouse windows out of.

            Nokia were using it in phones many years before the Lumia and It’s only premium if you are a polycarbonate salesman.

            And yes, it IS plastic.

            When you get in a “premium” car, do you expect plastic switches and leatherette seats? How an item feels to the touch is vitally important to it’s perceived quality.

            Do you think most people prefer to drink a fine wine out of a polycarbonate goblet, or a glass?

          4. Aluminum is also extremely cheap, one of the cheapest metals. In the same price range as polycarbonate for the class used in mobile devices.

            No, it is actually considered a premium material of the same level as aluminum. It is premium regardless of who you work for.

            Yes, it is a plastic, but it is not “just plastic”. Hell, even among other thermoplastics, it has an extremely high ability to survive deformation without breaking or cracking. Polycarbonates are an excellent material.

            No, in a premium car I would expect titanium or similar class materials for switches and… well, I live in Texas so I would actively avoid leather because good god does leather retain heat. I would pay extra for a good cloth seat instead.

            However, there is a vast, vast difference between a premium smartphone and a premium car. In regards to a smartphone, I pay for the internals and the overall design… the materials used to make the sides and back are largely irrelevant to me because I, like the majority, put a case on the thing. Aluminum means a whole lot of nothing when people regularly put, imagine that, thermoplastic cases on their devices to prevent damage. Guess what you can’t feel through that case?

            I think most people would be largely unable to tell the difference between a high quality polycarbonate goblet designed to simulate glass and a glass goblet. A goblet using the appropriate type of polycarbonate that does not leak anything into its contents, or absorb anything from it, would be preferable to most people because you cannot shatter them no matter what happens (within reason).

          5. You need to get over your obsession with aluminium – you brought that up, not me! Metal is rightly or wrongly perceived as “premium” and plastic is perceived as cheap.

            You can rage against the perception of the market, but in a world of where most cheap stuff has been made from plastic for 30 odd-years, it’s a tough sell to convince me, or pretty much anyone else that a plastic phone should command a higher price than a metal/leather or wood one, but the reverse is clearly not true (*)

            The only Android manufacturers making phones that are heading in the right direction are HTC and Motorola.

            I have a Nexus 5, it’s made of plastic, but since it cost me $250, I’ll cool with that. Try and charge me $500 for something that is a marginal improvement and I had better LOVE to hold that thing, or it’s no sale.

            * = Check out Samsung & Sony’s results if you don’t believe me.

          6. Name another popular, premium material commonly used in smartphones outside of polycarbonate and aluminum.

            I have no interest whatsoever in what want your device to be made out of, I was simply correcting your erroneous statement about polycarbonate not being a premium material. It is.

            The right direction is a very subjective statement.

        2. so….are you saying that the iphone 6 is a flagship contender with its sub par display resolution?

    2. good thing you have that Sony xperia z3c and galaxy alpha and maybe more to choose from soon

  2. I hope the prime has a snapdragon 810 and a 6+ inch display.

    1. I have read rumors the S6 will have an 810. And 810 + 64 bit + Lollipop should make a stout setup – especially for battery life.

      1. Thanks for letting me know. Really don’t want to go Samsung again though. I know i’m definitely in the minority but I’d love a device of a similar size to the original Z ultra with those insane specs. That’s why I’m so disappointed to hear the rumors that the z4 Ultra will be sporting a 5.9 inch display and snapdragon 805.

  3. With those bezels HTC is known for….this will pass the Phablet and go straight to Tablet territory.

  4. Makes me slightly happy to know that my Nexus 6 won’t be redundant straight away if the 805 is still being used in next year’s flagships.

  5. So between the spec rumors on this and the S6 – based only on rumors – I think the S6 will be a mo better phone with better specs.

  6. Bose……yes please :)

  7. This sounds pretty good and I’m glad HTC is finally following in the precedent apple set forth for massive onboard storage. With that said they need something to help them get attention and a partnership with Bose that has the albeit strange exclusivity deal with the NFL might get them some free marketing. My thought is that the prime designation would probably be their first 810 64-bit device but it’s all guessing

    1. What u mean finally, htc released the 64gig since the oneX+, also Apple still have there lower gig models as well

  8. If you want a 4.7″ device go buy an iPhone 6 period!!

    1. One more thing an old 4.7″ phone is now about the same size as a 5″ – 5.2″ phone since most companies other than HTC and Apple have gotten rid of most of the bezel. My LG g3 is slightly bigger than the iPhone 6

      1. Slightly bigger than the 6,but waaaay smaller than the 6plus with same screen size…

    2. Nexus 5 >> iPhone

    3. Htc M9 great job 2014 specs in 2015. My Galaxy Note 4 pimp slaps this so easily today it’s comical. Htc always behind reality.

      1. “Galaxy Note 4 pimp slaps this so easily”
        Well it should, seeing how neither phone was really meant to compete against the other. I mean, you’re talking about a phablet vs a regular smartphone. That’s pretty much like comparing a Ferrari/Lamborghini to any other common car.

        1. Well if this rumor is correct the M9 will be a phablet: if 5.5″ screen isn’t a phablet I don’t know what is. Which would be very boring if they don’t release a decent-specced decent-sized model as well.

          But as pointed out, “pimp slaps” is just fanboism.

      2. i dont understand how the m9’s *rumored* specs get pimp slapped by the note when it has pretty much identical specs except the m9 has a larger battery.

    4. I would take the Galaxy Alpha over the iphone.

    5. Motorola is still there for those that prefer smaller phones. I kinda hate it when people see one manufacture making a larger phone and complain about there not being options. Because they’re the only manufacture in existence. LoL!!

  9. Finally, I might actually have a reason to go back to HTC! The camera debacle known as “megapixel” drove me away, but if they can get the image quality on par with what I want, my HTC fanboy card will have to come back out.

  10. I love HTC but that awful bezel and camera have totally pushed me away. Right now the LG g3 and the Nexus 6 are the only options since one plus can’t get their act together.

    1. The Z3 is a great phone. I’ve loved mine since grabbing it.

  11. Everyones favorite bezel-rific phone.

  12. No duo camera…man, that hurt…i loved the duo camera effects…maybe the m9 prime will have the extra camera software tricks. they are most likely gunning for iphone 6/iPhone6+ type of announcement…

    1. I actually use the Duo effect more often than I realize, too.

  13. If HTC is smart they will skip the 805 and go straight to the 810, if not they will be at a disadvantage to Samsung, LG, and the Nexus.

    1. The only disadvantage they will be at is to the few tech nerds that needs the latest tech.

      So unless there’s a huge difference, like the 800 to the 801 where the 801 has a low power core, I don’t think it would be much to care about.

      I for one, don’t care and would still want the latest processor out at the time just because. LoL!!

      1. The 800 had a low power core.

  14. Is that a piece of poop I see on the screen? No wait…its the HTC M9.

  15. I am still waiting for nexus7s both models tablet’s for lollipop on both!

  16. Cool as I am waiting until January, before I buy my next phone!

    1. If they release a GPE version of this, it’ll probably be my next phone.

  17. HTC bar is gone?

    1. wishful thinking….

      1. I don’t see the the leaks

      2. In

    2. I love the HTC bar personally so if they can’t find anywhere else to naturally place the logo, I’m all for it.

      1. sarcasm?

        1. Yes and no. Basically I just don’t care one way or the other but I get highly annoyed when people can’t stop talking about it. I get a compliment on my phone at least twice a week. Has anyone ever said “You know, that phone would be so beautiful, but that black bar at the bottom just ruins it.”? NO. I *do* think the M8 looks more attractive than the M7 though, not sure why. But the bar is not something that takes from my enjoyment of the phone in the least, and doesn’t make it any less worthy of being the best phone I’ve owned to date, and if the M9 has that bar it wouldn’t affect my purchase choices at all. For some reason I just can’t help making at least some kind of comment when I see people unnecessarily bitching about it.

          1. You are welcome to voice your opinion

            Hopefully that HTC bar is gone

      2. On the back. Hey there already is one back there

      3. I hate tramp stamps.

    3. Thats not a real mock up.

      1. M8 mock up had HTC bar

        1. Right, but the picture above is nothing official. Thats why i said its not a real mock up of what the M9 will be, its a random rendering from who knows.

          1. Ok

  18. I think that’s HTC one max 2
    Not the m9
    m9 is going to have snapdragon 808 at least I think

  19. 4000 mAh or gtfo

    1. What phone has 4000 mAh?

  20. I’m honestly good with my M8. No real desire to change phones at all any time soon.

    This is coming from a Nexus 5 previously before the M8. The screen, radio, DAC (audio in general), the speaker quality both for media and phone calls, battery size, etc. are all vastly superior. Sure, the camera ain’t no stud, but it works plenty fine for quick phone captures. Does excellent in low light, and the two tone flash makes everything look like a more natural light when I do use the bulbs.
    It’s purdy, heavy, loud, and fast. Everything I want for the time being!

    1. If it has band 12 I will

  21. Could have used a better CPU…

    1. Lollipop doesn’t need one.

  22. Watch the bezels with a 5.5″ screen!

  23. Looks like no htcbar

  24. If the S6 has a Snapdragon 810 like rumored, I expect this to have an 810 too. As we get closer, the rumor will probably change.

  25. The only thing in the audio world more overrated than Beats is Bose.

    1. No, not even close. Bose actually has some good quality products while Beats has produced none whatsoever. Unless you’re just looking for an overpriced fashion accessory

    2. I much preferred the sound of my M7 speakers to the M8s. The M7 was much fuller and rich sound.

  26. QSD 810, minimal bezels no logo bar, 80+% screen to bezel ratio, hopefully they will up the battery and zoom past the Droid Turbo’s to 4000mAh. Someone at HTC spoke about bringing on the fight…something to that effect, i hope hope they really bring the fight with the M9 and M9 Prime.
    I haven’t lost the faith in HTC even though i have skipped the last flagships…mainly due to their huge bezels, logo bars and small batteries. But i am hoping the M9 delivers the goods.

  27. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  28. so glad to see phone makers pushing 128GB storage options and making the minimum 32.

    it’s time for 16GB storage to go away.

  29. I call bs

  30. Curious..will the M9 Prime be the next One Max because I haven’t heard any news about a second gen Max 2

    1. And thats all I am interested in…. A MAX 2

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  32. If they put a 805 in it, plz keep it at 1080p & keep the 3500mah battery. 32, 64,128 + SD support and I’ll take 8-12 UP camera. Also keep it around 5-5.3 in. I’d be sold.

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