Dec 2nd, 2014

sprint cut your bill in half event

Sprint’s making it pretty hard to consider scratching them off your list of carriers to consider switching to this holiday season. A new promotion will have them “cutting your phone bill in half” for switching from either AT&T or Verizon. Their example is a family of four on Verizon paying $140 per month for 10GB of shared data. Sprint will give you that same amount of data, as well as unlimited talk and text, for $70.

The promotion begins December 5th, and Sprint says it’ll be as easy as printing out your latest bill or uploading it to their website in order for them to hook you up with the appropriate goods. They’re also still running a big ETF promotion that will pay your way out of any lingering contracts you might be tied to (up to $350 per line).

One caveat is that you will need to trade in your old Verizon or AT&T phone when purchasing a new Sprint phone, though that shouldn’t be much of an issue if you don’t plan on going back to those carriers anytime soon. But that’s pretty much the only downside we can find. Sprint says you’ll enjoy your discounted rate plan for as long as you are a customer so you could have those rates for the next 10 years if you so wish.

Unfortunately there’s no word on how long this will last, so you’ll want to take advantage of it as soon as possible if you feel like it’s something that could help you and your family save a crap ton of money. Head here for all the details.

[via Sprint]