Sprint will cut your bill in half for switching from Verizon or AT&T


sprint cut your bill in half event

Sprint’s making it pretty hard to consider scratching them off your list of carriers to consider switching to this holiday season. A new promotion will have them “cutting your phone bill in half” for switching from either AT&T or Verizon. Their example is a family of four on Verizon paying $140 per month for 10GB of shared data. Sprint will give you that same amount of data, as well as unlimited talk and text, for $70.

The promotion begins December 5th, and Sprint says it’ll be as easy as printing out your latest bill or uploading it to their website in order for them to hook you up with the appropriate goods. They’re also still running a big ETF promotion that will pay your way out of any lingering contracts you might be tied to (up to $350 per line).

One caveat is that you will need to trade in your old Verizon or AT&T phone when purchasing a new Sprint phone, though that shouldn’t be much of an issue if you don’t plan on going back to those carriers anytime soon. But that’s pretty much the only downside we can find. Sprint says you’ll enjoy your discounted rate plan for as long as you are a customer so you could have those rates for the next 10 years if you so wish.

Unfortunately there’s no word on how long this will last, so you’ll want to take advantage of it as soon as possible if you feel like it’s something that could help you and your family save a crap ton of money. Head here for all the details.

[via Sprint]

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  1. Why is their coverage so terrible? Build out your infrastructure with deals like this and you’d own the mobile space.

    1. Then they wouldnt need to make deals like this!!

    2. A sinking ship that will fall behind T-Mobile and then they try desperate attempts to win over customers.

    3. They ARE building out their infrastructure. Despite the turds you regurgitate garbage from, they have been expanding coverage. If they can’t build towers in an area, they will work out roaming agreements with regional carriers. They have far better coverage than most dopes here on Phandroid are willing to admit.

      1. I am not a dope, My area sucks always has sucked for years we are just not a priority to sprint in my city. some use coverage with data speeds interchangeably as well.

  2. That would bring my rate down to $20/month, but it’s Sprint! I’ll just wait until AT&T or VZW matches this plan. :)

    1. They never will.

  3. The catch is you have to turn in your phone with no bill credit issued. So if youre under contract your phone could be worth upwards of 400+ if not your phone still could be worth it. The only caveat is that you will be charge 200 if you dont turn in your phone. But this is pretty cool. Hopefully T-Mobile brings in this practice.

    1. I would dig out my old OG Droids and activate them the day I go into Sprint to turn them in, hah.

      1. That’s what I did for TMO. Traded in a Nokia 635…

  4. Yep, ur download speeds too! I love saving money but if i have a phone i need to be able to use it.

  5. So they would match my unlimited data on Verizon? Not that it matters.. unlimited data doesn’t mean much at 56k speeds.

  6. As I am Irish, and buy my phones up N.Ireland, which is UK,that is where my family and relatives live, I buy my phones unlocked sim free!

  7. Gotta check coverage first

  8. 1/2 the price, 1/10 the bandwidth…if you’re lucky.

    I was never so happy to pay an ETF fee as when I ditched Sprint.

    1. Hmm, I get up to 50M, sometimes 60M. Sprint has been adding Spark to more sites every month.

      1. I’m glad your experience is better than mine was. My Sprint experience was absolutely, positively horrible. There were many areas in my town (Conway, SC) where I got little to no signal, and forget getting a signal in a store. I switched to AT&T and was genuinely shocked that I could get a signal everywhere including inside any store I went to.

        1. So your experience with Sprint was my experience with T-Mo. Guess what? ALL carriers have holes in their coverage. Some are just worse than others. Unfortunately most people only think Sprint lacks coverage, yet they never show you the T-Mo coverage maps vs Sprint’s coverage maps. Not the b/s they put on their own websites either. Open Signal or Sensorly maps are better than that garbage.

  9. I wish I could say cut your data speeds in half, but that would be flawed math. Cutting your data down to dial up AOL levels is more like it.

    1. So, cutting 30-40Mbps LTE speeds in half = 56kbps? Yeah, you are using flawed math…

      1. I never said that lol. Reading is not your forte.

        1. I didn’t quote you……

  10. I’ve had Sprint for a little over 5 years now and I’m looking to jump ship as soon as I won’t have to sell family into slavery to pay the ETFs. It’s not even their data speeds that I want to leave, which I will say have improved over the past year. It’s their general ineptitude as a company/customer service that has me pulling my hair out any time I have to call in to them. Last night I spent an hour on the phone with them, was told I had to go to a store to fix my problem. I get to the store, hour and a half later they tell me I have to call the main line myself. Two hours later, talking to multiple people, telling me all the same procedures to fix my issue, and it’s still not fixed. Did I mention I called them a week earlier and they told me within 72 hours the issue would be fixed? Never got a return call back from that either.


    1. You do realize all the carriers will lie to you just to “satisfy” you at that moment, right? Verizon does it. T-Mo does it. AT&T does it. Straight Talk does it. They all do it.

      1. Yah, and to an extent, I expect it from all corporations, that’s what you get when you pay customer service reps as little as possible.

        I’ve actually had all the carriers over the years, AT&T seemed to be the best one to me as far as service/cost, so as soon as I can I’m heading back there.

  11. The Phandroid T-Mo lover Sprint hate is STRONG with this one.

    1. Lol

    2. I fall right into that cruise liner. I dislike Sprint. That was the worst service I ever experience. My experience has been tainted.

      1. Just like my experience with T-Mo. T-Mo should be embarrassed to think they can compete honestly. Sprint at least has filled in some gaps between cities. T-Mo is exactly like Metro PCS. Don’t bother getting their service if you live 30-40 miles outside of a major city.

        All that talk that folks love from the T-Mo CEO? Yeah, mostly hot air blinding folks into thinking T-Mo is an awesome company.

        And I have also noticed a trend with folks who love T-Mo and hate Sprint. When T-Mo does something like this, it’s “awesome” or “revolutionary” in the wireless industry. Sprint does it? “Oh, they’re just desperate to keep customers.” — Such hypocrisy.

        1. LoL!! I’ll pay attention. I don’t travel and my data is perfectly fine in Houston. But Sprint had dead spots in Houston, like on the highway and streets. My Google Music would cut off. =.[

          I’ll be heading to Austin this New Years, so I’ll see how my data holds on the trip there.

  12. Wish they would cut a deal for current customers. But hey they already got us. No need to make us happy. Lol

  13. Aren’t they still on CDMA?

    1. Yep, same as Verizon.

      1. Ouch.

        1. Yeah. The 3G isn’t good, but the LTE is solid. I haven’t had any issues there. Just check coverage in your area for 4G.

          1. Don’t believe the coverage in Michigan. Sprint still SUCKS, 4G LTE BLOWS!!!

          2. I 2nd that statement

          3. ANd T-mobile is not really an option in this state either

  14. Well, instead of circlejerking about how terrible Sprint is and bringing back the 56k modem, I would say to check coverage in your current area. Sprint is constantly trying to strengthen their network, and their 4G has been solid in every area that has it.

    The 3G is still pretty bad though. It’s better, but CDMA 3G only gets you so far.

    1. Those maps are as good as the ‘hey unlimited data!’ crap Sprint uses to reel people into to a ridiculously slow/antiquated data speed. There IS no data.

  15. AT&T and Verizon are paying sprint to run this promotion to lure the network leeches off of their network. Then sprint will leech you for two years and you’ll be begging to run back to your old carrier who will be so grateful to have gotten you off of their old awesome plans.

    1. That’s an astute theory you have there. The only thing it’s missing is another convoluted scheme involving Obama stealing your data and controlling you with it while running this country into the ground.

      1. The second part is not theory.

        1. Yes because when he took office we were in such a better place as far as gas prices, unemployment, deficit …. wait that doesn’t fit your “fact”

          1. Not the right forum so I should have not started this but…Deficit just passed 18 trillion. It was 9 trillion when he took office just 6 years ago. More Americans on welfare than ever in history. Gas prices are lower because of permits granted by Bush (Maybe only thing he did right). Since you wanted to bring up facts.

          2. Would you say the deficit would have continued to rise regardless of what he would have done?

            The reason I ask that is because people seem to be making causation equal correlation. Because Obama is in office and these things happened, it must have been his fault. If other Presidents messed up and it carried over, who’s fault is it?

            I need to read back into politics before I start pointing fingers. I know myself I don’t have enough knowledge to know exactly what’s going on, but I don’t entirely believe that the events that occurred while Obama was in office was all his fault, only because he happened to be in office at that time.

          3. More than just him are at fault. But he is responsible for Obamacare, corporate bailouts, cash for clunkers, and amnesty for 5+million plus more I can’t recall right now. Back to the other topic… I would like to be able to take advantage of Sprint’s deal but their coverage is spotty around here. I’m happy for those that can take the deal.

  16. I love my unlimited sprint plan for 40 bucks a month. Yes in some places my data speeds are slower but the majority of the time I’m in Sprint spark coverage and spark coverage is more than fast enough. I use 6 to 8 gb a month in data which was costing me a fortune on Verizon. Maybe one day I’ll move to an area where T-Mobile has good coverage and I will try them. Until then I am enjoying my Sprint service

    1. Yeah, I’m generally satisfied too even though some weak spots that I don’t really care about. I get 20-50M between home and work, which is where it matters. Am in a rural area at the moment and surprised to see LTE at 5M or so. I use well over 10GB/month, sometimes 50 and would rather have a few Mbps unlimited than even 100M with 10GB cap.

      1. Sprint brought in 100 engineers from Softbank, dumping many in their HQ. I have indeed seen improvements over last several months…

        1. I haven’t been on Sprint since there new acquisition. I honestly believe they may be getting better. I put a huge emphasis on the word “may”.

    2. I wish Detroit was spark enabled, right now it’s absolutely terrible

  17. My Verizon bill for just my wife and I is 140 a month… with like 2gb of data shared between us. I’d love it if one of these carriers actually had some coverage.

    1. Call VZW and tell them you want the 2 lines, 10GB data $110 promo. I have seen that commercial playing in several states lately, so I assume it is a national promotion. We switched to that from the exact plan you are on now. Easy, easy.

      1. I’m about to do this, does it require a contract renewal by any chance? I think that end-game here I’m just going to leave Verizon once mine is up.

  18. There needs to be a leveling out in the market!

  19. Half the price for half the coverage and half the speed….no thanks. YGWYPF

  20. They’re getting desperate….

  21. funny reading all the comments. Everybody wants to take advantage of the deal for the financial aspect, its amazing. However we all know sprint is possibly the worst carrier in the US. You cant trust their coverage maps. It said i was blanketed in the 4g wimax network in denver when I got my galaxy s phone, the first 4g phone I ever had. I think I found 4g once that entire 2 years. Then they switched to lte which made my wimax phone worthless. Additionally I would have cell service for calls in a parking lot but walk in a store, gone. Never been happier to get raped by verizon on prices than I was after leaving sprint. You get what you pay for. Verizon works amazing everywhere I go including skiing in the back bowls at breckenridge. If I didnt hardly leave my metropolitan neighborhood I live in I would consider them or tmobile but fortunately for me I do travel. Not worth saving 600 bucks per year for the headache sprints shitty network gives.

    1. Same here, I’m not a fan of Big Red’s rates, but it’s the price one pays for superior coverage. I’ve also heard horror stories of Sprints customer service (or lack thereof). I’ve never had a problem with Verizon. I just hope they don’t try to take away my unlimited data anytime soon.

  22. Finally!! Prices that match their coverage. I see a reason to switch. But oh wait!! I’m paying for coverage and unlimited data!! So never mind.

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