Oct 16th, 2014

Apple Pay iPad event 2014

During this morning’s iPad event, Apple took a minute to discuss the progress they’ve made with Apple Pay (coming soon to iOS 8). I know what you’re thinking — “What does this have to do with Android?” Stay with me. Officially launching this Monday, October 20th, for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay ushers in the age of NFC-based mobile payments. You know, that little hardware feature we’ve had in countless Android devices for ages now. And that’s just it. Tap-to-pay systems aren’t exclusive to just the iPhone, Android users can finally get in on the fun as well whatever your preferred mobile wallet may be (we aren’t tied down to one).

Apple said that since they announced the feature last month, more than 500 new banks are now supporting Apple Pay and even more retailers ranging from Walgreens, Macy’s, McDonald’s and more (over 220,000 and growing). I’ve actually experienced this transition firsthand while getting my haircut at a local barber shop. It’s old run down mom n’ pops join, but recently when I went to pay using my credit card, the little old lady busted out a shiny new Tap-to-Pay credit card machine from under the counter. When I asked her why the new hardware, she told me “Because the iPhone.” I’ll take it.