Google Wallet’s upcoming ad campaign hopes to spread the word about rival Apple Pay service for Android


GoogleWallet Nexus S

By now, much of the world has heard all about Apple Pay, Apple’s newly launched NFC-based mobile payment service. It’s not too unlike Google Wallet, another NFC mobile payments system Android users have been enjoying for the past 3 years now and despite being as easy to use as Apple Pay, has failed to hit the mainstream. But Google’s not mad. In statement from Sherice Torres, Google’s director of marketing for commerce, she says:

“We got into mobile payments because one of Google’s main goals was to expand the use of Wallet to replace cash. Anything that that encourages people to try to use their phones is good.”

It doesn’t help that Google hasn’t really advertised Wallet much, nothing like what we’ve seen Apple and credit card companies have done with Apple Pay (see above example). Outside of the initial George Costanza wallet video, you’d be hard pressed to find a single ad talking about Google Wallet. But that will soon change.

Now that Apple Pay’s 220,000+ retail supporters will already have NFC-based credit card systems in their stores, Google will ride its momentum by spreading the word about Google Wallet with a new ad campaign launching later this year. Although specifics about the ad campaign weren’t mentioned, we’re guessing Google will take the opportunity to educate Android users in the fact that Google Wallet can also be used at all the same places as Apple Pay. And while Apple Pay is limited to specific credit card issuers, Google Wallet is compatible with all bank and credit cards.

It’s exactly as we said in a post a few weeks ago — now that Apple Pay is spearheading NFC payments, you’ll finally be able to use Google Wallet in a lot more places.


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  1. Sucks we had to wait until Apple started using NFC for the world to take it seriously.

    1. Completely agree….at least now it’ll be more mainstream…

    2. No, we had to wait for laws forcing merchants to upgrade to NFC. Apple pay is a step ahead of pin and chip and has a more secure platform than google wallet. It has been in the works for years.

  2. If this is about Google Wallet, why did you include a video featuring Apple Pay? Just curious…

    1. Because — as I talked about in the post — there are tons of Apple Pay ads (embedded example), but so far we haven’t seen much from Google Wallet.

  3. Now I’d like to see google force all carriers and Android device manufacturers to allow everyone who has a device with NFC use wallet. The biggest drawback on wallet was greedy carriers and manufactures, the original Isis.

    1. Good thing it doesn’t matter to anyone with KitKat. Yes that’s right. Any phone on KitKat with NFC is Google wallet ready. Regardless of carrier. Regardless of anything. It’ll work

  4. Apple pay is only for devices with NFC which is only Apple 6 & 6 Plus. My last 3 Galaxies had NFC, so Apple will be a small player for some time.

    1. LUL… Apple will sell more iPhone 6 and 6+ than Samsung sold in the last 2 Galaxy phones combined. Also… Apple… has 575 million iTunes accounts with more than 85% of them having credit cards linked to them… which in turn can linked to Apple pay in 1 click. I think Apple will dominate the mobile payments market within a year.

      1. Cool story bro.

      2. Except only a fraction of those credit card work with Apple Pay.
        ANY credit card will work on Google Wallet.

        1. That fraction is a pretty significant fraction in the US market. With Visa, Mastercard and Amex already in bed with Apple and the rest nervous about missing the party. An year from now:
          1. Apple pay would be working with a vast majority of payment services and banks around the world (Considering that 500 new banks had started working with Apple within 1 month after Apple pay was announced)
          2. These banks would be more than happy to advertise for Apple pay since Apple is keeping itself out of the transaction details that happen between customers and the merchants.
          3. Apple will be making a decent (but not significant enough to overtake its other significant products and service business anytime soon).
          As Tim Cook said, Apple Pay is 1 of the 2 new products revealed this year (the other being Apple Watch) and they are going to add new features every year (With award programs already being rumored for Apple Pay 2.0)

      3. The true cost of Apple Pay. It’s not priceless.

        Double-charged by Apple Pay…:

        1. Please post this one more time. You haven’t spammed the comments in here enough yet.

          1. Spam is not directly relevant to topic. What I’m posting is entirely relevant to the comments I’m replying to.

            I didn’t go to an article about how you can become a millionaire by working from home and post this example of Apple Pay failing, did I?

          2. Posting it four times in the same comments section = spamming. Sure it’s relevant, but it’s spam regardless.

  5. Yeah, it is a shame it took Apple getting NFC payments for it to truly be mainstream. I know many think Google doesn’t have enough pull, but it is hard to enforce that when you don’t have 100% control of the devices like Apple has. Apple is the only manufacturer of iOS devices whereas Google is not the only manufacturer of Android devices. If Apple wants all iOS devices to be purple, polka-dotted, then it shall be, but if Google demands the same for all Android devices, Google will have a battle.

    1. I think Google could have pushed NFC payments harder with more aggressive advertising, but I don’t know that it would have mattered too much if Apple was first either. It would have still been a relatively small percentage of consumers using it, and that probably wouldn’t have been enough incentive for retailers to absorb the cost of supporting it. Android and iOS together might change that, but it still requires a cultural change. Tap and pay doesn’t require a phone–almost anyone could have used MC Paypass, but it didn’t catch on.

      1. I think one thing that will really help push NFC payments is the transition to credit cards with smartchips. When retailers are forced to upgrade their equipment, they might as well get an NFC reader on them too–at least that is what I am hoping.

  6. I’ve got an idea for Google. How about bring Wallet to countries which have had NFC for years. You know like the UK and many other countries in Europe and also Japan who’ve had it even longer. People use NFC cards all the time and there are terminals all over the place in UK shops and they use the same standard but yet we can’t use Google Wallet. And then in the US they have Google Wallet but hardly anyone wants to use it because of the lack of terminals. Makes no sense! There is also no competing services for mobile payments here like there is in the US but that won’t last forever. What are you waiting for Google?

    1. This is my biggest peeve about Google’s various services, they are US-bound for way too long before they finally start to expand.

  7. I’d attempt to use my Google Wallet if my purchases showed up as the true purchase, rather than Google. I kinda like my Amex cashback at the end of the year:

    Cash Back
    4%Cash back at U.S. gas stations and on gasoline at Costco up to $7,000 per year in purchases, (then 1%).
    2%Cash back at U.S. restaurants
    2%Cash back on eligible travel purchases, including at Costco
    1%Cash back on other purchases, including at Costco

    They don’t have a category for Google.

    1. I use Discover and they show up as Google wallet purchases but they also show the category of What I purchased. It must be the partnership they have together.

      1. Thanks for this! I was wondering why they were telling me to sign up. 5% here I stay!

      2. That’s interesting. Maybe I’ll have to retest it w/ amex again (it’s been a while since I used it). I have discover as well, but pretty much just use 1 card w/ it being amex.

  8. I would have been using it 3 years ago if it were available in Canada. Almost every merchant has tap & pay technology for Visa and debit cards, so it would be no problem to roll out Google Wallet here.

    1. I can use my actual cards this way almost everywhere buy I’m still waiting on Google to flip the switch so we can use Wallet.

    2. thats right!!

    3. Yeah, Rob Ford!

  9. Damn. That’s a Nexus S shown using Google

    1. It’s been around for a LONG time…

      1. It doesn’t matter of Wallet has been around for many years. Google still failed to push it to the masses where Apple succeeded.

        1. I think we could say the same about “apple pushing to the masses” since anybody with google wallet will now be able to use it at more locations.

          1. I thought it was pretty much the same locations thus far.

        2. Did they though? It’s still only available in the same stores for me. I haven’t seen any iPhone users using it yet.

          1. Panera Bread announced they will support it

          2. That’s only one company. That’s not “pushing it to the masses” as AbbyZFresh was claiming.

            Apple said that Apple Pay is accepted at McDonald’s and Walgreens and CVS, claiming over 200,000 places accept it because of Apple, when in reality it was accepted in all of those places a few years ago.

        3. They weren’t trying to push it to the masses back when it was announced. Just like all their side projects, it was a side project just to see how it would be handled. Reason they introduced it with the nexus phones. And at this point who cares. The point is that gwallet can be used at every place apple pay works and even places where apple pay doesn’t work.

  10. It’s funny how much US lagged in the credit card technology, and understandably excited to leave the swipe and sign world for something better. We’ve had chipped and wireless credit cards for many years and I forgot when I had to sign a receipt last time. Hence my lack of enthusiasm about all these Wallets and Pays.

    1. ‘Murica!

  11. I went to Panera yesterday and there was a sign up that said they now accept Apple pay. I pulled out my Ultra and paid for my stuff and the lady asked me if I had the new iPhone. I told her that I had too much independent thought to have an iPhone. She laughed and said she can’t stand Apple.
    But I’m not mad at Apple for this at all. if I can use Wallet at more places because of them, that’s fine by me. It makes thing easier for me and that’s what I care about.

  12. when will that come to Canada?? 3 years now and not a peep to expand it to other places…

    1. Why? Don’t you have a card with the PayWave symbol on it? All Canadian banks have upgraded to this type of cards 3 years ago. It doesn’t require battery, fits pockets of any size, and very easy to use – tap and go. And guess what – it backwards compatible. Why would I need a phone for that?

  13. It’s sad that so many will jump on the bandwagon only if Apple is driving. With Google (or anyone else) behind the wheel, most let the bandwagon pass on by.

  14. I’m glad that Google Wallet use is going to grow, but I am going to miss the cashiers at my local 7 Eleven calling me the “phone payer guy” lol

    1. Yes ! Lol out in west Georgia I seem to be the only person that uses Google wallet and every time I do the cashier seems mesmerized. At my local CVS they are used to me using my phone and when I use cash they ask if my phone is dead lol

      1. LOL it’s a great feeling

      2. Right there with you! Same area too! They never know what’s going on at McDonald’s or Rite Aid. Always like, “um, what are you doing?”

  15. apple pay is more secure, easier to use, and does not track payments like google does.

    *more secure because of higher levels of encrytion
    *more easy to use because you never have to type a pin

    1. Doesn’t track payments, eh? lol

      1. apple knows nothing about the payment, and the merchant knows nothing about the payee. it’s like cash, but you can’t be robbed of it. (iphones are the easiest to brick making thieves steal other types of smartphones, nyc has proven this).

    2. Perhaps for some. For me, I’m cool with with the added security of a pin on top of my encrypted phone while having Google unify all of my purchases in one spot making lists for future buys and keeping my rewards cards organized.

      1. pins are far less secure than a fingerprint due to the fact it is 100x easier to record someone typing in a phone than to carefully lift a perfect correct fingerprint with the right capacitance pattern and not fail after 3 tries before the device is wiped remotely and bricked by you (which is not supported by android since it’s so easy to root, this is why iphones are stolen less often, since they are worthless when the user wants them to be).

    3. More secure like that giant celebrity nude photo leak a few weeks ago? I’m waiting for the day everyone’s credit card numbers get stolen from Apple servers like that giant celebrity photo leak.

      1. They weren’t hacked photos. They were phished.

        1. Actually the account names where phished – the accounts where then bruteforced (made possible by the lack of time penalties in the iCloud login system).

      2. If you give your password out to people pretending to be account managers or all your security questions are answered on wikipedia, then maybe it is less secure…

        apple’s servers don’t have the CC’s. You have no idea how this works do you…sad

        1. Sure. They don’t have the CC number after you enter it. They also don’t store your fingerprint data, or support child labor in China, and Santa Claus knows if you’ve been good or bad. Whatever gets ya through the night.

          1. They don’t store the CC, only the token representation. They don’t store the fingerprint, just the md hash representation. They don’t support child labor, their contract-breaking suppliers do (and are quickly replaced). Santa Claus does know, as it is a metaphorical representation of your parents.

            ownd. next.

    4. *easier* (sheesh)

      1. And it will be until some android manufacturer figures out how to build a functioning finger print scanner.

    5. Please do some research. it is just as secure as gwallet. The encryption level is something that doesn’t matter because both systems randomized the payment info and just like apple, the credit card info on gwallet is not stored locally. Also who cares if they track your purchases, amazon does the same thing and so do hundreds of stores that take your zip code when they ask you for it. Unless you have something to hide.

      1. If you donate to an organization that becomes out of fashion then you will be hunted down eventually if you reach a position of power. that’s what happened to the ceo of firefox and many others.

        1. ok. I don’t know what this has to do with this but i’ll play your game. Who donates with tap and pay? If someone like a ceo is donating it won’t be a couple bucks here and there using tap and pay. Their going to go to a major fundraiser and pay with a big fat check. But ok.

          1. In 10 years anyone with vision knows you will be able to donate that way.

          2. Ok, contact me in 10 years, until then it’s not that big of a deal.

          3. Will do assuming China hasn’t nuked Japan by then.

          4. The sad thing is that may actually happen. Let’s hope not

  16. Google Wallet’s upcoming ad campaign hopes to spread the word about rival Apple Pay service for Android??? Am I missing something here?

    1. Clearly I am too.

    2. It’s just poor headline writing. It should be “Android’s rival to Apple Pay service.”

  17. The Google Wallet Card sets it apart from Apple Pay. Often the NFC terminals for various reasons don’t accept tap n pay. Can’t use the phone to pay, just use the card. My real credit card number is never used.

    1. Its because companies didn’t want to pay the fees for tap and pay. Now that apple pay is in the game many places are going active. Also, which places did you try that didn’t work? Here is a list of places that do work: walgreens,cvs,petco,office depot,ulta,macys,home depot,cvs,mcdonalds,pollo tropical, dozens of gas stations, vending machines, all these worked before apple pay came into the picture and now more places are going live. Also how does using your physical credit card not use the real credit card number? If that was the case the hack at target and home depot would be no big deal.

      1. Its not that tap and pay is not supported, many times the systems just don’t work.

        My Google Wallet Card does not pass my Bank Debit Card
        number to the merchant. My Wallet Card has its own credit card numbers. So my bank account number is never used. I fund my Google wallet and shop worry free. My phone gets a notification whenever my Wallet Card is used. I never keep more the $200 $300 on the Wallet Card.

        1. Which stores have the systems that have failed? For me ony 2 places have ever giving me that issue. all other places work 100% of the time. The places that didn’t work for me were gas stations, because the idiot gas owner turned it off and walgreens before the system got turned on. And yea, using your wallet card doesn’t reveal the card number. its a great option. Right now I turned off my gwallet and am using amex serv card with softcard. I’m getting back $1 everytime i use it which is awesome.

      2. Another advantage is that I can use my Wallet Card anywhere Master Card is accepted. NFC terminal or not. I use my Wallet Card 98% of the time because Tap n Pay is so flakey. With Apple Pay you better keep your real credit cards with you. Not so with Google Wallet.

        1. 9 out of 10 tap and pay just works. In fact I’ve used it over 10 times this week with 100% reliability.

          1. And if they don’t have Tap nPay? Surrender the Debit Credit card. So why bother?

          2. Why bother what? If they don’t have tap and pay they don’t have tap and pay. Whenever they do I use it.

          3. My reason to use NFC payment is to avoid having my credit debit cards out in the wild. I can’t do that with Appe Pay.

          4. Apple pay doesn’t allow prepay cards? I guess I never tried it. I’ll ask my friend to do it since I gave him back the phone.

          5. Well they dont have a backup alternative to tap and pay. No tap and pay pull out Credit Cards

          6. Very true, in that sense gwallet is way a head apple pay. But lets hope both keep innovating so us consumers get even more features to use.

      3. He was referring to malfunctioning terminals.

  18. I try using it at vending machines and I never works anymore.

    1. Many vending machines are signing contracts with isis or as it is now known “softcard”. I had the same issue. Then I decided to try softcard to take advantage of their $1 back promotion and it worked instantly.

  19. Hate to say it but Apple Pay is a lot more simple and appealing because you don’t need to unlock your phone, load an app, or type a pin then tap to accept. It just scans your finger and you’re done.

    Hopefully Android phones will have an options just as seamless.

    1. The true cost of Apple Pay. It’s not priceless.

      Double-charged by Apple Pay…:

      1. Come on…. It was a bank error and immediately rectified.

        Your fanboy is showing. There’s nothing in googles implementation that could prevent that from happening

        1. But I have also never heard of that happening in 3 years of Google Wallet. This is bad PR for NFC payments. It has nothing to do with being a fanboy, it’s simply a fact.

          Furthermore, I don’t call 1.5-2 hours on the phone with customer service ‘immediate’ rectification. It sounds like he had to fight to get his money back, because Apple wouldn’t back him up initially. It wasn’t their problem. That sounds flaky at best, and doesn’t bolster my confidence.

          1. More transactions were done using Apple Pay in the last 2 days, than were done using Google Wallet till date. So the chances that you’d have heard bad things about Google Wallet are low.

          2. I assume you have the stats to prove your claim?

          3. Yup. I do. Tim Cook here :) Wait for the stats when I announce it during the iWatch release event :D. On a more serious note, just the fact that iTunes has hundreds of millions of credit cards on file and can be added to Apple Pay immediately, and the advertising it has received, it would be surprising if it isn’t so. Lets wait till the numbers are announced around Feb 2015? :)

          4. I guarantee you that your claim isn’t factual, but wait, if you like, to admit it. I’m sure I’ll care even less by then.

          5. Who cares. The fact is that apple pay is making it easier for gwallet and softcard tap and pay to spread to more places. I tested both systems and they both work great. Both are secure and easy to use. Only difference is fingerprint scanner which sometimes took longer waiting it to register my fingerprint.

          6. Source? Because I know you are a lying sack of sh!t. I have used GW daily for almost 4 years. It takes more than a few days to convince people to use it. In reality, only enthusiasts use it on any platform.

          7. Good to know that you are one of the few that has used Google wallet every day. The fact is the simplicity of Apple pay (not having to launch apps) + the number of credit card accounts already attached to Apple accounts will make Apple Pay the leader in mobile payments. Also don’t forget that Apple Pay can be used within apps as well (unlike Google wallet)

          8. Google Wallet can be used on the web. Also, you don’t have to launch the app. You can add any card to it. You have obviously never used it.

          9. That’s an entirely different issue. One that I’ve experienced personally with PayPal, too. It’s something that happens when transferring balances, not when simply using the service to make a purchase. The delay is usually introduced when transferring to or from Wallet to a bank account, using bank transfers. If you transfer from a debit or credit card, the money is available in minutes. Nice try, though.

            Incidentally, have you been double charged using Google Wallet?

          10. Doesn’t change the fact that Google wallet has never had its share of issues.

          11. The ‘share’ of issues you are referring to are shared by the industry, due to bank transfers. Google make’s these terms clear when you setup a bank account. It has nothing to do with transactions, which “just work.”

            How many would use Apple Pay, if the site said you might be double charged, and have to fight to get your money back?

          12. I doubt that all five people that have used Google Wallet would be enough to warrant a page dedicated to Google Wallet.

            Google Wallet was an utter flop and honestly the market needed Apple Pay for NFC Payments to ever take off. Years after launch Google Wallet is still only usable in the US, a fact you choose to ignore. Most phones that COULD use it weren’t able to due to carriers blocking the app and ability to have their phones used it even with the all side loaded due to wanting to roll out Soft Card.

            You can downplay Apple Pay as much as you want, but by the end of year Apple will more than likely have done more NFC paymentS than Google has been able to muster in three years just because they are Apple.

          13. So, now we’re up from 2 days to 2.5 months. Just so we’re clear. Keep in mind that Apple Pay will not happen in a vacuum and as people become more comfortable with NFC payments, both systems will benefit.

            Furthermore, numbers: (because they’re not just baseless claims)

            Nearly 100% of Android phones in use in the US support Google Wallet for Non-NFC payments. (only requirement is Gingerbread 2.3)

            At least 24% of Android devices in the US support Google Wallet for NFC payments. (these phones run Kit Kat or higher, and cannot be blocked by carrier BS) *it’s important to note that this represents ~20 million Android phones in the US.

            ~98% of all Apple devices support Google Wallet for Non-NFC payments. (The only requirement is iOS 6 and above)

            There are some 80 million Android phones and ~63 million iPhones. That’s about 140 million smartphones that can currently use Google Wallet compared to fewer than 40 million iPhone 6 and 6+s that can use Apple Pay.

            That said, I’m in complete agreement that Apple getting on board with NFC based mobile payments will be a boon, and help to get, at least, several million more people using their Android and 2014 Apple phones for payments, but even the most modest estimates put the Google Wallet active user base at 20-30 million already, and it’s not even offered internationally.

            To date, the same ~200,000+ locations that accepted Google Wallet are pretty much where you can use Apple Pay. Don’t believe the hype, but by all means, if you have an iPhone 6 or 6+ use Apple Pay for your purchases. Just be sure to check your bank statements, especially if you have an account at the 2nd largest bank in the US, Bank of America.

          14. Apple Pay is US only. Get educated.


            Google Wallet is US only as well Just FYI.

          16. I’m very aware of that. I was pointing out that Apple Pay is US only, because he was trashing Google Wallet for being US only…

          17. You do realize that due to the nature of this system the issue you’re describing is outside of Apple’s reach right?

            The system is designed so that Apple Pay is the application on the device that gets a token from the company that facilitates the electronic funds handling (Visa/MasterCard/Amex), which then communicates with the bank.

            Apple Pay VISA/MC/AMEX Bank

            Obviously the error occurred between the bank and the EFT company. Now, sure, you can argue that the bank should have/could have done a better job. However, you must realize that when you call the bank for a problem you get to talk to a CSR that gets to read a script off a screen, not the engineers who configured/designed it. So it will take a few people calling and those engineers getting to the bottom of the issue before things can move forward.

            This isn’t a problem that is even possible with Google Wallet because the GW app uses your actual credit card number to process a transaction. This means that to the bank, a transaction via GV and traditional plastic is seamless. GW is essentially emulating a payWave/PayPass card (which uses the card number printed on the card).

            Finally, more people have probably used ApplePay in the past week than have in all of Google Wallet’s tenure. Due to Google’s fragmented and locked (by OEMs and Carriers) ecosystem, not every Android handset that has NFC is allowed to use it. Further, Google has never actually done much marketing for it. I’m sick of hearing about ApplePay in the news, but the same can’t be said of Google Wallet.

          18. It sounds like Apple needs to run a tighter ship to me. They had to ask the bank to participate. The bank agreed, but Apple might have done more to ensure this wouldn’t happen prior to launch. Sure, it was a bank screw up, but it’s ultimately Apple’s scheme they’re being asked to follow, so it’s Apple’s issue to figure out how to insure it never happens again, or lose potential customers to slip ups like this. It is of no consequence to the banks. However, when you’re releasing an OS that kills phone connectivity, I guess that’s par for the course. It’s like buying a car, driving it off the lot, and the tire blows out. You take it back to the dealership, and if they don’t handle the issue, you lose confidence in the dealership and ultimately all brands involved.

            As for everyone’s claim that Google drive is not used I present the following:

            Nearly 100% of Android phones in use in the US support Google Wallet for Non-NFC payments. (only requirement is Gingerbread 2.3)

            At least 24% of Android devices in the US support Google Wallet for NFC payments. (these phones run Kit Kat or higher, and cannot be blocked by carrier BS) *it’s important to note that this represents ~20 million Android phones in the US.

            ~98% of all Apple devices support Google Wallet for Non-NFC payments. (The only requirement is iOS 6 and above)

            There are some 80 million Android phones and ~63 million iPhones. That’s about 140 million smartphones that can currently use Google Wallet compared to fewer than 40 million iPhone 6 and 6+s that can use Apple Pay.

            That said, I’m in complete agreement that Apple getting on board with NFC based mobile payments will be a boon, and help to get, at least, several million more people using their Android and 2014 Apple phones for payments, but even the most modest estimates put the Google Wallet active user base at 20-30 million already, and it’s not even offered internationally.

            To date, the same ~200,000+ locations that accepted Google Wallet are pretty much where you can use Apple Pay. Don’t believe the hype, but by all means, if you have an iPhone 6 or 6+ use Apple Pay for your purchases. Just be sure to check your bank statements, especially if you have an account at the 2nd largest bank in the US, Bank of America.

          19. “But I have also never heard of that happening in 3 years of Google Wallet.” Answer me this, how many times have you heard anything about Google Wallet in mainstream media in all of that time? My guess is very little or not at all. Meanwhile, Apple Pay is barely even out and there’s already boatloads of mainstream coverage on it.

          20. That says more about the mainstream media than the service. It has been available and some 20-30 million people use it fairly regularly. Apple distortion field activate.

        2. I agree. I’m android fan all the way but no need to bring this up, this was a bank of america issue. Both systems work great. I’m just looking at the positives. Apple pay is making it easier for gwallet to be accepted in more places. A win win

    2. All you have to do is unlock your phone and type a pin, no need to load an app in between. Also, putting in a pin is not much more difficult than scanning a finger. Takes all of 1.5 seconds. But hey, no one has to use it if they find it too cumbersome.

    3. its already seamless, you dont even need to have the app opened. as long as your screen is on, you tap, and you pay…… it can’t get much easier than that with Google Wallet. on iPhones you use your fingerprint, on android you use a pin#, same purpose, same time consumed.

      1. Exactly, the screen being on is a safety measure. I would hate for my phone to just start working without me actually trying to use it to tap and pay.

    4. What are you talking about? Google wallet works without unlocking your phone in some phones and why would you want it to work with your phone locked? It’s better if you have to unlock it to keep that layer of security there. Also, entering a 4 digit pin is faster than waiting for your phone to scan your fingerprint. Ive been using apple pay for couple days and it is faster to enter pin. Also, the gwallet app doesn’t need to be opened to start tapping. It opens automatically after nfc gives it the command.

    5. You authorize an unlocked period. Then you don’t even have to unlock your phone, just have the screen on (because the screen controls access to the chip for security).

      Ive paid in about 2 seconds.

      1. So in theory: double tap my oneplus one and pay. Doesn’t get much simpler than that. Or you can hold your finger while it scans. It’s all semantics. I’ll test it. I’ve been using Google Wallet for years and it works great where it works.

        1. It really does work that way. I obviously have to use the power button to activate the screen but Ive done it. I have the pin timeout set to 1 day. So once I put the pin in I get 24 hours of using it by just activating the screen (phone stays locked).

          You could make it permanent but unfortunately there just arent enough places with tap and pay available, so I dont use it much. I would love to though, its brilliant when I can. Hoping the Apple marketing machine gets retailers to finally put the readers in.

  20. Why is Wallet a US only product, does anyone know what’s holding it back for the rest of the world?

    1. I don’t know, but I lost hope long ago after waiting years for Google to bring it to the UK. Surely Apple will actually follow through and make this tech available to a large portion of smartphone users outside of the US, which is something that Google has failed to do. Another reason why some people sitting on the fence might go get themselves an iPhone.

    2. It probably has something to do with fees. Since their are no fees associated with google wallet for the card issuer and international deals may require money. With applepay the companies have to pay applepay for being in the system.

      1. I would guess international banking regulations before fees…

  21. It’s been said before “Apple pay is the best thing to happen to Google wallet” and I agree. I’ve been using tap and pay with gwallet since 2012. Ever since apple pay was announced i can now pay at 2 more new places in addition to the others ive been paying at for years. It’s a great thing!

  22. Is wallet still blocked on certain carriers? (E.g. Verizon Wireless)– I know it failed to gain momentum because carriers kept blocking the app from being installed.

    1. Android 4.4 added HCE (Software-based Secure Element), which bypasses the carrier’s ability to block it.

      Sadly, one type of NFC chip (in the Note 3) is not supported, and they dropped support for non-HCE phones, so it’s not perfect.

    2. Not blocked anymore. Only the note 3 on kitkat doesn’t work. But the Note 4 does work.

  23. google needs to add a field in maps business listings that tells if they support nfc payments. i’d love to be able to use it more but right now it’s pretty rare

    1. Just use mastercard paypass website

      1. It sucks. Its not current and its interface is terrible. If they added it to GMaps it would be far superior.

        A good number of the business I found in the paypass site didnt have it setup or were already out of business.

        1. I had the same issue. The way I do it is just look for logo. Or like in home depot case, look at their new machines. This is what the new machines are going to look like at many places. It has small led lights up on the top bar. Just put your phone on that and it should work. The lights light up when tap and pay works.

          1. I wish, half of the time even if the hardware is there its not hooked up to anything.

      2. huh, thanks, didn’t even know that existed!

  24. To me the biggest key difference between the two is that Apple’s implementation doesn’t phone home with your personal information or purchase details, whereas in Google’s implementation they make a virtual credit card to pay for you so that they get a record of all your transactions. I don’t appreciate the privacy implications of that sort of information being held by an advertising company. That by itself would make me choose ISIS/Softpay or ApplePay over Google Wallet.

    1. That however is not what makes apple pay be in the news more than google wallet. 99.9% of the world don’t know how either system really works.

    2. It’s called HCE. Learn about it.

  25. Looking at the news in the last 2 weeks the reports talk about Apple pay like they invented it and nobody else is a player. I think google knew this would be the case so had google pumped money advertising it, it would have fell on deaf ears. Better that they ride apples pr coat tail.

  26. The main problem with google wallet is that even though it exists 3 years ago it is available for US only while apple pay is available for all iPhone users.

  27. I’ve been using Google Wallet for a good year now and I absolutely love it. The only problem with Google Wallet is that there aren’t very many retailers with the technology to support it. That’s why when I found out about Apple Pay I was ecstatic. Not because I was going to rush out and buy a new iPhone, but because I knew that Apply Pay would push the retailer market to upgrade equipment and I would be able to use Google Wallet in more places. So let Apple spend their marketing dollars on their “new technology”, because if there’s ONE thing that Apple is good at, it’s definitely marketing. While they spend the big marketing dollars Google can just send a few reminders here and there, because let’s face it, no one is gonna make the switch to Apple because of Apple Pay. Google Wallet can just ride the wave with a few reminder spots saying, Hey Android users, we’re over here and we’ve been doing it for a while now. We’ve already worked out the kinks that Apple Pay is currently having and now that the other guys are driving the retail establishment, you can use us in more places than ever. Ingenious I think. Just sayin.

  28. What about the UK?
    We still have nothing, while our Apple friends are laughing! :-(

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