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Is Android ruining one of its most underrated features? What’s up with the next version of Windows? What should a tourist do in the US? All those questions and more in this week’s look at top posts from Android Forums.

Pop-up notifications: distraction or advantage?

Android smartphone notification and Android Wear

Android users have long had the luxury of receiving notifications without forcing any immediate action — an incoming call or text message would not interrupt video playback or butt in during a game. Things look to be changing in Android L, and it’s kicked off a bit of a debate. Unobtrusive notifications were once a selling point of Android, is Google really doing away with them? Android Forums users react.

Poll: How do you connect to the internet?

Back Camera

Wired broadband has been king for the past decade, but as cellular technologies evolve mobile connectivity is becoming an increasingly tempting option. Android Forums member itsmicaiahdude dares to ask the question: what is your main means of connecting to the World Wide Web? We’re interested to see the answers, especially considering the high price of mobile data.

Bye bye, windows 8; hello Windows…10


If you are a Windows user you have no doubt heard the news: Microsoft’s next version of their desktop/mobile OS is on its way. And no, it’s not called Windows 9. The decision to shake up the naming scheme and announce Windows 10 left some questions, but it appears MS is pretty serious about consolidating their efforts to create a true everywhere OS. Thoughts?

Must-see sights in the US of A


Road trip time! You’re traveling to the US from out of the country for a three-week excursion. Moving coast to coast, what are the must-see sights along the way? What is absolutely worth visiting during your travels? If you have a favorite hometown attraction, now is the time to share. With any luck, you’ll catch AF user 64MarcoV during his time abroad.

And more…

That right there is a solid week of forum talk. Keep up the good work, guys, and remember to sign up for an account if you don’t have one already. Perhaps we’ll catch up with you in next week’s From the Forums.


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  1. Thanks for highlighting my UX discussion post. Its amazing the different ways people use their phones. When someone told me that they liked pop ups on their phone it was hard not to look at them like they had three eyes.

  2. What would be fantastic is if these devices weren’t so phone-centric. That’s where notifications are needed. With all the ways that a person can communicate now, getting thrown out of Netflix or a music app or the internet any time someone calls is aggravating. You don’t get tossed out for texts or emails. Don’t highjack my screen just because of a phone call I can ignore anyway.

  3. Microsoft had promised Windows 9 as a free upgrade to (some) Windows 8 users. Seeing the opportunity to screw over Windows 8 users for a second time, they decided they would rename Windows 9 to Windows 10.

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